Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Z is for Zehreela zehreela pyaar

I'm so sorry to subject you to two Urmila songs one after the other, but there could not have been a more befitting end to the A-Z blogathon than this song from the 1997 Ram Gopal Varma movie Daud. In this movie, Sanjay Dutt and Urmila are on the run with a tiny briefcase that they think contains gold, but it actually contains a nuclear bomb. Yep, a nuclear bomb. In a briefcase.

The song starts off with Sanjay Dutt being followed in the middle of a jungle. Creepy vibes all around.

And then he spots the ghost. A sleeping ghost that lifts her ass a little too high with each breath.

Understandably, just like any normal human would do in the middle of a creepy jungle, he goes and touches the sleeping ghost. And very understandably, the sleeping ghost immediately breaks into a song about 'poisonous love'. This is already a toxic relationship for sure.

Urmila starts her usual RGV-heroine antics. Levitating bum and all, you know.

This jungle is amazing. It even has its own massage parlour.

Then they play Vikram aur Betaal for a while.

Can't quite tell who looks scarier.

Even the owl in the jungle seems creeped out by them.

Have a good fright!


Unknown said...

Hi Sayesha

It has been a Cringe-fest from A-Z and your eye for details and commentary are really super.
Keep blogging regularly please. Its always exciting to read all your posts.

Thank you

Charan Deep Singh said...

Daud... Funny film and urmila is now a serious politician too.

Arun said...

Hats off to you, Sayesha, having pulled off an A-Z in April, full of wit, an excellent eye for Bollywood's instances of poor taste, and purna filmi gyaan! At an earlier time, I too would have called it a cringe-fest, but now I no longer embarrassed by what other people do (one of the benefits of having Trump as President :) ).

I selfishly hope that the inevitable blogging hiatus after such an intense effort is short and sweet.

Sandhya said...

What a befitting finale!!! Congrats on pulling off the A-Z blogathon. I thoroughly enjoyed all the posts. You go, girl :)

Sayesha said...

Thank you so much for supporting my blog in the era of Twitter and Instagram. :) I'll do my best to keep blogging regularly. :)

OMG is she a politician now?? Will go check!

Thank you and LOL at the Trump reference! :D
PS: Will try to keep the blog alive in non-April months!

Thank you! :)

vinu said...

Had great fun revisiting the beloved 90s! :-D Thanks for the awesome blog marathon.

Chengiz said...

Finally caught up to Z Sayesha, great work!! This song reminded me of the one from Rock On, which I absolutely LOVE and hadnt seen in a while, so caught it again :-)

Chengiz said...

Lifts her ass with each breath - hahahaha.