Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Cheap thrills

  • Semi-hunky guy walks into the gym acting all cool, but looks around joblessly because he doesn't have the pin needed to work the weights. You do. Muahahaha moment. :D

  • Guy asks you if he can borrow your weights pin. You graciously let him borrow it. Muahahaha moment. :D

  • You've been on the treadmill for at least twenty minutes, and guy has done a grand total of two hand weights, four crunches and three leg lifts, intercepted with long 'watch-himself-in-mirror' and 'leisurely-stroll-around-the-gym' sessions. Muahahaha moment. :D

  • After your run on your treadmill, you move on to the weights. You find the pin set at three weight plates. Erm. You lift three plates too. Muahahaha moment. :D

  • Guy realises that he forgot to take the pin out and stealthily creeps behind you while you're doing weights, to check out where the pin is set. Muahahaha moment. :D

  • You move on to do leg lifts while the guy gets on the weights again, and changes the pin's setting. He does a grand total of one and a half lifts and then gets up. Muahahaha moment. :D

  • Deciding to wrap up for the day, you go to retrieve your pin and miraculously, now you find it set at seven plates. MUAHAHAHA MOMENT! :D


Preethi said...

lol..esp the pin set at 7 plates bit!!! have seen this kind of thing happen at my aerobics class..
nice entry sash :)
gold for me btw...

Sowmya said...

Now I know why I need to go to the gym
In order to understand this blog :P

Anyways, Welcome back, Sowmya!(Er... thats your line, I know :D)

Hehe... so how's Viv? How's Aish? Hope everything's fine :)

Oh sorry, how are you? :D :D

Until next blog, bye! :) :)


Sayesha said...

Hehehe... boys will be boys! :D

Oh noooooooo! And here I thought I got rid of you for good! :|
ps: Welcome back, Sowmya! :)
pps://Until next blog, bye! :) :)
Oh noooooooo! You'll be back?? :O

Angelsera said...

Technically I get the bronze rite :) cos Bhai's comment doesnt count :D

Muahahaha moment?? :D

GuNs said...

3 plates? What were you guys doing?

Bivas said...

errr...too many Muhahaha's...
jaa jaake agle bond movie ke liye audition de ke aa...another Electra King!!! ;-) Muhahaha :D

How do we know said...

Cheap Thrills all right.. and hajaar healthy!

satish said...

seriously bhai, make it a little less technical.


Sudipta Chatterjee said...

Haahahha... I've noticed that set of check-myself-out-in-the-mirror guys a lot! Poor souls like me have to be content with the little 3-4 plates that I can lift and do up-downs with! But bhai... you should also give some tips to the guys na? :D

Pravin said...

Are you sure he was semi-hunky? Or was he just a slightly pudgy chap? :P

shub said...

next time before you walk away set it at a setting that'll psyche him out! :D One less than the highest or something! And nonchalantly look away as he stares open mouthed :D (you could also stare coyly at your nails, as you're wont to)
cheap thrills wonly! :D

Rebellion said...

Many muahahah moments. Ek aad kodak moment bhi ho jaata toh majja aa jaata. Hamare liye bhi muahahaha moments zyada entertaining ho jaate, hai na bhai? ;)

parikrama said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
parikrama said...

Considering how expensive those Gym memberships are, you should consider changing the title from "cheap thrills" to "Pay-through-the-nose thrills" :))

Vaise belated happy Rakshaa Bandhan bhaai. Bhagwaan karey aap jaisa body builder bhaai sab behen logo ko miley :O)

hiteshmehta said...

Nice blog, i think u shud join the global network of bloggers at BloggersMeet on facebook.


Sayesha said...

Hehehe! Ismart girl! :D

Err.. what do you mean? Is three too few or too many? :/

Ooh I like the idea! Imagine the Bond babe going Muahahaha every time she kicks someone's ass? :D

#How do we know,
Not so hajaar yaar! Wanna do better! :/

Yeh technical tha?? Allah! I know NOTHING about gym terms!! :D

Okay fine. Here's one very useful tip to the guys: please spend more time working out rather than checking out (yourself and others). Muahahaha! :D

Yep, semi-hunky! On the way to hunkville I'd say. If only he spent more time working out. :)
*goes to check Pravin's profile to check if he was the guy at the gym*
**okay he was not** :D

Ahahaha! Brilliant idea! And the coyly looking at nails thing will be a cool touch! :P

Hahaha! If I had a camera on me na, the guy's ego would inflate so much, no gym could help him! :D

I have another Muahahaha for you! I don't have to pay a single cent for my gym! It's right in my building! :D

Errrm... are you a spammer? :O

Bivas said...

//Imagine the Bond babe going Muahahaha every time she kicks someone's ass? :D
OMG...was just wondering...itna ispeshaal effect daala to it will become Austin Powers types!!! ;-)

Boogerwormie said...

You guys were exercising or competing??? hehehhe...

Tejal said...

heeeh..i wanna join YOUR gym. alwaz loaded with hunky n semi-hunky dudes it seems! :D

Sayesha said...

Oh nooooooooooooooo! :D

I'm a delicate frail chick, how can I compete with a semi-hunk?
*coyly looks at her nails*

Considering that it's not the same gym you have been reading about, I'd say it's not the gym that attracts the hunks, it's probably me.
*coyly looks at nails again*

Okay that's too much coyness on a post about the gym! :/