Tuesday, April 25, 2006

My way is the high way

MC-we-don't-care-much-about gets on the stage.

"Ladies and gentlemen... We're here this evening to honour Sayesha on her great achievement. She has lived to tell us the story of yet another semester. Without further ado, I invite Sayesha on the stage."

Thunderous applause from the audience. Cat calls from three of the Chatur Chaar sitting in the first row.

Sayesha appears on stage, dressed in an elegant yet sexy halter-neck black dress.

"Good evening, ladies and gentlemen..."

Thunderous applause.

The crowd does not let her speak. She pauses for a while to let them recover.

"I'm a happy girl today. And not just because the exam I just wrote had 5 out of 6 questions on blogs and blogging. It is because I'm done with this semester. And I survived it, thanks to the endless support from parents, colleagues, friends and blog-buddies. I am tired, and sleepy, and hungry. The stress of juggling work and studies, deadlines and assignments, studying during lunch hour at work, surviving on four hours of sleep a night, getting by the day purely on adrenalin, it's all over. For at least two months. And at the end of it, I have one thing to say..."

The crowd waits in anticipation.

"Actually there are two ways of saying what I want to say. There's the dignified way... and there's the Sayesha way... Now this may not go with my dress, but I prefer the Sayesha way..."

The crowd is still waiting in anticipation.

Suddenly Shakti Kapoor aka Crime Master Gogo appears on stage.


Both break into dance in the middle of the stage. The crowd is a bit taken aback, but enjoying the spectacle nevertheless.

"Pssst... Sayesha!"

Sayesha looks around to see who called her name out. She doesn't see anyone, and goes back to her dancing.


"PSSSST!! Sayesha!!" The voice sounds more urgent.

Gogo stops dancing, and looks around.

"Sayesha!" He says. "Excuse me, Sayesha!"

"What is it?" Sayesha glares. "Why have you stopped dancing?"

"I think there's someone looking for you there." He points at the gap between the curtains.

Sayesha can't believe her eyes.

"What on earth are you doing here, Ian????????" Sayesha glares at him angrily.

Ian stumbles onto the stage.

"What am I doing here? What are you doing here?? Why are you doing that ridiculous dance in that beautiful dress?" He hisses.

"I'm celebrating, dammit. My exams are overrrrrrrrrrrr!"

"I know they are over. But don't start taking things too lightly. You still have to work on your thesis. You gotta meet your supervisor every wednesday. Perhaps you should start tomorrow. What do you say?"

Sayesha stops dancing. Gogo stops dancing.
MC-we-don't-care-much-about stops the music.

Tension in the crowd.

Looooooong pause.

Then Sayesha speaks.

"Ian, you're right. I do have to say something.
Actually there are two ways of saying what I want to say. There's the dignified way... and there's the Sayesha way... Now this may not go with my dress, but I prefer the Sayesha way..."


Amazed, Gogo looks at Ian, now flat on the floor.

"Baap re! Mogambo ki bhateejee..." Says his thought bubble.

"Gogo ji", says Sayesha. "Take it from the top... one... two... three..."



Sahil said...

hahahaha! that's AWESOME!

now u can let ur hair down and relax for a bit.. bahut geek bane ho bahut dino se....

time to partyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!

ps am i first? Or did some person screaming at the top of her lungs "I GOT GOLDDD" beat me to it?

Neha Sinha said...

silver to meeeeeeeeeeeeee..yeyyyyyyyyyyy :D

Neha Sinha said...

hahahaha....cool dance! :D I saw it..i was there in audience...:D


anyway..mubarak ho..:D

Neha Sinha said...

...and have everybody [2 girls and some more ppl i guess] have given up? :O:O :P

Aslam said...


Dev said...

Ok... 6th aint bad...

Looks like with u... its the Sayesha way or the highway... my sympathies, Ian. :)

Anyway, congrats for the uh... survival through the sem.

Anonymous said...

LOL!!! Lucky you!! I have my last exam at 8AM on Friday, which also happens to be our 1st wedding aniv! :o(

Neways, exam sld be done in a hr and after that, me and hubby ar edriving to a resort in Ottawa!!


but not for too long...I start a brand new job on the coming Monday!

