Saturday, August 20, 2011

The warrior princess diaries - II


Okay, a lot has happened since the last update on the warrior princess that I posted in early July. Friends who read my blog would have read some of these updates on Facebook, but I still wanted to keep everything in one place on the blog for archiving purposes.

  • The big news first. I quit my awesome awesome job at the prestigious 204-year-old publisher. :( But... but... but... I have a new job. My new boss is extremely demanding, likes to play politics, makes everyone work overtime, talks nonsense, wears tiny outfits and is often spotted drinking or napping. But she is very generous with the bonus -- a huge toothless grin reserved only for her mommy. Yep, that's right. I have decided to be a stay-at-home-mommy until Xena's hospital visits and medication stop. Even though I will miss the career I had painstakingly built by breaking free from the shackles of engineering and bulldozing my way into publishing, Xena needs my company more than a company needs me. We thought long and hard about it, and decided this was the best for her. Her special needs mean that we can't place her in a childcare centre or have a nanny. Though one set of Xena's grandparents will be here most of the time, we did not want grandparenting to be so stressful for them. They should not be measuring medicines and running to the hospital and keeping note of the baby's throwing up. They have already had their share of stress in life, and should now just spend time agoo-ing with their granddaughter.
  • Xena is still on a lot of medication and supplements, which need to be given in very precise quantities (sample this -- 2/3rd of a 2.5-ml spoon, 8 times a day. What the...?!), and if she throws up (which she does regularly), it needs to be adjusted in the next feed. So I have to do weird calculations like this, "Hmmm... so she threw up about half of her feed, which means at the next feed, I need to add 1/2 of 2/3rd of 2.5 ml, in addition to 2/3rd of 2.5 ml. Aaaaaa!" And of course, hope that she doesn't throw up again, or I'll really need to engage the services of Shakuntala Devi.
  • She showed the first classic sign of being a party animal when she got drunk (on milk) and threw up in a cab. She also haq se threw up on my dear dear friend Starbreez when the latter came to visit. Well, as I said, Starbreez can now truly consider herself as family. Ladies and gentlemen, I now live in constant fear. Fear of the ultimate WMD that Xena comes fitted with -- projectile vomiting.
  • Xena is now outgrowing the word 'agoo'. She sure has said that a lot in the last few weeks, and now only uses it sparingly, when she's very very happy about something, such as erm, pooping. Speaking of 'agoo', when she went to the hospital for her last blood test, she smiled and chuckled at the nurse and said 'Agoo'. The nurse smiled back and the very next second poked her with a giant needle. And that is why humans learn very early not to trust one another. :|
  • These days she wakes us up at 5 AM with her Carnatic classical singing. We have no option but to politely listen and applaud. Sometimes I pitch in, but I get a look of disapproval. It was hilarious when Mom handed her a tiny bolster. It looked like she was playing a tanpura to accompany her singing.
  • I spend a lot of time thinking up novel ways to entertain her. Once I staged an intense fight (with sound effects and all) between a toy moose and a toy dog. She loved it. Viv says I am a violent mother.
  • Speaking of violence, Xena has now started pulling my hair with violent determination. She's like a tiny Tarzan using my hair as vines. Thousands of mothers have been bullied by infants into cutting their hair really short. I am still standing strong. Let's see.
  • She is still not allowed into air-conditioned crowded places, so other than her hospital visits, we only take her for short walks. We did take her to the beach once for a dinner outing, and to our surprise, she was a very well-behaved baby, interrupting the conversation of the grown-ups around her only to put in a humble request for milk.
  • Even though Mom is fully aware of my intense dislike for gold, she got a gold chain, bangles and get this, A RING, made for Xena. A gold ring for an infant. Ya allah! She made Xena wear everything for a picture ('only for the picture', I told her), and I just stood there shaking my head at my child who was now bearing a close resemblance to Bappi Lahiri.
  • Sometimes it takes an incredibly long time to put her down for a nap. I have to hold her close to me and then... I rock. (Yeah, literally and otherwise. Hehe!) Sometimes I get bored because she has already half-closed her eyes but is not fully sleeping yet. So I start reading up on the iPad about baby care. As I say, it takes more than just parents and grandparents to take good care of a baby. You need google. You definitely need google.
  • Even though she's a real gundi, she is reinforcing every stereotype about women. She uses tears to get her way, starves herself or throws up because she probably thinks she's too fat, and it's impossible to figure out what she wants.
  • Xena is quite adversely affecting my dressing sense and I am pretty sure I am gonna get arrested by the fashion police soon. She insists I only wear clothes with cartoons on them. She only finishes her bottle if she can tug at the cartoon on my T-shirt. On days when I wear 'normal' T-shirts, she gives me a disappointed look and refuses to drink milk.
  • It's amazing how she can sleep through the sounds of the construction next door, but wakes up crying at the rustle of a chocolate wrapper. Perhaps she is trying to tell me something in a diplomatic manner? Excuse me, missy! I have lost all 13 kgs I had put on when you were inside. I deserve my chocolate now!
  • Lately, she has started trying to eat her hands, even though the doctor has said no solids till she is 6 months old. It's amazing how she rejects the bottle as if she's very full, and then proceeds to chomp on her fingers. I nearly fell off laughing when Clueless referred to it as 'finger food'.
  • I had never thought how much work taking care of a baby is. Yes, Xena has special needs, but her regular needs are enough to keep me on my toes. I really salute the mother of twins, especially my friend Karen who is taking care of premature twins rather admirably.

