Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Dad-in-law, bahu outlaw?


Some time ago, I made a discovery.

I'm wondering if I should freak out that ________.

(A) my dad-in-law-to-be knows my blog when even my parents don't
(B) my dad-in-law-to-be has been reading my blog for quite some time now
(C) my dad-in-law-to-be reads my blog every day and yet I'm not freaking out
(D) my dad-in-law-to-be is reading this post about him reading my blog and yet I'm not freaking out

I've not done this officially, so here goes.

Welcome to my blog, dad-in-law-to-be. :)


Anonymous said...

Now this time, am first!! Yayyy

All the best to Sayesha's Dad-in-law-to be ;)

And Sayesha, here's hoping this is the first in a string of blogs about your DILTB (Nice abbrevation, na? ;) )


Anonymous said...

And how come the welcome line has changed to "Welcome to my blog"??

Where did "Welcome to Sayeshaz" go,huh?

Pakoafying him from now itself?? ;)


Anonymous said...

Adding a comment just for the heck of it now... so that all the 3 comments are are mine... Hehehehe


Raam Pyari said...

arre waaah waah!!!

wunderrfull bahin!

TMaYaD said...

hello, sayeshaz-dad-in-law-to-be!!!

Bivas said...

my dad-in-law-to-be is reading this post about him reading my blog and yet I'm not freaking out

okay Sash...u r in shock...maybe u don't realize it now but u will soon...u know what time it is?...it's the time to Freak out...and u gotta do it now before u get out of the shock!!! :P

Sumana said...

Hey Sayesha,

Wonderful!! I did miss lots here at Sayeshaz !!
Congratulations!! reading all your posts on your wedding-to-come was great!

Wishing you all the best!

jane said...

hahha! i might miss reading the 35-km posts, but such crisp and mazedaar welcomes to future papaji/appa as the case may be ;) are totally fun too!

jade said...

hi sayesha!
congrats! have been away from blogs n blogging for a while now.. :D i am so happy for you!
My best wishes to you!

Rohit Talwar said...

I'm loving this, man. I think its time your folks start reading your blog too! :P

indianarchie said...

Ummm...do we see another guest post...from DILTB.... :p


Iday said...

Namaste Sayesha's DILTB!!!
All of us at the blog certify that Sayesha is a really really really good girl.

PS only to shaz: Tell us if he finds out okay.

Anonymous said...

he welcomes you into his family, you welcome him onto yr blog!

Anonymous said...

thanks for welcoming me to ur blog beta..

dad-in-law (to be)

Sudipta Chatterjee said...

Ohh... issspeshial note, eh? Well, hoping for a lot many more posts

qsg said...

Wow... that's so darn cool! :D About time you told your folks too! :P

I am sure he is even more delighted after reading your blog! :)

qsg said...

Ohhhh...and I think you should be freaking out! :D

Clueless said...

Oh, as long as we're not expecting a guest post from DILTB, it's all cool ;)

Tejal said...

hmmmmm...things r gettin pretty interestin now...hehehehehe...
ps-does this mean ur gonna write only censored stuff here? oh no..

Anonymous said...

Wow!! Guest comment from DILTB?? Cool :)


apalana said...

A guest post from him would be a wonderful idea. Now we would have his version of DILTB (read Daughter-in-law to be)What say sayesha?

Shailesh said...

Back to your blog after a long time. Great to see that your this post is as interesting as ever.

Blogs at http://theignorant.blogspot.com

The Inquisitive Akka said...

Hey pls ask FILTB to write something! :)

Sayesha said...

Thanks :)

//Pakoafying him from now itself?? ;)

Huh?? You mean pataofying? Arre nahin yaar, ab kya... cards are out! :)

#Raam Pyari,
Thanks bahinnnn! :)


Arreeee! Dara mat yaar! :P

Hey long time! Thanks! :)

Thanks! :)

Wow, you were away for like a year, huh? :O
Thanks for your wishes! :)

Hehehe... dekhte hain :)

No way man! In any case, he won't have much to write about me - he's met me only once! :)

Sheesh! Badon ke saamne pol mat khol - Bhai ke achhe naam ki waat mat laga! Behave now! :)

I welcome him into my family too :)

#Dad-in-law (to be),
Thanks for commenting :)
ps: I sincerely hope it's you and not one of these bewda pranksters here! :)


Apparently he's been reading for a while - I only found out some time ago! :P
ps: It's freaky huh, the way I'm freaking out? :D

Hahahaha! I'm so gonna rope you into a guest post! Wot say, sis-in-law to be? ;)

//does this mean ur gonna write only censored stuff here?

