Thursday, March 21, 2013

Copy that

First of all, my thanks to all the bewdas for resurfacing on the last post. I did not mean the post to be a bewda roll call, but it is really nice that so many of you are still frequenting the bar with the missing bartender. :)

Speaking of nice bewdas (by the way, the term includes bewdis too), I wanna thank Kanan for pointing out two more cases of blatant plagiarism of posts off my blog. She sent me three links:

I wrote this post in 2005 about lyrics that I had misheard.

My post was blatantly copy-pasted in 2011 by this blogger AND this blogger.

Shocked and annoyed, I left comments on both posts to point out the plagiarism. Within the next few minutes, the first one Chikkizworld, who calls himself/herself a "vehemently passionate writer" had vehemently and passionately deleted not only the copied post, but all of his/her posts. Erm, okay.

I checked again after a few hours and the other blog, belonging to this person called Poonam Dangi, still had the copied post. I then went to check out what the rest of her blog was all about, and when I scrolled down, I could not believe my eyes. Purana bewdas of the bar might remember this post I wrote about Viv's pictionary skills. It is one of my all-time favourite posts because it truly brings out Viv's personality. And to see it copied and pasted like that, with the exact title, in the exact font and colour, the exact pictures of his drawings, with no mention of who Viv or baby Aish (who was referenced in the post) were to her, was a real shocker.

And you know what disgusted me even more? The plagiarised post was only her second post on her blog, and guess what was the first? I have copy-pasted it here in its entirety because it is so unbelievable that a person who wrote this as her first post would simply steal someone's stuff as her second post.


Okay soo this is my first post ever and u cannot imagine how nervous I am. I know blogging is not a big taboo but it's something I'm doing for the first time and the fact that this is on Internet which means easily visible to all. But will anyone actually read this?? During the process of building my stage that is this blog I came across questions like what if no one ever reads it?? or people make fun of me/start hating me for the things featured over here.actually I don't know why I decided to write a blog of my own, neither do I have any reasons or objectives to be raised nor do I want to be confined in a single genre. But these can be referred to as an inspiration to start this: 
To write and comment bout things i like..even a book would have done so...but dude.. 
Blogs have such nice templates whereas books...have those white pages scribbled with some black dots. 
Here, my opinions won't be contradicted ..preferably not... 
I have already driven my friends mad by narrating them my stories so I thought of irritating people on larger scale internet being biggest network serves my purpose well. 
To confess my guilts cos I can't do that in person. 
To make some new friends. 
To fulfill that silly secret desire of being a writer.

Here's some more appalling stuff.

I just told Viv all about this and he shared my indignation. (Obviously. Some random woman is trying to claim him as hers!) And he agreed with me that though there is no way to stop such acts of plagiarism, at the very least I should name and shame when I find out about such instances.

So thank you bewdas, for looking out for me. All cases so far of plagiarism of my posts have been brought to my notice by some nice bewda who cared enough to drop me a note about it. Thank you very much. It truly means a lot to me.

And to those whose hands do not shake when using the CtrlC+CtrlV function, just find some time to look in the mirror, yeah?  


Bubblegum.... said...

That 'Chiki'girl has removed it , it seems!

Stone said...

She even commented with fake id 'Vivaan Singh'.
Disgusting beyond words.

POI said...

Hi Sayesha,

I've been an ardent reader of your blog since 2005. Your posts saw me through high school, pre-U and university!

An acquaintance from university (a senior of mine) used to lift content from my status messages, articles and poems AND parade them as her own work. I was appalled and didn't know what to do. I didn't know whether I should call her out on her distasteful behaviour or to simply eject her out of my social networking sites. I chose the latter.

Now after 3 years, the plagiariser made it to J-School (no idea how she made it to this reputed institution) and she lifted my very catchy and creative LinkedIn Headline - word for word. Now, there are two profiles on Linkedin with the SAME catchy and creative Linkedin Headline.

I'm beyond disgusted, appalled and I have no idea what I should do!

What would you do if you were in my shoes?


Kanan said...

Oh you won't believe it. That girl in yellow has even copied my stuff, including the formatting. I bet you that her entire blog is copy-pasted from other blog posts. How lame can a person get!? *shaking my head*

My original post:

Copied post:

prathi said...

Did u notice that she changed your "I will eat panipuri" line to "I will eat ice cream"?

mythalez said...

[breathlessly, running in] Uh, sorry miss(or maybe I should say mrs), I'm late and missed rollcall.

But here I am :)

Dil se said...

Take a look at this:

May be something there can be helpful for you.

CRD said...

Woah...can you please lend me a few stuff gets copied seriously


Sayesha said...

Yup. Maybe all her posts were lifted?

I'm really shocked at her blatant copying.

Oh dear that must be infuriating! Why didn't you confront her? It looks like she now thinks it's totally acceptable behaviour to do such things. I would have probably confronted her. Even if she denied copying the stuff, at least she might not try such stunts in the future if she knew that I knew.


Oh no I didn't. What was she thinking - that would make the post her own? :/

You are late. Stand outside the bar for 10 minutes. :P

Dil se,
Thanks! It looks useful. I'm going to wait a day or two before I send in an official complaint.


Sru said...

Wow... it was grt to finally hear for u... Aur ek saath me three unread posts mile toh I was literally jumping ki mera good Monday hogaya... then I read this post and now I am like bad Monday. I think all we can do is keep pestering these "Imposters" and keep commenting on their blogs and make it a habit of doing it, so that dheere dheere thr will be a time when people will be scared that the BGs (Bewda Gang) might vandalize their hardwork (CtrlC & CtrlV).

Poonam Dangi said...

Okay so I owe you one.
I'm sorry.
and I ws 14 then...Plagiarism was just a fancy word then. i am a fan of yours and initially I took stuff because I didn't knew what to write in my blog but I really wanted to have one.

and m not trying to explain the mistake. Kindda I did.
Anyways, Apologies. :)

PS: Viv(Vivaan) is my brother's name so 'portraying to be mine' lol nah :p