Tuesday, June 02, 2015


Xena - Mama, Zac's mommy cried at school.

Me - What?! Wait, who is Zac? He's not in your class.

Xena - He's in K1 (Kindergarten 1).

Me - Okay. And why did his mommy cry at school?

Xena - Actually a lot of the mommies cried.

Me - Huh? When??

Xena - On Mother's day.

Me - Oh! Why did they cry?

Xena - Miss N (the K1 class teacher) said that the K1 kids sang so well at the Mother's day celebration. That's why their mommies cried.

Me - Ohhh. Okay. That's sweet.

Xena - I sang so well, Mama.

Me - Yes, you did. Everyone in your class sang very well. I loved it.

Xena - But you didn't cry.

Me - Erm... yeah. Not everyone cries.

Xena (thinks for a while) - But can you cry next time?


Arun said...

It does bring tears to the eyes, but I'm not sure it is from crying :) :) :)

Keirthana said...

Ha ha ha, that was so innocently cute :) Next time you can be prepared!

Art said...

that was so cute... :)

shell said...

too funny :)

Anonymous said...

Xena's journey so far amazes me , she is such a amazing bundle of energy and what not. Kudos to her parents for such positivity around them that even rubs off on their readers !
Lots of love and best wishes for the little one.

idom said...

NO post for one month !!