Monday, May 28, 2012

Catch-up #2

All right, once again I need to write one of these 'catch-up' posts to, err... catch up.

Yep, I've been busy. Busy with Xena stuff, which I'll steer clear of in this post. And busy with other stuff. Such as planning that trip to the US to see my nephew whom I haven't seen. Like ever. We were all set to go in July because Viv's cricket schedule has a 3-week break, and we had almost booked the tickets, but thanks to mahabali google devta, we found out that NYC in July is going to be as hot as Singapore and oh my goodness we are so not going anywhere where the weather is as hot as Singapore. So now the trip is tentatively pushed to September and I really really hope it happens because we have a ton of people to meet!

Speaking of trips, Mom's coming here in two weeks so yeay! I'm counting down and making and receiving calls that mostly sound like this - "No, no, don't get new clothes for me. I have more than enough. No, no mithai either! Nothing. Just come!"

I've also managed to get some more freelance projects lately and I sneak away to work when Xena is napping. If all goes well, my new book should be out by August. Before you jump and think of me as one of those cool children's book authors, let me clarify that I don't write the kind of fun stuff you usually associate with children's book authors. I write hardcore syllabus stuff. In other words, padhai ki kitaabein. Ugh, right? I know. The stuff that makes kids hate me. Some day, some kid is gonna point to a book and ask Xena, complete with a disgusted look, "Didn't your mom write this?" And she's gonna come home all upset and say, "Mommy, how could you??"

Viv and I managed to catch Vicky Donor in the theatre some time ago. I wanted to do a review on the blog, but now the moment has passed. It's quite a fun movie to watch, except that the lead actress can't cry for nuts, and the lead actor just makes me wanna say "Naha le yaar!" Viv and I have also started watching Mere Brother Ki Dulhan on DVD and honestly, I don't know why they compare Imran Khan and Ranbir Kapoor. Ranbir Kapoor is a way way better actor than Imran Khan. 

And lastly, I have been busy clearing the house of LTF stuff. What's LTF, you ask? You don't know what's LTF? Ha ha, how would you, when I coined the term myself? Well, LTF stands for stuff which Lies There Forever. Unless you clear it. You need to do something about LTF - donate it, sell it, throw it - because if you don't, it will, you know, Lie There Forever. Sample this. Open a shelf or a drawer which has an assortment of objects. Examine each object carefully. Some of it is stuff you use, some of which is stuff you WILL use (some day, at least that's what you think) and the rest... Well, the rest is there because, you know, it is there. And that's the LTF stuff that's driving me crazy now. Like we say in Singapore - buay tahan oredi!!! ("I can't take it anymore!!!")

And that's what I've been up to. What about you guys? :)

13 comments: said...

No matter how hard I try ... my place can never be free from LTF :)

Bubblegum.... said...

Gold!! Thank you!! :D I am clearing LTF too!! :D Ready for the next challenge!! :)

Ah, freelancing and all, great going!!! :) :)

naween said...

"Mahabali Google Devta"
I like this term.

:D :D

Nandini said...


ZQ said...

At least not!

:) :)

rt said...

I like the term LTF and i need to clean it too!!
Happy to read ur post :)

ZQ said...

This blog is not LTF, right?

Varsha said...

Hey, you are writing books on which subjects?

Varsha said...

And September too is quite hot in NYC, just check US Open Tennis which happens during September, and the players sweating it out in Flushing Meadows.

Sayesha said...,
Try and try till you succeed! :)

All the best! :)

Thanks! :)



Thanks. :)

OMG don't scare me! It's not LTF! Nononononononono!

I write primary level science books. :)
PS: Fortunately, I'm not a tennis player, so September should be ok. :)

Varsha said...

Oh, I did not mean that you play tennis, I just meant that the players sweat it out because of the sultry climate. I was in NYC in Sep 2005 (also at US open), and it was as hot and humid as Singapore. :). Of course, your call.

Unknown said...

Hi! Long time since I have been here, life has changed a lot in last couple of years. Great to know that all is well with you and Xena. It's pretty awesome that you are working as a freelancer. Keep being awesome as usual!

And yeah, GOLD!!!!!

Sudeep said...

Padhai ki kitaabein likhti ho tum? Sheesh! I don't know you anymore :P