Monday, January 11, 2016

It's a sign

I'd written a post after my India trip in 2008, documenting some funny signs I saw along the way as I travelled. My favourite has to be a restaurant called Achanak restaurant, which true to its name, appeared rather suddenly during our drive from Delhi to Jaipur.

This time, it was a little crazy as we went on a whirlwind tour covering 5 cities in 20 days. I didn't have a chance to capture a lot of signs, but I did get these three amusing ones, which I wanted to share.

PS: I'll be posting some more photos soon, documenting the things Xena did on her very first trip to India!

To lazy to catalogue?

No ordinary filter coffee, this!

Height of sale -- the taller you are, the cheaper your clothes get!

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Arun said...

Ha, insist on metric! They should give discounts based on height in centimeters!!!