Monday, April 08, 2019

G is for Gajar ne kiya hai ishara

A long long time ago, this song from the 1989 movie Tridev was a popular choice when you needed a song starting with the letter 'ga' in antakshari.  Except that I used to think it was 'gazar' and never bothered to find out what 'gazar' meant. It was only now when I YouTubed the song and watched it in detail that I realised that the word is actualy 'gajar'!

So I googled and landed on this hilarious thread where people are trying to figure out what 'gajar' in this song could possibly mean. Some people jump in and very seriously state that 'gajar' means 'carrot'. I'm dying of laughter here because I am imagining a carrot making isharas.

Anyway, I googled 'gajar meaning' and got 'समय-समय पर बजनेवाला घंटा'. Finally the universe makes sense.

So many Hindi movies from the 80s had this cliched song sequence! The heroines are being forced to dance in the den of the villain Bhujang (Amrish Puri suffering from a Mogambo hangover). Strangely, it looks like the villain already had all the supplies for the ladies, including coordinated costumes, jewellery and make-up. And not only are they well-rehearsed, they even have a song ready that is exactly suited for the situation. The essence of the song, in every movie, is always, "Ok fine we will dance but wait till our marads get here and then you see how they whoop yo ass."

The gajar and the trideviyan start the performance.

Check out our three fully-decked Christmas trees.

Two tortured fathers have been jailed and now have to watch their little girls nacho in front of the kuttas.

Oh look, Guran from Lagaan was also there!

Omg what step is this? How they didn't die laughing when shooting this song is beyond me.

Has anyone here actually watched the movie? The story is so convoluted that I just tried to recap it on Wiki and now my head hurts a little bit.

It's also one of those movies where young police officers were known just by their first names ("Inspector Karan"), while their bosses had names like "Commissioner Mathur".

The marads are in a jail at a different location and they stage a fight to escape.

Check out the urgency on the faces of the Hindustani police. Arre aisi urgency useful kaamon mein dikhao.

To be fair, the policemen are also extremely fair. If three jailbirds are trying to escape, they will be attacked by no more than three policemen at a time. Only when said policemen are horizontal will the next set of three come forward.

They are literally singing "Yeh din aakhri hai tumhara" ("It's your last day on earth.") to his face, but look how happy Amrish Puri is.

Omg I feel like watching this movie now!



Chengiz said...

See if you were Marathi you would know this ;-)
Lyrics are influenced by Bambaiya hindi!
Btw carrot gajar is the same vowel as in Hindi so it doesnt apply to the song.
I want to watch this movie now, I've seen it before but dont remember though I do remember the song, it used to play all the time. I love this kind of mindless entertainment from old Bollywood days.

Charan Deep Singh said...

Rajiv Rai and Viju Shah were a cool combo behind tridev, mohra, vishwatma etc. I like the song and the film

Chengiz said...

Seeing this movie now, it's really bad omg! But Madhuri looks so beautiful in that main teri mohabbat mein song, paisa vasool lol.