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May the Force be with you !! :)

Navya said...


Rohitpal said...

Wow what a blog. huge information are collected in a single blog. it's really help to us . i got important information which is very important for me. So thank's for that. I really appreciate.

Sri said...

Super post Sayesha :)

Even i quit my job to be with my daughter..she was born at 35 weeks and weighed 2 kgs at birth..she will be 2 yrs old soon and although it is a daily battle feeding her, i feel no one else could have put in so much of effort as us..

Completely agree with u on the last point..i never imagined in my wildest dreams that taking care of a baby can be physically and mentally exhausting..we see babies all around us and mommies going about their routine normally while i seem to be pulling my hair apart almost everyday!!

R said...

no pic of xena bitiya?

--Sunrise-- said...

She is so cute. She will be a tough replacement to your old boss huh :D

Arun said...

Bhai, I really salute **you**. Keep standing strong!


So I have to do weird calculations like this, "Hmmm... so she threw up about half of her feed, which means at the next feed, I need to add 1/2 of 2/3rd of 2.5 ml, in addition to 2/3rd of 2.5 ml.

Now you see the value of an engineering education! You think you could do this with a B.A. in English? :) :) :) (Ducking tomatoes thrown by BAs in English).


Divya said...

Good post ..
We need Google..and baby websites,even though its the same thing what elders at home say :)
Am a new mom of 7 week old and i want to run to mountains every now and then...
Hats off to you for taking care of preemie baby.
Keep up with good to Xena..

Anonymous said...

Great decision for both you and the baby. Good luck in handling your new boss!

Bubblegum.... said...

Tooooooo gooooood!!!! :)
You know what.. You should give all of us a weekly dose of Xena's Gundigiri... :P

Anonymous said...

Trust me Bhai, these things (like measuring medicine and other special needs) will all go away after she turns 6 months old (corrected age). Hang in there. You will completely forget all the hardships that you faced by the time she turns two. She will be like any other child, only smarter and more active. :)

Yogita said...

Great to hear updates from Xena-world! Keep'em coming.

Sherry said...

This is going to be one hell of a job-satisfaction situation :)

And wow, really need to see the bolster/tanpura pic :) It's amazing the hidden 'talents' kids choose to selectively display...

Loads of love to lil bhai...she's so cute !!! :)

Obscure Optimist said...

Aww...such a lovely post! :)
I was wondering how the little bappi lahiri would look like :P...

Have a great time at your new work, with your new boss! :D

Anonymous said...

Xena seems to be on top of everything, she seems to be an amazing taskmaster. I like the selective hearing when it comes to waking up to the sound of a chocolate wrapper! All the best, your new job is certainly demanding, but much more rewarding.

ಅಶ್ವಿನಿ/ Ashwini said...

Whoa! Fantabulous post.. Xena is doing fine.. Shakuntala devi's help for those wierd calculations :)))

Shoba Sharat said...

Great going Sash.Me 38 wks preggers and waiting for my lil' Gunda/Gundi to create riots in my so far peaceful life :)

Love to Xena.Tkcr

vin said...

delurking here... hats off to u lady.. u really doing an awesome job.. keep smiling...

as far as chomping on fingers goes, for my son who is now 14 months - i used to call it having "finger chips"..

loads of love to baby xena (love that name)...

Sayesha said...,
Thanks! :D


Erm. Did you just spam the bar? *takes out rolled up newspaper aka weapon of ass destruction*

Thanks! Spot on about the hair-pulling. I feel that whatever remaining hair on my head that Xena doesn't pull, I pull! Hehe! :P

Raam Pyari,
Coming soon! My digicam has died and I am trying to make time to buy a DSLR! :D

Hehehe! I believe that babies are designed to be cute so we don't go completely mad taking care of them. :)

Thanks! :)
*grabs a bag of popcorn and sits on a beanbag to watch the upcoming battle between Arun and an English B.A.* :D

//even though its the same thing what elders at home say :)

Hehe, not all the time! ;) I usually go by the baby bible -! :D

//Am a new mom of 7 week old and i want to run to mountains every now and then...

Hehehe! I know the feeling! :D

Thanks! :)

I would like that too! If only she'd let me! :)

Thanks! :)

Thanks. :)

I wish I had taken a picture of the tanpura scene! Will try to do it the next time. :)

She's Bappi Lahiri in more ways than one. Chubby like him, wears gold like him, and sings like him! :D

Thanks! :)

Thanks! :D

Congrats!!!!! >:D< So you don't know if it's a gunda or a gundi? Oh wait, they don't disclose that in India, do they??

Thanks! :) LOL-ing at "finger chips"! :D

Meenakshy said...

:) Good to see the updates of Xena. Do pass on my love to her. has a complete resource of all the info that I need and I still refer to it atleast once a week.
Yes this IS the time when thumb sucking starts. Ganesh is still a miserable sleeper, and got worse when he started this finger sucking at around two months. It took a lot of mittens and a month for me to not get him into the habit. Its perfectly ok otherwise too, just that you may have to put in similar effort lateron to get rid of it. :)

Anonymous said...

Agoo was the name of my most fav blanket as a baby. I had it for years :)

I hope the lil gundi grows up strong and healthy.

Pramod J said...
:) I am happy I could relate to every word on this. The biggest heartburner for us was to say a big NO to whoever wanted to visit us to get a glimpse of Sihi (my daughter)... We really did well in keeping her away till the Doc said... "She is good to get visitors now"... hehe..