I highly doubt it! :P Bhai ke reputation ka jo damage hone ke tha, ho chuka... ab koi faayda nahin, might as well continue as before! :D

Nahin re! :)

I doubt if he would want to write anything... he's met me only once na... whatever little he knows me is from my blog :)

Welcome back! And thanks! :)

Hahahaha! Naah :)

Basanti said...

OMG! I would freak out if I were you!! I freaked out even when my Sister found out about my blogs!!

And yeah, welcome to your Dad-in-law to be..! :D

ps - I also hope that the anon comment is not one of the bewdas! :D

Neihal said...

I'd freak out though,not that I write any secrets there but yeah it would make me conscious everytime I post.

Rebellion said...

hahahaha! Good one Sash, so basically you should freak out to the fact that Y are you not freaking out :P

To Sash's to-be-dad-in-law:
Not only the host, even the regular readers (read:bewdas & bewdis) welcome you uncle :)

Take care,

PS: Sash, I have a feeling that the comment wasn't from your dad in law but some 'regular bewda prakster' as you term it as :P Do find out!

Anonymous said...

I have decided never to take 4 days off work. Do not see Sayesha' blog for 4 days and i miss three absolutely great blogs.
Btw loved the mass suicide Blog.


Dileep Mouleesha said...

heehee.. brilliant..
have been following your blog on and off..
from your studying days..
commented to say.. CONGRATS!!

is your FIL reading this??
if so..
time for you to be blogging too sir..

Iday said...

Bhai! yeh pol mat khol ka meaning kya hai bhai???

Anonymous said...

Nimantrana payin dhanyabad. Ama paribare swagatam.

- Bhabi Shashur

Thisisme said...

kya baat hai bhai..bhidu akha fameely idhar blogworld mein hai..yeh FILTB and SILTB bhi kya :O!
and dear..i wud say..no need to freak out :-) if he has been reading for a while now.. he knws exactly wat to expect.. :-)
n btw..is that anon comment actually HIM?? if so , :):):)!

Sayesha said...

Well well... I've not been freaking out about anything lately... so... :)

Hehehe... strangely (and thankfully) it doesn't happen to me :)

Thanks :)

Wow, am honoured. Thanks! :)

Thanks! And a belated welcome to Sayeshaz! :)

Hahaha! It basically means "Don't give me away!" :P

Errr... you have me confused... not even sure I understand your comment fully. Are you someone I know? Thanks anyway :)

Akkha family nahin re... sab bewdas playing pranks... family-wise is blog par sirf Viv, uski sis Clueless and Dad-in-law-to-be hain :)

Di said...

:O actually it is really a bit freaky..but i guess its ok if u make the pact ive made with my friends who know about my blog..ie.,"Do not discuss my blog writings with me." :/I like my blog to be a different place altogether..its more fun that way :)

Clueless said...

Sash, darling. That first anonymous "dad-in-law (to be)" post was one of your bar bewdas. Pretty sure, trust me. :P

How do we know said...

OK BHai.. i LOVED the farewell that u got at work.. tis a dream farewell.. really!

And u know what? The happiness in ur life comes through sooo much in ur blog that its infectious! :-)

You speak Bengali too? Or is this an intercultural marriage?

Kroopa Shah (Kr00pz) said...

Hold on, you are getting married????? who is the guy? No intros??
And BTW congrats!! :-)

Sayesha said...

Yeah I guess I'm comfy as long as no one asked me why I posted what I posted :)

WHAT? Hmmm... dekhna meri bad-dua lagegi us imposter ko... trying to pass off as Appa... :|

#How do we know,
Yeah, it was indeed a dream farewell :)

Thanks for your kind words :)

Yes, this is an inter-cultural marriage but no Bengalis are involved. And yes, I can understand and speak (a bit of) Bengali :)

Thanks! :) Intro to guy? There's a post on him and one by him! ;)

Bivas said...

actually...dat wasn't bengali...it was oriya (and i'm totally surprised)!!!
well ur supposedly bhabhi sasur wrote "Nimantrana payin dhanyabad. Ama paribare swagatam." meaning "tks for the invitation, welcome to the family"
but plz find out who this is...its getting interesting by the day ;-)
oh n who is a bhabhi sasur...or was it bhavi sasur(to be DIL):-|

Sayesha said...

Why are you totally surprised that it was oriya?? :)
Yeah I was thrown off by the 'bhabhi' bit too... couldn't figure out if it was a guy or a gal :)

Bivas said...

pehli baar koi mere pradesh se nazar aaya hai yahaan...so surprised...dats it :-)

Sayesha said...

Aur bhi hain yahan aapke pradesh se... are you watching closely? ;)

Bivas said...

yeah i realised that when i saw the comment abt u passing thru bbsr...