Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Notice to all bewdas

Budh-war, vrihaspati-war

Pareekshaayein lagataar
Kaisa hai yeh atyachaar?
Kaisa hai yeh bhrashtachaar?

Daftar hai desh ke is paar
Aur vishwavidyalaya us paar
Idhar udhar bhaga daudi se yaar
Jeena ho gaya hai dushwaar!

Shehzadi gulbadan, husn-e-bahaar
Ho rahi hai imtihaan ke liye taiyaar
Lekin nahin maanegi woh haar
Band nahin hoga yeh bar!
Band nahin hoga yeh bar!



Anonymous said...

What does this mean??? What does this mean???? :-((


But I'm the first though, Hurrray!

Sayesha said...

Apologies, Joy. :)

I'm afraid translation will rob this gem of a poem of its serene and divine beauty. Nevertheless, let me do a literal translation.

Something tells me I'm gonna thoroughly enjoy myself! :D

Wednesday, Thursday
Consecutive exams
What injustice is this?
What corruption is this?

Office in this end of the country
University in the other end
Running from here to there
Has made life very difficult.

Princess with the body of roses
With the beauty of the spring
Is preparing for exams
But she refuses to give in.
This bar shall not close!
This bar shall not close!

Muahahaha! That was fun! I should do more of these! :D

shub said...

hahaha :)) at both the poem, and it translation!
hehe sweetie its better than having 3 exams on the trot :p and 4 papers in 5 days! (that was me last sem ) But I guess its worse on you part timers...
No chutti at work, eh?
all the best >:D< you'll smash 'em anyway!

Shekhar said...

Hey..I'm almost tempted to say that the translation was more fun to read than the poem itself.. ha ha ha..

Adding my own two-bit..

Khatm na ho blogging se Sayesha ka pyar

Rahe yeh hamesha barkaraar

Aur hum blog-waasiyon ke baare mein soche woh

Pareeksha kendra ho ya beer bar

VT said...

It is Brihaspatiwar only! Brihaspati = Jupiter. Now bengalis or oriyas have a problem spelling Va with Ba, you don't seem to have the opposite problem do ya? j/k Nice funny poem, mazaa aayaa

Sayesha said...

Thanks yaar! All the best to you too! :)
ps: No chhutti at work... I hardly have any leave left :(

Thanks! :P
I agree! The translation was indeed more fun than the original! :P

Thanks lekin chal chal! Vrihaspati is correct! See this.
HA! :D

The Girl Who Sold The World said...

HAHAHAHAHAHA! This was hilarious! :D Super good luck for parikshas. :) Here's my two-cent worth of addition to this gem:
Pariksha ke kathin din hain chaar
Jald hee phir se aayegi bahaar
Jab serve karega anokhe drinks yeh baar
Us din ka besabri hamein hai intezaar

Corny, eh? :P Looks like studies have made my mind rust. ;)

Neha Sinha said...


good luck, for exams and keep posting! :D main toh free hoon exams se..kuch dino tak..so posts padna hai hame..:D

Fishy said...

Translation is howlarious!!:)
We used to have a prof, whose gyaan we used to repeat often...here it is for you...(imagine a beetel chewing prof in bihari accent)
"Padho Padho, varna Ro-oge"
All the best, we'll nurse our drinks and wait for you to be back...

Nirwa Mehta said...

Why don't we all start a revolution against exams - Long live the Revolution, Down with Examination! :P :P :P

You could be Sangal Pandey and I could be Nagat Singh.. :|

This reminds me, I must get back to studies too...:| Institute of Shattered.. er.. Chartered Accountant of India is out to get me! :P

Good Luck! :)


Lalit Singh said...

Shehzadi gulbadan, husn-e-bahaar

ok.. heres my 2 bit

Shehzadi gulbadan, husn-e-bahaar
Ho rahi hai imtihaan ke liye taiyaar
Eggjaam ke din hain chaar
Tu hosla na haar, ae mere yaar
Tujhpe karega examiner waar
Ussey datkare tarna tu takraar

Zang lagi talwaar
Kar dena uske aar paar
Bhale hi na kaam aaye talwaar ki dhaar
Septic se, ho jaaye bemar.

R said...

sayesa bahin,
arre sakhi....
raam ka naam leyo jaao aur pariksaa diyat jaaon...
raam ka naam nahi toh raam pyari ka hi naam leh liyo...
pass ho jaogee..
humar aseerwaad!

raam pyaari bahin

Anonymous said...

>> Band nahin hoga yeh bar!
>> Band nahin hoga yeh bar!

I thought that meant..."band nahin bajega yeh baar!" ..till i read the english version! :P

best of luck!


Sayesha said...

#World Girl,
Thanks! :)
Heheheeh... anokhe drinks woh bhi minor ke liye??? Tu chup chaap koney mein baithkar orange juice pi! :D

Thanks! :)

Thanks! :)
Gosh I could totally picture that prof! :D

Thanks! :) Good luck to you too for shattering the shattered exams! :D
Arre if there are no exams, Ian will be one dukhi aatma! :O

Hahahahaha! Kya mast poem likha re! LOL at the septic bit. Shehzadi gulbadan husn-e-bahaar khush hui! :D

Huh? Doesn't that mean 'burp' or something? :O

Arre teri sakhi is fultu dukhi here... lekin tohaar asirwaad jo mil gawa, ab sab achha hi achha hoga! Ka kahat ho? :D

Sheesh! You need a tutorial in hindi! :D
Thanks for the wishes! :)
ps: Btw, your comment on my last post was SUPER HILARIOUS! I will reply to all the pending comments soon. :)

Harit Sharma said...

