Tuesday, December 19, 2006

About a boy

  • He and I are worlds apart. He's patient, I'm jumpy. He's quiet, I'm chatty. As Raam Pyari would say - he's the sensible types, I'm the crackpot types. :/
  • He's a geeky nerd. And a nerdy geek. :/
  • He's smarter than me. :/
  • He's into programming languages. :/
  • He still laughs at the funny red sports shoes I used to have in university years ago, and gleefully describes them to everyone. :/
  • In the last 8 years that I have been friends with him, I have told him about all of my 3 million crushes, but he has only told me of 3 (of which I am one). :/
  • He's way fitter than me. :/
  • He spends his entire weekend playing cricket. :/
  • He gets a new injury at cricket every weekend. :/
  • He always forgets to put on sunscreen during his cricket matches and turns up for dinner looking like a bhoot. :/
  • He works very late hours. :/
  • He is too tall, even for my highest heels. :/
  • He keeps insisting that SRK and Karan Johar are a couple, just to bug me. :/
  • He wants the computer whenever I am blogging. :/
  • He doesn't get haircuts on time. :/
  • He begins sentences and doesn't end them. :/
  • He comes up with weird nicknames for my colleagues. :/
  • He claims to be a cook but he can make only one dish. :/
  • He insists that the only earrings that look good on me are the little silver studs because he gave me those millions of years ago. :/
  • He chides me for being careless with money. :/
  • His PJs are worse than mine (I know it's hard to believe). :/
  • He woos my cousins over with ten-minute phone conversations, and then they tell me that they like him more than they like me. :/
  • He sings the wrong lyrics of Hindi songs and actually makes them sound correct. :/
  • He never turns up anywhere on time. :/
  • He makes me miss Hindi movie trailers. :/
  • He sleeps in Hindi movies, and then suddenly wakes up and says "Kya hua? Kya hua??" :/
  • He irritates me, grins and then says "I irritate you so much na?" :/
But in spite of all this - he is the only guy who totally gets me.

And that's why he gets me. :)


virdi said...

and he is TG......

virdi said...

He sings the wrong lyrics of Hindi songs and actually makes them sound correct.

see hence proved guys are super smart !!!!

WE CAN DO ANYTHING banging hand on the table...

infact one guy is even marrying you... hehehehe... lucky you... i mean lucky you both... :-)

sala kisi ki nazar na lag jaye... is liye kaala teeka (.)

chak de fattteeeee !!!!

Thisisme said...

Ah here it is finally !!! :))))))

Thisisme said...

hey...lukin at the list...sounds like a perfect couple to me :):):)

best of luck and best wishes for both of u!

asterix said...

aah now we are taking!!!

more dope on the boy pls :)

Anonymous said...

Sweet... Very Sweet :-)

Congrats once again and may god help him :P


Iday said...

Hehhe - looks like bhai is deep in love :D
Sweet post though...

Avs said...

Wish you a world of happiness together.

shub said...

HAHAHAHAAA!! duuude! while I was waiting at the bus stop for my bus, I was thinking, the bloke I end up with should get me (and my jokes) and that's all! and I see your punchline now! wow!!!
Can join him on the orange-lipshtick SRK-KJ jokes :D

Anonymous said...

Too cute!!



Thisisme said...

but ab aagey bhi batao...ki kahani kab n kaise shuru hui??

hehhe..u must b thinking ki kya greedy log hai..!! :P :P

asha said...

hi sayesha,

why is 'THIS' post not accompanied by fotus?

mumbai aaana, hamaare ghar aana! quite close to both the airport - domestic as well as international!

- asha

Sayesha said...

Yes yes I already said he is Tall Guy re. :)

//see hence proved guys are super smart !!!!

Haan haan dikh raha hai tu kitna smart hai... :D

//infact one guy is even marrying you... hehehehe... lucky you.

