Friday, October 03, 2014

Two of a kind

Me (pointing to a pair of twins in a book we were reading) - Oh look, twins!

Xena - Mama, what is twins?

Me (thinking about how best to explain this) - Ummm... twins are two people who were born together...

Xena - What.

(She says 'What.' with a period at the end instead of a question mark when she totally doesn't know what I'm talking about, or thinks that I'm talking nonsense.)

Me (trying again) - Errr... twins are brothers/sisters who are the same in age.

Xena - What.

Me (trying to think of the simplest way to explain without getting into the identical/fraternal technicality) - Umm... oh I know. Twins look like each other.

Xena (thinks for a while, then says with an air of finality) - Mama, I look like you. So we are twins.


Binerry S said...

Let me know if you want pictures to help with this.

Arun said...

Yay, bhai-not-gone!

You're not following the policy of answering a question with a question. :) LOL, probably because Xena didn't phrase it as a question. What. No wonder you aren't getting traction. :)

Sayesha said...

Binerry S,

Hahaha. Bhai was gone but back now. :)
LOL at your traction theory! :D

Arun said...

I'd ask her about a friend of hers who has a sibling, I'd ask her if the siblings are of the same age or different ages, and then ask her what if they are of the same age and share a birthday?

Prathima said...

Now that makes for a Santoor ad :-D

On a different note, I think you might like this candid interview of Karan Johar :

Binerry S said...

Yaad nahi hai, thanu - mom of twins?

I can send boys ka pictures if you need pictures to explain twins.

Charan Deep Singh said...

That reminds of an incident of my Bachpan. I had a cousin. She was born the same year, same month as me. Just 22 hours earlier. We used to live in a joint family and kids don't have any sense of concept of cousins. We both used to celebrate our birthdays on same date despite our actual birth dates a day apart. So my cousin's real younger sister also studied in the same school as both of us. One day her teacher asked her how are her elder sister and I am related. She said they both are twins. Haha