Monday, December 01, 2008

Dead end

This month's Bollywood poll -- name one movie that should not have ended the way it did.

Do provide your ideal ending if possible. :)

PS: Comment moderation has been enabled so there is no point yelling 'Gold!'. I guess there is no point in me saying this either, as from experience, bewdas will be bewdas and will yell Gold anyway. :P


Kanan said...

That would have to be Qayamat Se Qayamat Tak. Wish Raj and Rashmi didn't have to die for their families. *sigh*

Swathy said...

rang de basanti!
everyone just drops dead at the end!!(except soha n sooooooooooo )
I feel it could have had a better ending..dont know how..:P
just a funny thought:
ask Ekta didi..she s the best to bring dead back!!

Ace said...

Rang De Basanti- anything but the solution of 'oh let's kill politicians to solve our misery and be avenged' instead of raising awareness fighting rules and norms that allow for this to happen aka the tough route and REAL route to take.

I'd be more eloquent except it's 5am here so excuse me =)

KARTHIK said...

QSQT, Villains should have shot each other, parents should have reformed and hero/heroine live happily ever after.

rosh said...

99.9 FM.
Very few people in the world know that this movie exists. Fewer have watched it.
It's a suspense-thriller and me revealing the end might ruin it for anyone who intends to watch it out of curiosity.
Before the ending, you need to know the premise:
"Our hero works at an FM station called "99.9 FM". He generally hosts a late night show from 11 pm to 1 am. He pre-records the the show and plays it on the night of the murder which is also their wedding aniversary. Seems to be a perfect alibi but there's a twist in the end."

My version of ending would have been slightly different.
"Hero plans for the perfect murder. Comes home only to find that his house is empty. Find a note and a cake on the table - "Happy Anniversary dear! Mama's not well. Be back tomorrow". He doesn't have any choice but to return. He drinks the water kept on the table and has a piece of cake before driving back to his office.
He is no mood to perform live so he let's the recorded disk continue.
Al the last song is being played, he feels nauseated and his head is spinning.
He tries to call an ambulance, but dies before he can do that.'
The camera then shifts to his wife's face. She smiles before she hurls the cake in the sea."
I know it's not a good ending, but if you watch the movie, the end was fairly predictable. So I want a change.

If you do want to know the original ending, please continue reading.

******Spoiler Ahead*****
Original end has the hero successfully murder his wife. There is a police check while is returning from the murder scene. The radio tuned to 99.9 FM is playing in his car. The disc get's stuck at the station and goes back to the start of the recording.' It's left to us intelligent viewers to decipher that he is caught.
*******Spoiler Ends******


AJ said...


Give me iPod

>>Jass<< said...

Fashion! I wish it had ended with priyanka going insane and another new model taking up the limelight depicting a cycle.

Svetlana Mahajan said...

wasnt gonna yell gold, but didnt want to let you down :P

VIDYA said...

Kabhi Alvida Naa Kehna...

It wasn't expected of the ever cho chweet characters that SRK usually plays(i don't care if it IS KJ's coming-of-age film)...
My ideal ending :
SRK and Rani realise ,after the first few days of their affair,that they are better off as friends,as they understand each other so well.They solve each other's problems,and become BFFs...reinforcing the good old "try n revive your marriage" philosophy! :)

Sanchit said...


still a bevdaa :)


rock on... rob shudn have died...

starbreez said...

Cause I've got it on my mind -- Rang De Basanti. The kids should have found some other, inspiring way to expose corruption and shame in the government, rather than one of them kill his father, and the others assassinate a minister. A terrible ending leaving behind the very real possibility of fools following its lead.

Bivas said...

Rang De Basanti...
They should have been captured alive and taken for trial...judgement/decision should have been left open ended by the director...should have left it to the moviegoers to decide the outcome of the trial.

Varsha said...

"Rang De Basanthi". They should not have been killed in the end.

They were willing to be taken into custody, and they should have faced a trial. Even the persons responsible for Rajiv Gandhi's death are facing imprisonment when they were caught.
The story writer wanted to bring out the similarity between Bhagat Singh and co. with these guys. But Bhagat Singh faced a trial and then was sentenced to the gallows.


push said...