Abbe! Lucky woh hai! *coy look*

ps: Thank you for the very cute kala teeka! :P

Thanks :)

More dope?? Sheesh! Yeh bar dope-shope ke liye nahin hai gop-shop ke liye hai! Hehehehe... watta bad joke! :P

Thanks! :)

//and may god help him

Oye! Dhakkan! Ruk teri baari aane de! :D

Thanks :)

Thanks :)

//Can join him on the orange-lipshtick SRK-KJ jokes :D

Bas ab tu bhi shaamil ho ja junta party mein! :/

Thanks :)

Ya allah! Aur aage ki kahani? Ek tha raja ek thi rani, parents maan gaye, khatam kahani! Khush? :D

Arre itni raam kahani sunayi, chain nahin aaya? Ab photo bhi chahiye? Aap ke darshan kar lenge Mumbai mein! Jai Asha devi. :D

//mumbai aaana, hamaare ghar aana! quite close to both the airport - domestic as well as international!

I don't care. Is it close to sadak-chhaap pani puri stall or not? :/

shub said...

accha ek kaam kar...how about a gurst post from him? pleeeease :-)

shub said...

jeez...guest, I meant guest!!

Bivas said...

now we know why they say opposites attract... :D
and public demand is that Hop-Scotch needs an updation...wotsay junta? ;-)

sreekanth said...

u guys sound like a really perfect couple. congrats. btw the "guest post" idea sounds cool.

jinal shah said...

I've been reading your blog for a while-- just wanted to congratulate you!! You should tell us your story with the boy, not just stuff about him.
You are wonderful writer Sayesha and I wish you happiness and joy. Keep writing though!

Deeps said...

He completes you {draws a heart in mid-air} :)). Hehehehe :).

Sakshi said...

Awwwwwww.. Such a sweet post. I don't know this guy and I like him :)
My infernal curiousity is satisfied...
And I will not bug you for more... Who am I kidding.. I probably will :)
Happy Holidays!
Ps. Just of curiosity.. were you going to match the iPOD to your saree? It should be OK if it goes with your dress, na?

tgfi said...

His PJs are worse than mine

cannot be. and if it is, this one is a keeper! :-))))

congrats dear girl. he sounds like an awesome guy.

tgfi said...

and ohh i think guest post is a great idea by shub. we want guest post!!! :))) fotu ke saath. :)))

Thisisme said...

bade saste mein kahani finish kar di :|

not fair...thoda detail mein batao..ek full post :D

..and of course..the guest post idea sounds cool! :D:D:D

Sakshi said...

I second the guest post idea.. or third it :P
We need the guy's perspective..
Hum ne morcha nikala hai.. we want guest post..

Rays Of Sun said...

So glad and so happy for ya:)

Di said...

//"He claims to be a cook but he can make only one dish"

i know loads of this type.. ;) seems like a case of opposites attracting.. :)

satish said...

guest post! guest post!!


Anonymous said...

Now that I think of it, I was satisfied with too little! :D

I second this photo idea and how come no one's asking for a name??

Or am I the only one who doesnt know the name? :/

Hoping to squeeze this lil piece of info from you ;)..


"...Ruk teri baari aane de! :D"

Haan, sure, if you remember this for 4 years :D

Clueless said...

Sash, careful. One mention of the guy, and people are starting to get more interested in him! ;) [Waise toh, I wouldn't mind the guest post either - *ducks* -curiosity, dahling! Can watch him make a fool of himself, what say? :D]

Very very cute post, btw. Opposites attract, indeed. :)

Black Tulip said...

i so love u for this. even after a shitty day u manage to make me smile. im so happy for u :)

Black Tulip said...

ok i want a guest post too! :D

Iday said...

This really is an inappropriate place to convey this news.
But i am too excited and typing this in at the first medium possible :)

I just received news that i have been offered an admit by the Chicago GSB!!!
I really cannot thank you enough for your help all through the process :)

dharmu said...

*i stand on the bar and whistle maro, dance karo*

bhai ki shaadi!!!! such a good news!!!, now, when i come to Singapore in feb, ill meet a shaadi-shuda sayesha bhai???

er, can we still add that title after you get married???

congrats!!!! you better invite all the blogging world and have drinks on the house.

naari said...