Sigh...life goes on at such crazy speed...HOLD!!!

Princessse said...

lurrvvellyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!! :)

Anonymous said...

pagal bandi! :P

I want exams also! Atleast they get over... :)

Mohan Kodali said...

lol!! enjoy the holidayz

after two weeks fom today,I may not be dancing but will be jumping with joy for sure, as the hectic one of all sems will come to an end.

Unknown said...


Toooo good Sayesha.. awesome post.. LOL

Still laughing to that super cute & funny post.. poor Ian.. but deserves him right for pestering you & trying to stop you from celebrating :p

Sigh!! Wish I had exams too.. Probably I'd be celebrating such a day too !!!

But nevertheless.. you enjoy on all our behalves :P

Enjoy enjoy,
Take care,

PS: Lovely post haan :-)

Anonymous said...


The Girl Who Sold The World said...

Damn! Is every darn person in this world free besides me? :/
The show was awesome...I watched its video recording. :P

@Sahil and Neha: Yes, rejoice...but this won't last long. HMPH!

dharmu said...

ha ha....it was helarious.
specially the dancing part with the gogo...

exams done ?? majja maadi

Anusha said...

Whoala! That is some major rejoicing there! Congratulations on making it through the semester! Yay! Time to party!! Woohoo!!

Oh wait...

I still have 3 more exams to go!! 3 exams in 3 days! I have to wait till Saturday afternoon to rejoice! Noooooooooo! :'(

*sobs uncontrollably*

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

Tikki dhakki tikki dhakki tikki dhakki DHAK!!!

awesome yaar. that exhilaration..been a while since i experienced teh post-exam high..enjoiii

shub said...

hahahahaha! :)) i loved this one!
psst sayesha...I could picture evrything that was going on stage! =))

Anonymous said...

simply hilarious.

hee hee(laughing girlishly)

i have my last exam tomorrow, and i am struggling to read even a word. just got up from my bed(its 7:50 am in INdia). I cudnt have asked for a better start.


and yaa.. we want u to put in everything in your way. things are much more interesting tht way.

chaliye, bye.

Sayesha said...

Arre aap? Aaiye aaiye, bahut dinon baad you sound like yourself :)
ps: Yeah, time to partyyyy! I need to go on a shopping spree and watch a really crappy hindi movie :D

//cool dance! :D I saw it..i was there in audience...:D

I know you were there, babe. I waved to you, remember? :)


Kyun re? Kitna ghoos khaya Ian se tuney?? :/


Thanks thank! :)
ps: And don't worry about Ian. He's just as thick-skinned as I am! ;)

All the best for the exam, and congrats in advance on anniv! Resort holiday sounds great! :)

Thanks! :)

Yeah that's true... work never gets over, does it? Sigh...

Here's an advance celebration toast to you! Dhakki tiki! :D

Thanks, dear! Ian can take a backseat now, I have been dutifully listening to him all this while, now it's time for dhakki tiki dhakki tiki! :D

Hey, you're still alive! :) Thanks! :)

#World Girl,
//The show was awesome...I watched its video recording. :P

Tere liye passes reserve kiya tha, bilkul Chatur Chaar ke bagal mein... lekin tu live show dekhne nahin aayi :(

Yeah baby! :)
ps: What's majja maadi? :O

Don't cry, baby! Here's something to look forward to - I'm taking you and MachoGirl to Bombay Cafe after your exams. How does that sound? ;)

#Ipanema Girl,
Hehehe! Only I know how happy I really am... but I think I conveyed it petty well thru all that dancing :P

Hehehehe! :P
Thanks! :)

Thanks, yaar! Chal get back to studying, warna Ian aa jayega! Muahahaha! :D

Anonymous said...


Let your hair down and relax. chill out, party, thesis aaram se shurro karna..knowing you you will ace that too :)



Ha Ha. I think that role suits me most, "Say"-"esha".


Dh@v@! said...


hhhaahahahaahah.... .too good... i just can't stop myself...
keep it up.. njoy...

Unknown said...

S-A-Y-E-S-H-A !!!!

