Tuesday, April 02, 2019

B is for Batata vada

No, I kid you not.

There is a song called 'Batata vada' from the 1987 movie Hifazat.  But it ain't no ordinary vada. Spiked it is, for that is the only way one can explain the behaviour of this vada-eating versatile couple.

Check out the mind-blowing lyrics. Anand Bakshi must have written this in a high state of hunger.

Batata vada, hey batata vada
Dil nahin dena tha, dena pada
Batata vada hey batata vada
Pyaar nahin karna tha, karna pada
Batata vada, batata vada

The overdressed naagin performs the naagin dance on a mountain, while the sapera shows some serious leg.

And then the batata vada makes it grand appearance!

Witness this amazing juggler who can juggle as many as ONE potato at once! (His assistant seems like a bit of a drama queen though.)

More leg from Anil Kapoor as he plays hopscotch over her, and there's a wardrobe malfunction right there... almost! Whoooooops!

(Side note: For a guy whose hairy chest is the stuff of legends, he has surprisingly smooth legs, doesn't he?)

And here's proof that the batata vada indeed had "special ingredients", for Mr. and Mrs. Aloo-walia seem quite high.

Best mid-air dance move EVER (okay maybe second best, if you consider these guys)

Cut to random temple scene. A giant potato randomly rolls over and they pop out from behind it and start dancing. Vad-a couple!

Oh! FIRE! Help! Summoning his quick-thinking brain, he effortlessly puts out the fire. By dousing it with a pot of... you guessed it — potatoes!

Speaking of extraordinary talent using potatoes, she is also quite the juggler. Who can juggle TWO potatoes at once!
PS: He still can't get over his legs.

Still on the topic of talent, check him out — he can play the violin without lifting a finger (or two).

It's raining batatas, yo.

But where do they get all the batatas, you ask?

Well, on weekends, they like to go fishing. And check out their catch!

Sit back, be a couch potato and enjoy this song!


Charan Deep Singh said...

This is from one of my favorite childhood films

Gola said...

Have you watched Tumhari Sulu?I know this song only because of that movie.

Sayesha said...

Your bachpan seems further back in time than my bachpan LOL! :P

Nope, I haven't watched it but I want to!

Charan Deep Singh said...

I think or would like to believe we are same year born... But aapki film journey is very different from mine but both have watched some really whacky films