All that sounds sooo familiar and soo like this guy :) I am happy. Leaving for Delhi tomorrow morning. Will be there for teh next 2 months on work. Will keep in touch. Call if you forget to breathe ;)....Take care...

Shreemoyee said...

Congratulations. Wish you happiness and lots of fun at the wedding.

Anonymous said...



Angelsera said...

Yup, I so totally agree with Naari :)

Infact you guys are the talk of town now..I ran into a couple of batchmates yday, and everyone was talkin abt ur wedding (...for the record, I didnt start the conv).
Of course there was so much talk abt how u guys make the perfect couple :D

Everyone loves you guys..

..you tell me the visiting hours to ur place :D

shub said...

Yeah yeah public ki suno, bring on the GUEST POST....let's call it 'About a girl' and have him give us the dirt on ya! Muhahahahaha :D

knowYouFromALongTime said...

Oye nari, Teri kahani hai nyari!!

Is khushkhabari ke liye dhanyavaad, tum dono ko (aur tumhare parivaarjano ko bhi) hamari dher saari shubhkamnayen!

Strider said...

Wah! kya bat hai!

Tejal said...

thank u thank u
now atleat v kno sumthin but jiju.. heheh..but...
we want guest post!!we want guest post!!.. er.. ok...it dint hav da neccesary effect.. hamari mange poori karo type!!!!
wow..he seems to b an awesome guy.. congratssssssssssss.... but y so much a-do bout not tellin us his name eh?? *waitin expectantly*

The Inquisitive Akka said...

Sounds just perfect!

oxymoron said...

oye sayesha,
(reply to the comment from the last post) told ya, will let you know when i bump into u. hasnt happened yet!
lagi raho sayehsa-bhai!
PS: how come it's news of the town and i haven't heard anything! strange - need to get my network updated!

ashwini bharadwaj said...

can't stop smiling :)

Basanti said...


Am so happy for my Sistah in Singapore!!! :-)

Neihal said...

"And that's why he gets me. :)"

I got married to a person who is almost opposite to what I am...and thats the reason I married him :)
my best wishes:)

Neihal said...

hey me wondering how long will it take to reply to all these comments and many more that will follow mine :))

Anonymous said...

Hey Congratulation!!
Well Looking for the intro of the guy who rules the world of sayesha!! When u love somebody u will end up loving everything abt him...

Expecting longer posts :)

priya said...

woooooooooowwwwwwww....!!!!congrats mam'!!!!

Sayesha said...

Guest post?? From him?? Hahahaha! C++ mein likhega! :D

Hop-scotch?? Oye greedy insaan! Hop-scotch ko updated hue ek week bhi nahin hua! :P

Thanks :)

Thanks! :)

Hehehehe... :P

Sheesh, you're also joining the ranks of my cousins eh? You'd better not like him more than you like me! :D
ps: Sari matchinng iPOD is a gooood idea! Shall forward the idea to glaring mommy! :P

Oh boy, you should probably stay away from him. His PJs are lethal. :| You will find new appreciation for me after you hear 'em! :|

Sheesh! Ok ok I have conveyed the request of the junta to him. Ab aage woh jaane aur aap log jaano! :)

Waapas aakar waar karti hai chhori? :O

Thanks :)

Hahaha! Yeah man... I don't like anyone in my kitchen anyway! :P

Oye chup kar! :P

Sheesh! Satisfied with too little it seems! No photos no name! I don't want anything here to be 'googlable' :P

Tu wahan India mein baithi hai aur mazey le lekar padh rahi hai, hai na?? Ruk ja, let me get there shaitan ki nani! :D

#Black Tulip,
Thanks. Honoured :)

Wah! Yeh hui na baat! Congrats!! My pani puri reward??? :P ~ ~ ~

Arre Harley Bhai kitthe they aap?? Aur yeh Harley se utarkar bar-top par kab pahunch gaye? :D
ps: I am perennial Bhai. Apun ke position par nazar hai teri, hai na? Sab maloom hai apun ko! Not gonna happen. :|

You'll be in Delhi??? Arre I thought I'd meet you when I go to Bombay! :(

Thanks! :)

Hehehe... Thanks thanks... :P But everyone who?? :O :O :O
ps: I'll be back in March, we'll party then! :)

Argh! Tuney hi shuru kiya yeh sab! :@

#Know me from a long time,
Thanks but pray identify yourself? :)


Guest post is in progress. I think. :D

Thanks :)

Bahaane mat maar abhi tu! :/

Thanks re! Tu apni Dhanno ko lekar aana ok? :D

Thanks :)
ps: I try to reply every night, if the number is manageable :)

Thanks :)

Thanks! :)

Joy said...

