Sunday, August 14, 2011

On the watch

Me (to mom) - So Mom, now that I am a mother too, give me some tips on good upbringing.

Mom (smiling) - Don't worry, you'll get there.

Me - No, but tell me how you managed to keep my sister and me, well, you know... morally upright, through the rebellious teenage years.

Mom (smiling again) - Well, it's too early. There's time for that.

Me (really really fishing for a compliment) - No, I mean, we were so good as teenagers. You could fully trust us. You never had to keep your eye on us all the time.

Mom (without batting an eyelid) - I had my eye on both of you all the time. You just didn't know it.



Arun said...

Au said...

hahh ... ownage !! :P

neha_the_blogger said...

Parents always keep an eye on us! :D :)

Swathy said...

insaaf ka haath aur maa ki nazzar se koi nahi bach sakta!! :D

mythalez said...

so now you do know the secret of 'good upbringing' :P

Yamini said...

These moms!! They are what...?? Superwomen?


Nice, warning.. i mean post! :D

prathi said...


ಅಶ್ವಿನಿ/ Ashwini said...

Arrrrgggggg!!!!! Moms are moms!

PizzaDude said...

LOL @ Swathy's comment. Total drama material! :P

patiala pataka said...

Hello stranger!!! :)

Raam Pyari said...

bahin. time for xena bitiya update

Yamini said...

I agree with Raam Pyari!

Bivas said...

and I don't know why...par post padhke mujhe yeh gaana yaad aa gaya: "Yeh Public Hai...yeh sab Jaanti Hai!!!" :-|

Pooja Cornelius said...

There is a universal language called motherhood.... I don't know its exact origin. But I surely know all the moms universally speak the language.

Nice post! sayesh!!!!!(I taking the liberty to omit the "a")

Sayesha said...

If I didn't remember my chemistry, I'd say 'Au' is how Xena would call you! ;),

And that too, without our knowledge! :O

ROFL!!!! :D

Hahaha! Yeahhhh! :D

You bet! :D


Hehe! :)

Meee tooo! :)

patiaka pataka,
Duuuude!! Long time! Are you still in Singapore and frequenting Jade? :D

Raam Pyari,
Yasss! :)

Hehe, thanks for the push! :)

It should be 'Yeh mummy hai, yeh sab jaanti hai!' :P

I second that! :)