Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Catch-up #1

So here I am, playing catch-up with the bar again.

I suddenly realised three very strange things: (1) I did not write an 'Annual report' post for 2011, like I have been doing in the last few years; (2) I did not make any resolutions for 2012; and the most horrifying one (3) I wrote only 64 posts last year, wayyyyy wayyyyy below what I did in earlier years. Sheesh. Well, all of these can somewhat be attributed to all the happenings last year. The first half of my year was spent running to and fro between home and hospital, and the other half was, um, spent running to and fro between home and hospital. Oh well. I would say that it was an interesting year in general, strengthening and humbling at the same time.

2012 feels strangely different. Maybe I find it strange that I am home all the time. Or maybe the fact that I am home all the time and not minding it so much is stranger. From leading a team of 35, to reporting 24-7 to a baby is a huge change. There is definitely a sense of loss of power from being a career woman to a stay-at-home mom, but there's a different kind of empowerment. I remember my sister saying that she never once regretted quitting her job when Aishu was born, and now I know what she meant.

It feels strange to be sitting in this room, on this computer and typing this. Usually I'm on the iPad because then I can be right next to Xena. But today, I wanted to take some time off and spend it at the bar, letting my thoughts out on the iMac (yes, we're an Apple family) which actually allows me to type long sentences and paragraphs. (I can hear Viv and Xena 'conversing' in the next room -- it's hilarious.) But I figured I need to make some time for the bar every now and then, even if it's just a random catch-up post like this. Not because I want to up the number of posts, but because I really really like to blog. And as I always tell myself -- if you really really want to do something, you will really really find time for it.

In other news, two very important men in my life have majorly let me down. Relax, Dad and Viv, it's not you guys. It's my beloved Shah Rukh and my beloved Imtiaz Ali. I watched Ra.One and Rockstar on Mio TV. (That's one great thing about Mio TV. New movies come on it so fast I don't even miss going to the theatre.) And may I just say Oh.Em.Gee. Seriously, SRK, what were you thinking? I don't think I have watched a movie as bad as Ra.One in ages. And though Rockstar was a huge hit and critically acclaimed and all that blah blah, I found it terrible. I just didn't get it. In the immortal words of the Black Eyed Peas -- where is the love? When I watch a love story, I need to feel the love. I need to want the lovers to get together. In Rockstar, I couldn't be bothered. Just like Love Aaj Kal, I felt nothing for the protagonists. Maybe it was because the leading lady in both movies were so bad. I have always found Deepika Padukone the worst actress today (Sonam Kapoor is a close second), but when I saw Nargis Fakhri aka Donald Duck in Rockstar, I couldn't believe I could find an actress worse than Deepika. And with that, Raju Hirani topples Imtiaz Ali to take the top spot in my favourite directors' list. Maybe Imtiaz Ali thought he would make real actresses out of Deepika and Nargis the way he did with Kareena (you know he did), but dude, catalyst kitna bhi solid kyun na ho, reACTants barobar na ho toh ghanta reaction hoga?

All right, enough about Bollywood. Because once I start, I can't stop. Oh, just one more thing. I'm totally not looking forward to catching Don2 on TV. On second thoughts, I may just watch it to get some material for an SSSK post. And oh, I am totally obsessed with the songs from the movie Love Break-ups Zindagi. And oh oh oh, I was totally surprised to find out recently that John Abraham has an MBA! (I told you once I start, I can't stop.)

Ok ok, digress digress. Viv and I are planning a trip to Perth this month. Though Melbourne and Sydney were higher up in our holiday list, we want to take a short flight first and see how Xena does before we venture further. Our 5th anniversary is coming up, and we thought we should take a family holiday driving around Perth. (We have already delegated tasks. Xena will drink and Viv will drive. I will supervise.) This is going to be Xena's first overseas trip, and I am super kicked and super nervous. Bewdas who live in Perth or have been there, your suggestions on what we should see/do are most welcome!

Chinese New Year is coming up, and it will be a long weekend! We're planning to have a pot-luck lunch at our place with friends, followed by dumb charades using names of B (and possibly C, D and E) grade Hindi movies. Sample these -- Haseena Haathi Wali and Mita De Bindiya Utha Le Bandook. (I swear I am not making these up. These are actual movie names.)

So that's what I have been upto. Bewdas, how have you been? :)


Arun said...

We bewdas have been patiently waiting for this post :)


the.orchestra.of.life said...

Finally .... :)

siggysparkle said...

Nice to see you back!