Your Dhakki tikki was haunting me through the night :p

hehehe.. Actually not your fault, I wasn't get proper sleep at night and dunno from where your post came into my mind.. actually ran thru my mind like a movie with you as the super heroine & Ian as the villian :p and suddenly your "Dhakki tikki" dance started and made me laugh!!!

Glad all were sleeping else they'd think me to be MAD to be laughing all alone lying on my bed at 3 in the night :O :p

LOL.. Dhakki tikki.. Still coping up with it :p

Take care,

R said...

*very very strict luk*
sayesa bahin,
1.//dressed in an elegant yet sexy halter-neck black dress
tch..tch... bahin....tumnhe saari pehnne tha...sar dhak hua hona chhiye tha...pallu hona chahiye tha...
abhi mausi koh pata chalega firr???
pardes mein ho abhin tum...parr *shakes her head*

2.Ian toh kauno firangoo ladke ka naam lagta hai!!
aur tum firangoo ladko ki saare aam pitai karti ho!!!!
tumhar singapuur ki panchayat ne kauno kathorr kadam utha liya firrrrr
aare kutch nahi, bahin, toh mausi ka soch!!

soch loh bahin, soch loh....

kahin mujhe mausi ko hi chitti likha karr yeh sab na batana padd jaye....
*shakes her head*

RP bahin.

p.s.congratulatiooooonsssss u are freeeeeee!!!!!! my exmas start in 15 days and then companies start pouring in for the placements, so I gess , i hafta slog while everyone else has a great exams-over thingi!*sigh!*

Preethi said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Lalit Singh said...

ROTFL.. sahi hain... enjoy
[voice =shakti kapoor]Aaaauuu [/voice]

Siddhu said...


So what plans for the summer?

Macho Girl said...

Congrats on getting thru the sem!!!

But i have 3 exams more! *sob*

// I'm taking you and MachoGirl to Bombay Cafe after your exams

*grins broadly*

Anonymous said...

just read it twice.

and still laughing.(hee hee)


Amazed, Gogo looks at Ian, now flat on the floor.

"Baap re! Mogambo ki bhateejee..." Says his thought bubble.


aur gogo ji kuchh chura ke nahin le gaye iss baar lagta hai. unhone apne khandaan kaa naam mitti mein mila diya.

As for my studies, havent started it yet. (:() .
chaliye, padta hun.

aur haan, I dont want to compare, but wen i read ur 'its a date' post, i thot -'this is it. it just cant get better.'

but twith sayesha, u never know.

I am going home tomorrow, just after exam(will be back soon thou for internship.). will miss ur blogs.

take care.

VT said...

Sayesha you are simply irresistible!

Completely off topic but cant resist! hehee, somehow I can't find halter-neck sexy, mereko lagta hai poora dress gale sey latka jhola bangaya ho aurr peeth kaa to over emphasize ho jata hai. Kind of takes your attention to everything but sexy aspect eeeksss :)) But then I agree to each of us our opinion! (o)

Abhishek Upadhyay said...

Instead of Shakti Kapoor koi aur nahin mila kya Dance ke liye?

Mugambo Ki bhatiji.....hmm. Never knew that.glad to meet you

ritzkini said...

congrats yaar..

Anonymous said...

"...Perhaps you should start tomorrow. What do you say?"

Ian is so hilariously earnest!

RP said...

ha ha ha.... ye do hve a gr8 way of penning down. kool one.

Kaala Kavva said...


tu item hai sayesha!
sample item!!!

Just Jane said...

eggjams khatam? cool, the bar is now open 24 hours and all drinks are on the house for selibreshun!:D

Archana said...

Exams over? Coooool :-)!

Never mind Ian - eat, drink and be merry - for tomorrow we may work ;-)!

Abhi said...

hahaha !! Jyada shor mat macha , warna teri aankhein nikaal kar gotiyan khelunga gotiyan !

Sirius Black said...

hey my 1st time at ur blog,
Really nice stuff nd the gogo dance was too gud.
Keep bloggin

Sayesha said...