Aap hain bahut badi Kalakaar,
Par hum hain kismat ke maldaar,
Exam ka mausam tha dushwar,
Par aayega nahin baar baar,
Aap ki poem thi mazedaar,
Par hum ne bhi chauke pe mara chakka Baar Baar.

Aapko shubhkaamnain

Mera exam abhi bahut door hai.

The Girl Who Sold The World said...

anokhe drinks woh bhi minor ke liye??? Tu chup chaap koney mein baithkar orange juice pi! :D
Kya, Sayesha! Just about 50 days are left before I turn major...phir yeh OJ etc. nahin chalega. :P

Anonymous said...

hehe...cute!! too cute!! :o)

PS: You don't drop by my blog...I feel lonely! Sob Sob!! :o((

Abhishek said...

Pareekshaayein,vishwavidyalaya,Daftar....now these words have reminded me that i gtg cuz i have exams next week.

R said...


Inspiration kahan se mili? :D

Anonymous said...

Hahahah =) If you hadn't translated I wouldnt have had a clue what you were on about! But that was good.. I've got a morning paper on Thursday too ='(

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

keep em coming! it's strange how exams bring out the most creative in us, eh?

and i thought miss TGWSTW was supposed to be away, studying..what happened???

Somya said...

wow...that was so good...atleast u'll get full marks in rhyming the thing properly...I know people write such things during exams when they are in state of shock...all the best.

dearbharat said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
dearbharat said...

Tumhaari kavita tumhare dil se nikli aaah hai...
Meri sahanubhuti aur shubkaamnaayein.

Duniya mein koi bhi cheez sthir nahin hai. Jald hi yeh waqt bhi nikal jayega.

Suds said...

Hey Sayesha nice poem.. hahahahh. Enjoy:)

The Girl Who Sold The World said...

Yeah, I AM studying...I just take an occasional sneak peek into the blog world, though. ;)

Anonymous said...

seems like..

Bahar ho rahi hai barish
Andar ho rahi hai parvarish

Best o luck for the xams

Gaurav said...

honestly speaking the poem was good the translation...did not make sense..but the effort to rhyme it is commendable....enjy

virdi said...

abe daru ka bar band karne ki jaroorat nahi hai... u go and give your exam... u will find us drinking when u come back!!!

b.t.w how did it go today??? pappu pass ho gaya???


VT said...

Don't want to pick on silly things. But since you sound challenging my gyan :)) see this and see this mantra from Rigveda and there are host of other sites. This Vrihaspati seems like a new variant of the old name

Chall abb padhayi karr aur apni naam roshan karr :) BOL

Anonymous said...

ha ha ha thanks for the translation Sayesha, that was quick!

I'm enjoying myself here. Sooner or later, I may learn your language by just reading your blog and comments. :-))

Best of luck on your exam, girl!

Band nahin hoga yeh bar!
Band nahin hoga yeh bar! *lol*

Anonymous said...

Band nahin hoga yeh bar!
Band nahin hoga yeh bar!
baar baar lagataar..chamko..
baar baar lagataar..chamko..
unrelated..but chashme-baddoor,huzoor..
And..all the best for the exams..

ritzkini said...

oi ! that was me !! how did i bcome anon ?!!

Vikram said...

mere hote hue koi bhi bar band nahi ho sakta... i'll make sure i go to every bar in my neighborhood..

if you close the bar, i'll personally fly down to Singapore and give you a chapaat... :P

Scoot said...

pachtaava hi pachtaava
beautiful poem
very clever

Kusum Rohra said...

hahahh lovely poem :) all the best :)

Sayesha said...

Wah wah kya poem likha! :)

#World Girl,
Abhi pachaaas din baki hain bacha! :D

Thanks! :)
No time to read blogs yaar... :( After exams! :)

Hahahahaha! :D

Inspiration? Hehehehe.. aise hi achaanak! :D

Hope your exam went well! :)

#Ipanema Girl,
//it's strange how exams bring out the most creative in us, eh?

I TOTALLY agree! :D

//I know people write such things during exams when they are in state of shock...


Wah wah! Masha allah! Kya sher mara! :D

Thanks! :P

#World Girl,
Ja padhai kar! :P

#Well wisher,
Sheesh! Barish and parvarish? :O
Thanks anyway! :D

Hahahahaha! I know yaar! :D

Pappu paas ho jaaye dua karo yaar! Do exams ho gaye, ek baaki hai! :)

Sheesh! Valmiki ko bulao, out of court settlement karenge! :D

Hahahahaha! I could actually imagine you singing 'Band nahin hoga yeh bar'. HILARIOUS! :D

Hahahaha! You sound like some detergent tikiya ka ad! :D Thanks! :)

Aha! Chhup chhup kar poetry likh rahe ho. Lagta hai someone's in lurrrve! :D

Hahahahaha! I don't want Chapaat, you can have him! :D

Pachtaava?? No pachtava! :D

Thanks! :P

Sahil said...

Aap bhi kabhi aise 2 choti banao aur photo post karo, ok?

Sayesha said...

I'm gonna say to you what I haven't said in a verrryyyy looooong time.


Muahaha! :D

Harit Sharma said...

Aapne yeh poem bhaji
Exam ke dar ke maare
par aap nahi jaante ki
aap ki poem hai jokiya
isliya hum ne kiya hai ise best
i reqest you my yar
please bhejia yeh joke bar bar
main hoon harit ka yar
yad rakhna har saal

Sayesha said...

Errr.. thanks? :/

Anonymous said...

Keep up the good work » » »