Here's some more Bollywood trivia for you...

My childhood friend is in Love, Breakups, Zindagi. Shelf left her law degree here in Melbourne to pursue Bollywood. She plays, I think, Radhika in it lol

Stranded Island said...

As always a wonderful post..

But Bhai, wouldn't it be super-duper great if you just shared what you learnt out of 2011 and what you take into 2012? It'd help us bewdas to learn more out of your experience... :)

Maya said...

Was good to catch-up with you. Missed your posts!!

I totally agree....Rockstar sucked and how. I'm definitely not watching Ra-one.

I hope 2012 is better, more fun and sees more blogposts from you. Cheers

Bubblegum.... said...

Silver!!! Okay??

1.Holidays!?!! I am also going home!! :)
2.New year Post to banata hai! Hisab kitab mat karna , motivation de do resolutions pe! :D
3.Xena ko Dumb charades se door rakhio, bachcho ka grasping power khatarnak hota hai , atleast let her learn how to talk to! :D

Yamini said...

I realised, with this post, you had to create a new label altogether "Catchup" :D

Great to know that you are planning an overseas trip with Xena. I am wondering how are the travel diaries gonna be!

And this was really a long awaited post!

Thanks a ton Bhai! :)

Prathima said...

This post felt like a chit-chat with friends over a cup of coffee.
Quite pleasant to read :-)

I felt equally disappointed by Ra.One and Rockstar.

You guys are starting 2012 on a good note. A trip to Perth!
Wish you three a very happy year.

Divya said...
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Divya said...

Felt exactly the same for Rockstar, the movie goes downhill the moment Ranbir says..I think we should kiss now!!Yet to see RA.One..planning to catch it on the 21st on tv, just so that I can make fun of it :-D Have fun on your Perth trip!!

central excise said...

Very Good one. Amazed at your ability to dish out such a good post when hubby and baby are chattering in the next room. I am really wondering why you are not writing books. You writing is way above some so called fiction writers. Have a Good year.

mythalez said...

lol ... ever since I saw Rockstar I was wondering what/who the actress reminded me of .... thanks a lot for finally relieving me of my misery :D

Dil se said...

Glad you are back to your Bollywood stuff. Love these updates from you. Rockstar, even I haven't dared to watch.
Glad you are taking a holiday overseas with family.
Enjoy these moments.

Sru said...

Lol..Have u Tried "Howra Bridge Ke Neeche Latakti Hui Laash" :P
I have encountered this not once but 5 times!!!!! :)
Good thing I backed off Ra.one aftr reviews but unfortunately saw Rockstar coz im a Ranbir Fan :D :D

Varsha said...

"Catalyst kitna bhi solid kyun na ho, reACTants barobar na ho toh ghanta reaction hoga? "
Only you can come up with this. :D

Geomon said...

Daddy's Back!

2012 ki hard-'hic' badhayiyan :P

true, Ra.One was the worst I have seen in years. And i have seen Himesh's 'unforgettable due to various reasons' debut, so I know. :P

Rockstar had some fab songs and locales. Wish kareena was in it...unfortunately Bebo and ranbir are cousins(dunno, actors to actors hotey hai na :p)

Don2 is only slightly better. slick, but no chemistry b/n srk n PC. somehow i think srk has stopped serenading his ladies--think RNBJ, Ra.1, OSO... he wasn't really upping the heat. Age catches up wid everyone it seems :D

Catalyst kitna bhi solid kyun na ho, reACTants barobar na ho toh ghanta reaction hoga? --killer bhai!
hugs and love to Xena

t said...

Oh my God this post was like reading out my mind loud! Err, the part about Bollywood only :)

I totally hated Ra-One; in fact 5 mins into its start, I dismissed it completely and only caught 2-3 min glimpses of it when I came in from kitchen to the hall to continuously refill the food supplies (this was during Christmas when I had a party at home, and this of all the movies was chosen to watch!). It made me squirm each time I saw any scene. And yuck to Love Aaj Kal and Rockstar. Ranbir Kapoor looked like Nitu Singh in beard ALL THROUGH the movie, and Nargis Fakhri, dear, fair skin and pairing opp a Kapoor does not an actress make! And what was the story about again? Like you, I too couldn't care if they got together or he died or she died. I was actually hoping one of them did and put an end to this crap called movie.
Deepika is pretty; but she can't act. Something about her is not actress-y despite the good looks, dancing ability... oh wait, its the acting that's missing!

I <3 Australia! Never been there but would love to! All the best with the trip, and photos are in order!