Arre tu yahan? Welcome back yaar! Yeah, I'm gonna chill for a few days (till Ian comes back from hospital) and then get started on the thesis :)


Hehehe... Glad that Gogo ji and I got you dancing :D

Hahaha! Sometimes it happens to me too, addhi raat ko I remember something funny and start laughing :D

#Raam Pyari,
Tum toh baat hi mat karo, bahin. Agar mausi ko tumhaare escalator wale kapdon ka pata chala na toh aasman sar par utha lengi... so the solution is - you chup me cup! ;)

That's all right, many people here call me Sash :) Thanks! :D

Hahahahaha! The aaaaauuu was awesome! :D

Thou dareth mocketh me, Sid?? What summer? Kahan ka summer?? Yeh Singapore hai, Singapore! Yahan na summer hai na winter! It's the same through the year! Darn! :/
ps: Answering your question, I'm taking a holiday to the US :)

#Macho Girl,
All the best! See you at Bombay Cafe! ;)

Hehehe... thanks yaar! :)
I think Gogo took Ian's watch while helping to put him on the stretcher. :D

Thanks! :)

//mereko lagta hai poora dress gale sey latka jhola bangaya

Hahaha! One needs the right figure to pull off a halter neck... perhaps you saw it on the wrong chick. :D

Arre! There's no one in the world who can do the Dhaakki Tiki dance, that's why I called gogo ji :)

Thanks! :)
ps: I see you learnt to use the 'Refresh' function! ;)

Haha! True true...
ps: Ian is also a dhakkan! :/

Thanks! :P

#Tu Kaun,
Arre Chapaat! Bahut dinon baad darshan? Isi khushi mein one pyaar bhara chapaat to you!

#The Chosen One,
Hehehe... bar was never closed, sweetheart! And drinks are always on the house. Just pray that I don't get bankrupt! :D

Hahaha! I like your 'Tomorrow we MAY work'! Hahahaha! I will only start working in MAY! :D

#Hitler ki aatma,
Arre nahin aise mat kariye Gogo ji, aap toh gyaani hain, daani hain, antaryami hain... in fact, aap toh purush hi nahin hain! :D
Mahapurush hain, mahapurush! :D

#Sirius Black,
Welcome to Sayeshaz! :) You're here at a good time, celebrations are on. Grab a chair and a drink, and enjoyyyy! :)

Anonymous said...

Congratulations...and celebrations :-)...(singing it)

Have a wonderful time-off from school Sash.

Anusha said...

//Here's something to look forward to - I'm taking you and MachoGirl to Bombay Cafe after your exams. How does that sound? ;)

:D Yay!! One exam already over, so just two more to go!! Can't wait!! :D


These exams are really a bore.

Sayesha said...

Welcome back, babe! Good to see you here. And thanks! :)
ps: I could hear you singing it! :)

Good luck for the last two! Gobhi manchurian awaits! :P ~ ~

They always are. But I guess they're worth the post-exam celebration. :)

Prayank said...

awesome !!!

this post has given me some cheer/laugh on an otherwise boring day in office ...

and din knew u were a big Andaz apna apna fan too ... luv that movie ..


virdi said...

oye chak de fatte kuriye...

exams toh aate jaate rehte hain.. enjoy karna bahut jaroori hai...

now pour me a drink... or rather give me the 6 bottles of beer...


Sayesha said...

Thanks yaar! I'm a crazy crazy fan of that movie! It has never ever failed to crack me up, even though I musta watched it like twenty times! :D

Sorry, kids under 18 are not allowed in my bar. I do extend special privileges to some (like the World Girl) but no alcohol for you, OJ chalega? :D

Kailash said...

Hey Sayesha,
Read your Train ka sequence with a pregnant lady and ofcourse your Govinda style (Dakki tiki) that was awesome.

Sahi Hi bidu...lage raho
keep blogging ...i had almost lost the interest in the day2day blogging BS that we all post but looks like someone has a knack for it!!

Take Care the Sayesha way,

Sayesha said...

Welcome to Sayeshaz! :) Glad you like my blog.
ps: Actually it wasn't Govinda style, it was Gogo style. Dhakki tiki dhakki tiki :D

Anonymous said...

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