Monday, July 06, 2015

Home run

First of all, sorry for the month-long hiatus and a special round of thanks to the bewdas, especially Idom and Arun, for pulling me back into blogosphere.

What a month June has been! Hectic doesn't even begin to describe it. Renovation work was in full swing, and my deadlines were showing their great love for Murphy, when Viv announced that he had to make another trip to the US -- to attend the WWDC. At first, I panicked because he was the one dealing with the day-to-day renovation matters, while I was in charge of the most important part - picking colours. (I'm totally kidding, by the way. I did quite a lot of the groundwork and research, found the contractor and vendors for the fixtures, and then handed them all on a platter to Viv and said kthxbai.)

I was very apprehensive about his US trip. I didn't want the contractor asking me some urgent and technical question about the fan model or something during Viv's sleeping hours. I was sure the 'Bhaiya, koi aur colour dikhaao' approach would not resolve something like that. But we survived that phase, and all went well.   

Though we have been here in Singapore for 17 years (oh wow, it will be exactly 17 years next week!), our inherent Indian-ness made us reluctant to believe that the contractor would finish the renovation when he'd said he would. We'd even told our temporary flatmate that we might be staying at his place longer if the work didn't get over by the end of June, and he'd readily agreed. But surprise, surprise, the contractor kept his promise and we wrapped up and moved back to our place. 

So here we are, back in a place that feels old and new, familiar and fresh, all at the same time. Here we are, like newlyweds, unpacking and decorating and buying appliances and feeling excited about the upcoming parties and get-togethers. The furniture came in this week, and the curtains should be here by next. I have moved my office into my room, and so Xena now has her very own room. Needless to say, she's super excited. Somehow, even Blueberry seems to know that we are back home.

We are planning how to keep our 'new place' better organised and cleaner than the last one, and establishing rules that extend beyond the house, towards a better lifestyle. I might share that list on the blog at some point, if it's worth sharing. 

So that's what we've been up to. How are you, bewdas? :)


Art said...

hope Xena has got her Frozen themed bedroom.. all set

Arun said...

Glad to hear all your news. Pity you can't export Singapore contractors :)

mad hatter said...

good to see you back! congratulations on the "new" home

R said...

how exciting! share some pics of the new house!

Prathima said...

It must be so exciting to set up your new house! Wish you loads of happy moments there.

Vidya Hemraj said...

Yaaay that you are back and that you guys have moved back to your old-new space and all the related excitement :). Please share the list that you guys have worked out towards a better lifestyle ... Would help lazy bums like me ;-). Would love to see what the new home looks like.

Sayesha said...

Haha yes, she has an Elsa bedsheet and an Elsa tent. :)

How do American contractors compare to the ones in India?

mad hatter,
Thank you! :D

I will, soon! Once all the houswarming parties are over.

Thank you! :)

Yes, I'll post pics in a couple of weeks, and also write about the new organisation hacks we are following. :)