Thursday, May 18, 2017

Devil's workshop

Everyone and their grandmas are aware of my kind and loving feelings about WhatsApp forwards.

So imagine my face when my horrified and terrified mother sent me this, asking me if it was true and if she should "follow the instructions".

*deeeeep breath*

What the hell.

I mean, seriously. WHAT. THE. HELL.

So I sat down and explained to her that it was nonsense and no, she didn't need to do anything and no, she won't get charged for using WhatsApp and no, there is no over usage of user names, and no, Modiji's team is not debugging WhatsApp issues (they have better things to do... I hope), and no, her account will not be deleted, and no, she doesn't have to "actively chat with 50 people" (what the...?!) to retain her WhatsApp account.

Then I showed her some articles about how all WhatsApp-related WhatsApp forwards are hoaxes.

She had one question. It's a very, very good question.

"But who would come up with something like this and why???"

Beats me.

Got any ideas?


Prithi Shetty said...

I had the same question about those Jokes.
Who comes up with those ? Some are really unique mindblowing.
Who patiently types it out ?
What do they get from it ? Seriously ! No payments am sure. Or is it ?
- DewMoonDrop

Bubblegum inherhappyplace said...

If you would not deactivate the link to this article and like my comment, you would be charged 10,000 sins in this birth before hitting Moksha.


Arun said...

Practical jokers turned evil?

Social scientists conducting research on why/how internet scams work?

Anonymous said...

I saw such a fake forward being actually created. You might have got it, I did get it on a couple of groups. It was about the Shivaji statue in Mumbai, that it will use Indium Galium Selenide, and RUPAR technology that's better than SONAR developed at an Indian institute to stop Pakis from attacking. It was hilarious.