A new bewda in the Bar...
IMO -Sholay.Big B shouldn't have died.Ending Happy hone ko mangta.

Urv said...



Urv said...

Now let me read the post


Urv said...

Aaila! Gold nahi chillane ka tha :P To pehle bolne ka na :P

Apne ko koi movie yaad nai aa raheli hai jiska ending apun ko acceptable nai laga ho.. to apun dekhta hai baaki bewdas kya bolte hai..

By the way, you have been tagged.. :)

Bhavya said...

Mere Yaar Ki Shaadi Hai. I think it would have been more realistic, touching, and easy to relate to, if they'd gone with the original ending from My Best Friend's Wedding, and had not let Uday Chopra steal the girl from Jimmy Shergill.

Pizzadude said...

Mujhse dosti karoge.
Hrithik shouldn't have married Rani. They should have remained as friends and moved on with life. I totally didn't like the way they got them together. Full of ridiculously unbelievable crap. Expected a better treatment from the Yash Raj camp.

Sayesha said...

Hehehe... I recommended the movie to a friend and she hated me for doing it as she couldn't take the end! :P

Yeah even I was quite shocked when they killed and then died. :|

Yup, agreed.

Hahahaha! I like that! Villains should have shot each other! Hahaha! :D

Holy shit. Did you produce/direct this movie? :P

*hurls an ipod (purana heavy wala) at AJ*
*ipod hits AJ on the head*
*AJ collapses to the ground*
*AJ wakes up after 10 minutes*
*Main kaun hoon? Main kahan hoon?*
Now that's the ending I like! :D

Eeeeee! I was gonna watch it this weekend! :P

Ya allah! I knew it... :P

Haha! That's one movie I didn't even like the beginning of! :P :P

I suppose they had to kill someone... after all, it was a copy of DCH. :|

I was so sure you'd say QSQT! And you must watch 'A Wednesday'.

Hmmm... that would have been interesting... but maybe the writer was trying to show that if you do something stupid, you die? :O

Yeah... I wonder how the trial would have gone... maybe RDB2? :)

Welcome, new bewda! :)
I heard there was another version of Sholay where Big B didn't die?

Lega apun woh tag. :)

//I think it would have been more realistic, touching, and easy to relate to, if they'd gone with the original ending from My Best Friend's Wedding, and had not let Uday Chopra steal the girl from Jimmy Shergill.

Also, she would have ended up with the cuter guy! Hehe! :P

Haha! I only remember that movie as one of those that made me want to hurl chappals at Kareena. Mister America my foot! :|

Bhavya said...

Yes, that's also a good point - Jimmy Shergil is certainly the cuter of the two.

And I can so totally relate to your desire to hurl chappals at Kareena! With Mujhse Dosti Karoge or K3G or Main Prem Ki Deewani Hoon... if any of these is on TV, and I'm only channel - surfing, I feel like grabbing her by the neck and strangulating her!

Kanan said...

Hmm interesting movies in the list.. I like Karthik's version of QSQT. That would have been an awesome action-comedy-drama masala film. Too bad they didn't make it so. I still hate watching the end of the film. A running Rashmi tumbling down the rocky mountain after being shot and Raj screaming and then when she's down there, he is smiling with tears in his eyes and sweat drops on his forehead, happy for now no one can separate them and takes out the dagger she gifted him earlier and put it through himself. Oh how I hate this slow motion scene. Grr!

Bivas said...

hmmm...but then isn't it like challenging the intelligence of the audience! :P

btw...even QSQT had a happy ending but Mansoor Khan decided against it ultimately...

Stupidosaur said...

Pls don't mess with RDB.
The things ppl want changed here are the very essence of RDB. :P

That was what the whole experience was all about.

And before watching the movie I thought Rubaroo must ve been some happy song. With ppl dancing in gardens and Amir khan doing some "pehla nasha" moves.

But man! Look when they played the song! And what significance the words had! And what an effect they had on me. Goosebumps and all. I was the last person to leave the hall. Watched till the song played out completely during the end titles.

Dont worry I am not going to be the moron who follows in the footsteps, as one commentor has feared above :P

But any change, and RDB would not have been RDB :P