Sunday, February 15, 2009


So I have been tagged by AG. The tag is to get the 6th photo from the 6th photo folder on your computer and tell its story.

So when I opened the 6th photo of my 6th photo folder, it turned out to be a group picture taken at my office. Obviously, I can't post that on my blog so I did what I usually do with tags - make my own modifications to it. (In fact, sometimes it becomes a totally different tag altogether.)

I decided on an addendum to the tag - to pick the 6th photo that has only non-living things in it. Much filtering and counting later, I arrived at the one.

This photo was taken when Viv, Pizzadude, Shub and I were playing pictionary, and Viv suggested we make some modifications to the rule (no, he didn't get that trait from me!). The new rule that was the person had to draw the entire thing without any conversation with the 'guessers'. Even after drawing every possible thing he/she could to get the guessers to guess, the 'drawer' couldn't talk to the 'guessers'. So either you draw it right, or you run the risk of screwing your guessers over. It was awesome fun!

So when my turn came, I drew as many keywords from the song as possible and then crossed my fingers and sat back. I was so thrilled when my guessers guessed this one, I had to take a picture!

Can you guess the song depicted in the picture below?

Click on the picture for a larger view.


V said...

um no...I cant.

(and gold/platinum/whatever's in fashion now..etc.)

Anonymous said...


Bhavya said...

wow! absolutely cannot guess... but signing up to receive comments...

And bronze

Unknown said...

No clue whatsoever.

Sri Harsha Dandibhotla said...

1)Jadoo teri nazar
2)Khushboo tera badan
3)Tu Haan kar
4)Ya naa kar
5) Tu hai meri hiran/kiran ??

and yeah.. Copper

Nidhi said...

haha...this is fun! I'll ask Shub what song is this! :P 1st guess "ek ladki ko dekha toh aisa laga...jaisa khilta gulab...jaise shayar ka khwaab....jaise ujle kiran..jaise mann mein hiran" (does makes sense partially..wotsay??!!) :D

Nidhi said...

Trying to decipher it again..."maang mein sindoor, langoti mein phool, main tera hiran!!!" toh kuch aur hi song ban gaya!!! But I am sure 1st pic is "maang"...or is it "sindoor"?? uff...this is driving me nuts! :)

VIDYA said...

A song with the words Maang,sindoor,aankhein and piya in it :)

Shanks_P said...

Not at all good with hindi songs , but is the picture says this ?

A lady with sindhoor ( (Female voice)
A south indian with lungi ( With yellow flowers on it)
Hiran (Deer)

Piya Basanthi re by Chitra


Dewdrop said...

Wotever the song was... this is one heck of dumb-charades-tweaking... will try it out!

nits said...

Is it mang lunga main tumhe is jahan se... blah.. blah... tu hai meri kiran...

A G said...

maang loonga mein tujhe taqdeer seeeeeeeeeey...
arey jee nahi barta teri taseeeeeer sey.........

Sanchit said...

i go with nidhi.. that shud be the answer... am bad with hindi songs.. i think its.. chandni chawk to china.. kabhi dekha hain tune aaina.. but hiran doesnt fit into it.. :(

Koi Pahailee said...

i would go with nidhi too

but the person has an apron on with flowers and a question mark and a moustache (spelling be forgiven)

so cant be

Koi Pahailee said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Nandini said...

1) sindoor
2) lungi pe phool
3) mai
4) tu
5) moose

Anonymous said...

First time here and I have done this 6 the picture tag too but this one is interesting and different. Let me try..

Naah! no luck.

All I can think looking at first picture is ' Ek chutki ke keemat tum kya jaanoge Ramesh babu'. LOL

Soumya said...

maang loonga main tujhe taqdeer se...
arey jee nahi bharta teri tasveer se..

I am assuming taqdeer was implied by the "deer"..

A G said...

tasveer and not taseer.
sorry. i'm very good at typos!

Nidhi said...

@sanchit & koi pahailee: thanks for supporting my guess but even i feel it is not correct!
sayesha....where r u gurl?? arre batao iska answer kya hai?? (i even googled it trying "maang", "phool", "hiran" etc words) :) I also feel that there must be some reason why u havent drawn the flower in isolation..and rather drawn it inside the lungi...hmmmmm

Sanchit said...

oh my lord...

@ nidhi.. the flower is on the lungi and NOT INSIDE the lungi...

Sayesha said...

Hehehe! :D

Sheesh! That's all?! No silver for you! At least admit that you can't guess! :P


Hehe! :P

//hiran/kiran ??

LOL!!!! Very creative, but LOL!! :D

Ask Shub? No cheating!! :P

//(does makes sense partially..wotsay??!!) :D

Hahahahaha! No. :D

//"maang mein sindoor, langoti mein phool, main tera hiran!!!"

ROFL!!!!!!!!!!! :D

Piya? Piya is the one in the lungi? :D

How did you get to Piya Basanti??? Why is everyone saying Piya?? What did I draw?? If I had to say 'Piya', I'd draw a drunk guy! Hehehehe! :P

Any luck? :D

Hahahaha! Nope. :P

#A G,
Arre shabash! At last someone got it! :D

Hahahaha! Ye lo aur ek namoona! :P

#Koi Pahailee,
Apron? Hahahaha! I really need to improve my drawing I think. :P

Hahahahahahahaha! :D

LOL @ Ramesh Babu dialogue! :D

Shabash! One more! :D

#A G,
Hehehe! No problem, you still win! :P

I am here and answer is out! :D :D :D

ROFLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL! OMG I can't stop laughing!!!!!!!!!! :D :D :D :D

Sanchit said...

ROFLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL..... flower inside the lungi.... hohohohohoh hahahahahehehehe...

bhai, but answer kaha hai

Nidhi said...

hahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!! galti se mistake ho gaya tha...but seriously hahahahahahahaha :D :D
aur haan....answer next post mein stop laffing now and go read it!!!

yaar...agar flower ka koi importance hi nahi tha toh usse draw kyon kiya...aur uss par arrow kyun banaaya??!!! apne paathakon ko aise gumraah karna sahi nahi hai editor mahodaya!!! :D
(okay enuff of bak-bak...i m kalti maaroing frm here now...before u thwack me wid a newspaper!

Shanks_P said...

U got me on ROFL ......
Piya = some one drunk ....That was damn funny and creative ....way to go


rgb said...

well i would have never guessed it given my pathetic knowledge about hindi films.

but whats the significance on pointing to the flowers?