Mita de bindiya utha le bandook?!! AAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA, Bollywood, tera jawaab nahi!

PS: Good to see you back, again!
PPS: I'm not bothering with Don 2!

Sayesha said...

And thank you for your patience. :)
PS: Out of curiosity, are you on Facebook?

Finally. :)

Arre wah! So did you guys have a fancy screening? :)

Stranded Island,
LOL, I am not Confucius! :P
However, since you have asked... What I learnt 2011 and take into 2012 is the same every year -- Everyone has problems. We gotta make a bigger deal of the happy stuff. :)

No you SHOULD watch Ra.One. Just to rub your eyes in disbelief that one can make a movie like that in this day and age! :O

Yeay to holidays! :D
Xena ko bhi DC champ banayenge! :P

Thanks so much for the welcome back! Hope there's enough to post on Hopscotch after I return! :)

I like your analogy. :) Just replace coffee with pani puri. :P Happy new year to you too! :)

YES I totally agree about that scene. Bleah! Watch Ra.One and tell me ok? :P

central excise,
Hahaha... if I make a book out of this blog, even my family won't buy it I think, hehe! :P


Dil se,
Thanks and happy new year! :)

LOL! I am SO including that movie! :D
PS: Even I like Ranbir but this movie.... ughhh!


You watched Aap Ka Surrrroooorrrr (did I get the number of o's and r's right?)???? I haven't, but I saw Karzzzz. :S

I enjoyed reading your long comment. :) Thanks so much! :)

Urv said...

What was wrong with Ra.One? Apart from all the super lame SRK parts :P

And hey! Don't u dare say anything against poor Sonam n Deepika. An actor is only as good as the director makes them look to be :P

And I liked Rockstar but I too found it lacking in intensity..

Arun said...

Sayesha, you should write a book, not make a book of this blog! Seriously!

And yes, I'm on Facebook, with a million other arun guptas. I'm the one with butterfly avatar or whatever it is called.

Sayesha said...

Long time no see!! When are you coming to Singapore?????

Let's see how that book idea goes... I have not given it much thought, it's the bewdas who keep telling me. :)

PS: OMG you were right, there are indeed a bazillion Arun Guptas on FB! You bluffed, didn't you? :/ After going through pages and pages, I still didn't find anyone with a butterfly avatar! :/
PPS: Oh, did you know that there is an 'Arun Gupta Cool' on FB? LOL! :D Wait, is that you?? :/

Arun said...

I don't do much on facebook, except post liberal screeds to annoy some of my right-wing relatives :) :). I also have a distrust of putting any real vital statistic online.

This might work, I dunno for sure, because if I log out of facebook, I can't access it.


humblog said...

Sayesha - Is this the first time you have acknowledged the existence of Schizo SSK?

Mary said...

Hey long time lurker here :)

I live in Perth! So if you have any questions feel free to ask :)



Mary said...

Just saw you asked for suggestions of nice places to see :)

Fremantle has a lovely historic town atmosphere. The icecream is nice down by the water there at Kailis or Cicerellos (both fish and chip shops).

Rottnest Island (approx $60 ferry ride from Perth, trip takes about 40min) is beautiful for a day trip. No cars on the island so people cycle and walk everywhere. It's very laid back and casual. Swimming is lovely at a beach there called 'the basin' which has no waves and heaps of pretty fish to see.

Matilda Bay near the University of WA (UWA) is a nice spot... very popular for family picnics and walking.

The Swan Valley is popular for wineries... a dry hot area about 40min out of Perth.

Down South (2hr to 4hr drive from Perth) you can see forests and rough coastline... Generally the weather is cooler than Perth.

Hope this helps somewhat! :)

babble2blabber said...

ROFL at "but dude, catalyst kitna bhi solid kyun na ho, reACTants barobar na ho toh ghanta reaction hoga?" :D :D

Feels gooood after reading your post. :)

Sayesha said...

I've sent you a message on Facebook. :)

Hmm... it's complicated. ;)

Welcome to the bar! And thanks so much for the tips! I checked out your blog and you have an interesting life! All the best for the wedding. :)

Thanks! :)

bluejay said...
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bluejay said...

I posted a loooooong comment.. dont know where it went :(

The gist of it was.. plzz to read http://www.thevigilidiot.com/2011/11/14/rockstar/
I find the bollywood comics so funny. I am sure its right up your alley :)

Nice to read your post.. and oooh oooh ooh.. Bronze!!!!! nobody said bronze :P