Saturday, August 11, 2007

Home signs

"You're so like Phoebe from F.R.I.E.N.D.S!"

I can't count the number of times I have heard this line. In fact, one of my friends thought I was so Phoebe that she actually gave me a Phoebe keychain as a gift. But that was in university days. If you are as obsessed with the TV series as I am (except seasons 7-10, they suck), you will find that as you grow older, you undergo a weird transformation - from being like one character in F.R.I.E.N.D.S to another. And it was only when Clueless mentioned in the bus the other day, "You guys are together very Monica!" that I went "Sheesh!" But there was no argument, she was right. As someone who suffered the misfortune of living with Viv and me in our house for three months during her holidays, she was the one person who could objectively tell us that separately, we may be normal, but together we were very Monica.

So I decided to make a list of things that make Viv and me 'together very Monica'.

  • One of us simply has to vacuum every strand of hair that leaves the scalp before it even touches the floor, while the other doesn't think that waiting till the weekend will cause any kind of a black-carpet situation.

  • One of us simply has to place the clothes-drying rack right next to the dining table because it's the sunniest spot in the house, while the other can't stand the thought of clothes drying in the dining area.

  • One of us believes that drying clothes is an art that will significantly affect their fold-ability and iron-ability, while the other thinks that the three are independent variables.

  • One of us simply has to fold every single piece of clothing (and I mean every single piece) while the other thinks that some clothes can just be flung into a drawer.

  • One of us can't stand the thought of mobile phone chargers plugged into the socket with the switch on, but with no mobile phone at the end, while the other doesn't mind removing a charged mobile phone from the charger with the switch still on.

  • After getting home late, one of us likes to immediately plonk on the couch and turn on the TV at volume 44, while the other frantically "shhhhhhhhhhhhhh"es till all the babies in the neighbourhood start peeing.

  • One of us likes to keep bills and spam letters on the coffee table for sorting, while the other believes that coffee tables are only for keeping magazines and remote controls (six of 'em no less - TV, Cable, DVD player, VCR, fan and sometimes air-conditioner.)
  • One of us likes to fold every single plastic bag and keep them in a large paper bag, while the other thinks stuffing the small plastic bags into a larger one is fine.

  • One of us simply has to write accounts every single day, while the other can't be bothered.

  • One of us believes that before taking a bath, the water heater should be switched on for a time so accurate that you have the exact amount (mililitres down to two decimal places) of hot water needed, whereas the other doesn't think it's a huge waste of electricity to approximate.

  • One of us believes that the hooks behind bathroom doors are for hanging clothes perennially, while the other believes that the clothes on the hooks should leave the bathroom along with the person.

  • One of us completely flips if the tap is turned on more than required when washing dishes, while the other is pretty oblivious to it.

  • One of us believes that pink gerberas do not go with anything but white fillers, while the other doesn't get what is wrong with pink gerberas, yellow dahlias and pink orchids in the same vase.

  • One of us simply has to get up the moment the alarm rings, while the other thinks that snooze is the best feature of mobile phones.

  • One of us believes that tom yam soup, pulao, matar paneer and pasta make for a great meal, while the other can't believe the ridiculous combination.

  • One of us can't understand why the dining table must have a white tablecloth and suffer visible spills every day, while the other can't understand why the first can't understand that the tablecloth must be white.

  • One of us feels that the coffee table should have table mats for people to keep their plates on when they eat, while the other thinks that table mats are ugly.
The strangest thing is - we have so many little idiosyncrasies of our own that no matter how much I try, I really can't tell which one of us is more Monica. Any guesses? ;)


sujatha said...

FIRRRR.RRRRSSSTTT...jus wanted to say that

Sudeep said...

damn i thought i will get gold

Sudeep said...

ha ha.. nice list n i could relate to most of the things from "one's" side.. other "one" ke aane ka abhi darr lag raha hain mujhe meri zindagi mein :D

my fav was sshhh till the babies.. wala line

n i agree with ur dad on 'wordsmith' coz i luv ur titles more than posts.. haila posts bhi acche lagte hai re lekin titles more :)

have a nice weekend.. n miss ur mom n dad
sorry had to rub in something :p

Sudeep said...

btw silver n bronze mera toh gold wali ko thenga

Neihal said...

hahahahahahahahaha !!

maza aa gaya.

