Wednesday, January 13, 2016

A win-win situation

Lately, Xena has been questioning why kids her age are no longer napping in the afternoons, while she has to. She probably feels the world is out partying without her while she naps, and doesn't want to miss out. On the rare days that she skips her nap, she gets really cranky by evening and then dinner becomes a war zone. That's why even when we were in India in the midst of all the happening happenings, I made sure she didn't skip her afternoon nap.

Usually, she resists in the beginning, but I know that once she falls asleep, she will wake up only after an hour or more, refreshed and cheerful. So my goal is just to get her to agree to lie down quietly. The rest takes care of itself.

Here's a snippet of one of our negotiations on this.

Xena - Ok, I'll go to sleep now. But can I wake up at 2.30?

Me - It's 2.30 now.

Xena - Ok, I'll sleep till 3 o'clock?

Me - 4.

Xena - 3.30?

Me - 4.

Xena (after some deep thought) - Mama, I have a great idea! I'll sleep... till I wake up!

Me - OH! That's a GREAT idea! Why didn't I think of it? Let's do it!

Xena - YAYYY!!


Arun said...

LOL! The li'l one figured out she doesn't have a reliable internal clock to wake her up from sleep!

Ranjani said...

Hi Sayesha, i'm a long time lurker in the bar. Waiting to hear how was Xena's first India trip.

Lots of love,

Srishti Baweja said...

Hey Sayesha,my husband introduced me to your blog few years back. Gues what, we have named our daughter, Sayesha. She is 4 now. Love reading yoour blog posts, lots of love to you and Xena.

Kanan said...

I so want afternoon naps ;)
Glad she finally gives in most of the times. Best time of life = childhood!!