Hi Sayesha, been a while!

Woohooo this is some good news, am so happy for you!!!

Btw, what does :/ mean? I'm so slow, ya know.

Go girl, enjoy life!

Pakku said...

Hey Congratulations... All the very Best and warm wishes :-). Perfect !!!

Anonymous said...

*Sigh* I admit utter and total defeat :(

Besides, I'm only 4th or 5th on your list.

Haha :D


The Smiling Girl said...

Good... so finally Viv gets to his real place in ur blogworld.. :)

Bivas said...

oye greedy bolti hai...ek to aisi dhamakedaar newz itna naatak karke reveal karti hai...aur fir yeh :P
chal tu bhi kya yaad rakhegi...2 mahine kaa time diya...shaadi ke fotus hi daal dena ;-)

waise congratulations to you from a friend of mine who is a not-so-frequent visitor to ur blog...guess she also trying to remain anon in the blogosphere :-)

lazy leo said...

hey...congrats! enjoy the run-up to the wedding...and party hard :)
...and party even harder afterwards ...

qsg said...

He sounds like such a nice guy! :) Yes, a guest post is an extremely great idea. Photos required.

Kala teeka from me too! Best of luck girl... :)

....I have to say this - another one bites the dust!

Sorry, couldn't resist it! :D

u0201535 said...

I like the bit about being irritating.

In Singlish, one would go 'I very illitating hor?' For added effect, really draw out the 'hor', like 'hooooor?'

I suspect 'na' works in much the same way.

chanakya said...

hey congrats to both of u.
Havent been here quiet a long time.
I rather wait for ur post on how the marriage goes the ceremony etc:D
I quiet think it will compete against greatbongs experience.

Iday said...

//Guest post?? From him?? Hahahaha! C++ mein likhega! :D
Oh - i can help explain that to everyone around. I'm sure there are others who can do it as well.

Waise, jus let the guy post :)

Iday said...

and one more look into RGV's Sholay

Siddhu said...

Wow, Sayesha!!

Congratulations...!!!! :D Platidinous, i know, but I mean it. :)

Why is it everybody I know -- in r/l or in the blogworld -- is getting married. Am I growing old? :P (Like that budhdha Uncle in my flat warned me against the day before. :P )

Cheers!!! :)

Angelsera said...

Well 'everyone' is all the batchmates I ran into that day :D
not a big group..some of the hall 7 gang from first yr..(some of whom u nicknamed)..hehehe

three month long vacation??gd gd

btw I am so in support of the guest post!! I think its about time he comments..esp after the amt of attn he is gettin..I bet he is grinning away reading all this

Sudipta Chatterjee said...

But in the end he marries better! So he's smart! :)

Great, Sayesha... all the best for your future!! :)

Thisisme said...

hei..when is his post comin up??

v r all waitingggggggg!


vasanthi said...

Congrats-expecting some more interesting and romantic posts from you.

TMaYaD said...

//He never turns up anywhere on time. :/
looks like this is going to be costly for him. :P

Sayesha said...

