Tuesday, January 31, 2012

In the hot seat

Hello hello! Hello ji sanam hum aa gaye... :)

We are now back after a really nice vacation in Perth. Thankfully, Xena was quite well-behaved and we did not have to join the ranks of hapless parents who get dirty looks from the rest of the passengers throughout the flight.

I will be taking a few days to blog about the holiday in detail on my travel blog Hopscotch. Do stay tuned, bewdas.

Meanwhile, here's a collage of the various expressions Xena had during her first time in a car seat!


prathi said...

and a very happy (a little belated though) anniversary to both of u!

Bubblegum.... said...

Silver!!!!!!!!! What? Happppppppy Anni........ :) About Xena.. kya looks dia hai, the middle picture!! :D Geo geo..!

Arun said...

Nice shots and great title! Why not Kissa Kursi Ka?

Yamini said...

Aww.. she's cute <3

Mary said...

So cute! Xena looks like she was a little confused as to what a car seat is! :) glad you had a nice time in Perth! The weather has been a bit hot here recently. :)

ಅಶ್ವಿನಿ/ Ashwini said...

AaaaH!!! Xena looks so cute.. a little confused and happy..

basilisksfang said...

Xena looks adorable :)

Swathy said...

Hello bhai..
Happy new year!! ( so what if its Feb!! :D the time-bar is till end of FEB for me)
looking forward to hear about your perth trip..
I was disappointed that I was in India when you visited Australia, but pleased atleast I did not miss you in Melbourne.
so next time, please let me know in advance, aisa jhakkas itenary banaoongi ki maa bhi khush, beti bhi khush!! :D