Tuesday, February 17, 2009

The makers

So the answer to the last post is: Maang Loonga Main Tujhe Taqdeer Se

*ducks to avoid shoes thrown by bewdas*

And the grand prizes for the correct guess go to A G and Sowmya!

*collects the shoes thrown at her and throws them at A G and Sowmya*

I quite enjoyed doing this tag because in my search for 'bloggable photos of non-living things', I found quite a few random photos. Sample these for example.

Something I made from scratch

Something Viv made from scratch


Nidhi said...


Adorable Pancreas said...

I like your something better.

Oh, and what the heck, SILVER!

Anonymous said...

oh the curtains look lovely like that :)

and that doughy splat sure looks like australia ;)

PizzaDude said...

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA at Viv's creation. Okay, this is one more thing I am gonna be laughing randomly about :D

Bhavya said...

I'm confused - did you make the room from scratch or did you make the photograph of the room in Photoshop or something?
Just kidding :P
Love the room :)

mathew said...

you fail to appreciate the aesthetics of that wonderful designed...er...er...whatever!!;-D

Swathy said...

hahaha..I guess Australia map is 'beginner s choice of shape' without much efforts when it comes to 'roti belana'!!

Did u do that nice corner space?
looks nice n cool!!with all the flutering curtains..

Sanchit said...

yeh kaunsa gaana hai.. i have no idea

parikrama said...

Do yu have a Tava (non-stick pan) big enough to put that humongous roti/plain parantha on it ?

Or is it just a basic framework to carve Puri's out of it? Very intriguing. Can totally relate to it. Brings back recent memories, when I started out to make chappatis but ended up with plain paratha's.

Who clear's the mess afterwards ?

Priya said...

Err.. thats how my rotis look.. :-/

Koi Pahailee said...

awesome curtains

vineet said...

and i thot "kiran" rhymes with "hiran"(deer) thats y the deer was put there..tu hai meri kiran....

Richa said...

the picture is really crazy and the song wen i read the answer, i was like literally rolling as i always do ater readin ur posts :D


Cheeseandpepper said...

Errr....does "scratch" mean some cloth??

Manchus said...

Those curtains did you weave??
Did Viv pisofy aata in chakki?? :))

Just curious where the from scratch starts from.

Some post to smile about.

Sayesha said...


#Adorable Pancreas,
Meeeee toooo! :P

Thanks! They are my pride and joy. :D

Hehehe! Let's sample your chapatis sometime, eh? ;)

Sheesh! I made the curtains!!!!! :D

Hahahahaha! Sure! All brudders unite for the shapeless chapatis! :D

Yeah, I made the curtains. :)

Kumar Gaurav Poonam Dhillon! Youtube it! :)

Hahahaha! Yeah, my tava is quite big. :D

//Or is it just a basic framework to carve Puri's out of it? Very intriguing.

Hahahahahahaha! :D

//Who clear's the mess afterwards ?

Virgoman does it himself! :D

Ooops! :P

#Koi Pahailee,
Thank you! :)

Hahahaha! Good funda, that! :)

Thanks! :)

Hahaha! Scratch as in, I chose the colour and fabric, cut and sewed it, and fixed the curtain hooks. :)

Weave???? Arre baap re! No weaving, only planning, selecting, buying, cutting and sewing! :D