Tuesday, September 20, 2016

We have seen the light(s)!

It's 2.30 am and I'm posting this with the biggest grin on my face!

Okay, so we are on a road trip in Iceland right now. Knowing how elusive the Northern Lights can be in non-winter months, we decided not to plan our trip around aurora-chasing, but fill it with other things instead. But, it was SO HEARTENING to finally capture the Lights tonight, after many nights of closely watching the forecast and two nights of setting an alarm to wake us up every 2 hours.

I'd read that 2016 might be the last year to see the Lights in all their glory as they are expected to dim for a decade. I'm so glad we got to witness this stunning phenomenon. Even Xena woke up (Viv and I made quite a commotion I think) to witness them!


Bubblegum.... said...

Beautiful. We could not see it in Norway but as Mr.Husband is again in Scandinavia- I guess time to pack bags this Diwali!

Beena Venugopal said...

where are you ?? Norway ? In my bucketlist too !!! Xena must be thrilled to bits :)

Beena Venugopal said...

okkkk Iceland ! awesome !!!