Hey long time no see! Thanks for the wishes! :)
ps: :/ is just an expression. I dunno how to explain it! :P

Thanks! :)

Hey, welcome to the bar! And that was only my office list muahahahaha! :D
ps: I sure know how to make a depressed guy feel better, yeah? ;)

#Smiling Girl,
Yeah, finally. :)

Me naatak or you naatak? Hmmmph! Tum logon ne toh... in Aishwarya's words "Crazy kiya re!" :/
ps: Thanks, friend of Bivas! :)

#Lazy Leo,
Thanks! :) I will party all the way man! :)

Guest post is in progress. I think. Poochhna padega. Waat lag gayi hogi uski... bechara blog bhi nahin karta. Hahahaha! :D
ps: Thanks for kala teeka! :)

Welcome to the bar! First comment from you eh? :)
ps: Yup, na works (almost) the same way as 'hor'! :P

Thanks! And whoa don't compare me with the Great Bong yaar. He is living legend! :)

Yeah man... let's see. I'm just as curious as you guys! :)
ps: OMG!! RGV has lost it! :O

Thanks! :)

//Am I growing old? :P

Yes. :P

Oh achha! Was Jagga there too? Btw, what's his real name?? :O

//I bet he is grinning away reading all this

Oh boy you have no idea. I think the last time he was this happy was when he managed to write a 37-line C++ code in 35 lines! :D

Hahahah! Yeah! :) Thanks for the wishes! :)

Ruko baba... like I said in the post na.. he works very late... lagta hai weekend ka intzaar karna padega :)

Thanks! :)

//expecting some more interesting and romantic posts from you.

Interesting maybe. But romantic? Bwahahahaha! :D Ooops, sorry! :|

Hahahaha! You actually remember that old post? :D

adi said...

Bhai ye to bilkul meri tarah lagta hai... hehehe... clao koi baat nahi... shaheed hone ki shubhkamnaye

starbreez said...

Best. Post. Ever!

Joy, I think :/ is something like a wry smile.

Bivas said...

in Aishwarya's words "Crazy kiya re!" :/
actually Sameer wrote those lines ;-) :P

Anita said...

Congratulations!!! that was a really cute post..:) Wish u a Happy Married life:)!!

Rebellion said...

Congrats Sash. He sure deserves you and you sound soooooooooo cute describing him. Kya yaar, you not only tempted me to blog something similar, you toh got tears in my eyes yaar!!!

Wish you two all the luck for your future dear. Really really looking forward to meet you :) Why is Feb soooo far!!!!!

Take care bacha,

Anonymous said...

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Jeevan Baretto said...

hey.. I 've been reading ur blog since long time n following the series of events in ur life..
Ups n downs or wat ever crap..

Now that you're gettin married, yes it's time to wish you all the best for ur married life.. N yeah do continue writin those crappy stuffs..:-) (busy math hojana)

jane said...

hehehe, koi is SG ke mooh mein bade gol gol laddoo phek lo, varna sash tera low cal gulabos bhi chalega! taaki SG ka mooh band reh jaye! :D

as for guest post, hide his C++ book. bas, aa jayega line pe :D all ze best to the kuppal :-)

megha said...

inspired by the add if the tea board.......
Oooji congratulations ji........balle balle ji....

rt said...

looks like a perfect match ;)

mavj said...

Congratulations!!! =o)

Anil said...

oh, I'm the last to comment :-) congratulations girl :-)

Sanyukta said...

Sayesha diiii
:) :) :)
o jee badhaiyaan jee badhaiyaan--lakh lakh badhaiyaan.
wow-- this is THE bestest news ever told at Sayeshaz!

ab ek baar bar pe mithaee toh khilaoge naa? :P
hum sub toh ladkeewaale hain--kya bolta hai bewda-log?? sahi hai na?
toh jootiyaan chhupaane toh bulaa rahe ho na?
isse pehle kee jeeju apni super-special guest post likhein apni super-special sayesha ke baare mein, unhe meri taraf se keh dena kee "wah, kya kismat paayee hai!"

.<-- ek aur kala teeka. hey bhagwaan, nazar na lage kisi kee.
once again, congratulations.

Bivas said...

the number of kaala teekas u getting arnd the bar...lagta hai shaadi tak poori "Chand chhupa kajal mein ho jaaogi ;-)"
(.) lo ek aur :P

~anu~ said...

hey sayesha! ever since i came here the first time, i am glued to your blog. i am reading all your previous posts slowly, but this one takes the cake! God bless you two! love and best wishes - anu