Thursday, April 25, 2019

U is for Ui amma ui amma

This is kinda sad. My original choice for U was 'Ulfat Ulfat' from Nanhe Jaisalmer. It's a song in which Bobby Deol (who plays actor Bobby Deol) is dancing badly to Himesh singing badly. In other words, a total treat for Bolly fans. Last night, wouldn't load so I couldn't do the post and today when giphy is loading, it tells me that Eros will not allow playback on giphy so I can't generate  the gifs.


So I have no choice but to use another song, which is SUCH a cringe-fest that it actually makes me feel less bad about all my wasted efforts on Ulfat ulfat (I'd written all the text and was just waiting to generate the gifs).

The David Dhawan-Govinda-Karisma-Shakti Kapoor-Purnima combination is SO predictable and SO horrible! Raja Babu from 1994 is only one such example.

The song starts with Govinda peeing on a tree and wiping his hands on sidekick Shakti Kapoor's towel. Because this is a Govinda movie and so why not.

Enter Karisma Kapoor on an elephant and under a flower shower. Because this is a Karisma movie and so why not.

And then she jumps off the elephant...
...straight into his arms.
Because this is a... ok you get the picture.

What the..?!

Hawwwww! Shraddha, dekh tere papa kya kar rahe hain!

Choreography ftw.

Here you go!


Charan Deep Singh said...

Shraddha Kapoor says Aaauuhhhh

Sayesha said...

Gogo ji, aapka tauliya!

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