There are so many points where I'd say ditto, but in my case its just me, my husband is basically all the three guys put together and more....or may be its the Monica part of me that thinks so :P

and Yeah I agree...I LOVE FRIENDS..but season 7-10 were a big letdown, yet I watch them If I see them on Tv now and then. Loyalty you see :P

Rebellion said...

lol sash bhai. To cut it all short I'd just say... Its obvious, one of you is more of a perfectionist and the other doesn't care a damn about perfection. Need not say who's who ;)

Btw, one believes in planning every bit of life and other, probably, in taking life as it comes.. something like saif & rani in Tararumpum? ;P

Bivas said...

let me hazard a guess...most of those is viv...maybe 10% wud be u!
season 7 was still okay...though season 8-10 were a bit slow...but the last episode of season 10 was simply superb!!!

ferret said...

oh no! don't tell me, have we lost the phoebe completely or there is still some hope?!?

Suki said...

teehee... nice post!

Question - which of you has an alarm clock that is always six minutes fast? I think that would decide who was more Monica! ;P

Iday said...
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Iday said...
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Iday said...

Something keeps telling me that the first "one" in all the statements is not the bhai :P

PS: today seems to be the day of making mistakes of all sorts in the comments :)

Adarsh said...

yes absolutely Monica... very Monica...
BTW the last stanza reminds me of one of your earlier posts... in fact so early that it could easily be used to refer tyrannosaurus rex !!!

On a more serious note.. does it really matter who is 'more Monica'. The very fact that you both together are 'very very Monica' ensures a pretty disciplined as well as fun Life together.

Thisisme said...

this was super cute :)))

Tejal said...

BAH! itz too confusin..!!
ok wild guess..first one is u?(assumed from the pink gerbera point) hai na? hai na?
btw SIX remotes :0 :0 :0

Vivek said...

Yoohoo! I can read your blog from China... thanks to some site called :)

Anonymous said...

U might want to read my latest post.. :)

satish said...

kya bhai?! mobile wala case toh apna bhi hai. already ek mobile kharaab is wajah se. lagta hai sadi karni padegi.

Supernova said...

hahahahaha dat was quiet a list. i kept on nodding my head @ almost every point. but at times it was for 'one of us' and at times 'other'. hmmm...wonder wat dat makes me.

Janefield said...

looks like one is freaky and one is finicky! :P

Sayesha said...

Hehe, congrats! :P

Thanks! :)

//have a nice weekend.. n miss ur mom n dad
sorry had to rub in something :p


Haha! Viv is a combo of Chandler (with his jokes) and Ross (with his nerdiness). :D

Hainn? Here I am saying we're both a mix, and you're neatly classifying us? :O

Hehe... you'd surprised! ;)

Hahahaha! Phoebs is very much there, don't worry! :D

SHEESH! Neither of us has that! (thank goodness?) :D

Hainnn??! WRONG! :D

As long as the Monica doesn't go overboard! :)


Ufff one more! There's no first one is you, in some of the examples, he's first and in others I am! :)

Haha! also works! :)

I did! And I am going to add in the bit about the plastic bags! One of us does it! :D

Sheesh! :/

//but at times it was for 'one of us' and at times 'other'.

It's the same for Viv and me. I think a lot of people didn't get that when they read it. :)

Ufffffffff! Et tu??? Ya allah! The points are a mixture of him first and me first! Tujhse yeh ummeed nahin thi! Even you didn't get it? Waaaaaaa! :'(

Iday said...

//Hainnn??! WRONG! :D
Do u really think i made the wrong choice thinking i was making the right choice??? ;)

emmanuel said...

nice one.....couldn't stop smiling...... :)

--Sunrise-- said...

I am like Phoebe from Friends, too! And as for Monica... we have our mother for that. :) lol.

Janefield said...

i told Coco that you have interchanged the 'his and hers' bit, but how does that change wot i said earlier? :P

Clueless said...

Hee! Awesome. Living with you guys for three months really did show me how Monica you both are. I guessed every one of them! :D

I miss you guys! *hugs*