Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Boo! Open boo(k)!

Why the hell do they call it an 'open book exam' when they don't give you any time to open the freakin' book??? >:-(

So Ian flew to Delhi this morning on a budget airline and took a connecting flight to Lucknow to insitigate my parents.

There was no other explanation to the weird phenomenon otherwise.

Why else would Dad, who never worries about my exams otherwise, send me an sms this morning, "Call after exam."?

After the so called 'open book' exam, I had no intention to call him. But I knew he would be waiting for my call. So I tried to get away by sending him an sms, "Exam did not go very well. Paper was too long. Could not finish."

Then just to ensure that he did not call me to probe further, I added what I thought was a clever touch.

"Don't wanna think about it. Wanna concentrate on tomorrow's paper."

Three seconds later, my mobile was ringing.

Sigh. Nice try, Sayesha.

"Hi, Dad." I tried to sound really tired.

"Your exam didn't go well? Why not?"

"Uhhh... I told you, the paper was too long. It was the first time they used an online exam format for this subject, so maybe the professor could not estimate how many questions to set."

"Hmmm... but why didn't you do well?"

"Uhhh... the paper... was too long?"

Heavy silence. From both Dad and Ian.

Suddenly, Mom jumped into the conversation. I did not even know she was on the other phone!

"But how did the others do??" She asked.

"Badly, I guess. They looked pretty unhappy after the paper. I think everyone screwed up."

"Oh everyone screwed up??? Then it's fine na!" She said happily.

Hehehe! :D

"Then it's fine na!"

Mom, you're de best! :P

I feel so much better now.


Bhavesh said...

lol... me first.. after centuries..!! :-)
Exams are exams yaar.. they ll surprise u wen results come :-)

The Girl Who Sold The World said...

Okay, this time, the gold is just accidental. Was taking a break from studies...MUAHAHAHAHA. :D

Fine, fine...I don't wanna cheat. So, whosoever comes after me can snatch it...see, I'm sooooo generous! ;)

The Girl Who Sold The World said...

DAMN Justme! Didn't even let me donate my gold!

The Girl Who Sold The World said...

Hehehe...exams never go well. It's just that something miraculous happens when results come out. And my mom has this "if-others-did-bad-too-then-it's-fine" attitude. Hahaha.

The Girl Who Sold The World said...

Okay, okay, 5th comment bhi mera hee sahi. Forgot to say something.
ALL THE BEST for tomorrow! :D :)

Bhavesh said...

i was wondering if sayesha's fan following had reduced in any way in the ages since i ve been away..!! nah... never I guess :-)

keep blogging sayesha.. :-)

Anonymous said...


This is my first comment on ur blog, hv been kinda skimming thro' it for the past couple of days, n needless to say u write well...keep the posts coming!

n oh yes, all the very best for the next exam...Go 4 it, gurl!!!

R said...

ur peolpe live in Lucknow???

ATB for the exams:)
just concentrate on tomm z papr;)

starbreez said...

Thank goodness for bell curves, then!

Unknown said...


Cute post... "Sigh nice try" hehehe.. Don't worry.. dad's are dads & mom's are moms.. always pull you out of a weird situation with dad somehow ;-)

Keep up the good work.. you write really well :-)

All the Best for your exams.. sure they'll go great :D

Take care,

tcr_79 said...

:) cute mom...

All the best for the rest of your exam...

In this world where everything is relative, why should marks be absolute... Relative Grading is the need of the hour

tcr_79 said...

:) cute mom...

All the best for the rest of your exam...

In this world where everything is relative, why should marks be absolute... Relative Grading is the need of the hour

Thanu said...

Moms are the best. Good luck in tom. exams.

Anonymous said...

Mommies are such Cutie Pies! My Mommy bestest!! :o)

Anonymous said...


Neha Sinha said...

good luck for tommorrows paper..! :)

moms are genuinely best..dads are as well though. :D..hope my mom comes to my rescue as well when my boards result will be out..:((

Scoot said...

Hi there.came in through Dev's blog and this post reminded me of my parents and the trying exams

Anonymous said...

your mum's a hoot. good luck for the exam!!!

Sayesha said...

Welcome back yaar! And thanks! :)

#World Girl,
Hehehe, you're in for a shock , bacha :)

//It's just that something miraculous happens when results come out.

Tere muh mein ghee-shakkar! :D

Thanks! :)

Thanks yaar! :P

Thanks! :)

#Raam Pyari,
Yeah, they moved to Lucknow from Hyderabad. Nawabi khandan hai! :D
ps: Thanks!! :)

Yeah man! I hope I get saved by the Bell! :)

Thanks!! :)

Well said! :)

Yup, they are! Thanks, girl! :)

Hehehe! Mine too! :P

#Someone whom I know,
It's okay yaar... ho jata hai... don't be dukhi... Let's celebrate the other thing! :D

Thanks! :) And all the best to you for your results too! :)

Welcome to Sayeshaz and thanks for commenting! :)

Hehehe... yeah, she is! :P Thanks! :)

Anonymous said...

oh...been reading ur blog for quiet sometime now...but what prompted me to reply today was me to a lucknowite...

Anonymous said...

oh..bhul gayi...good luck 4 other exams

Anonymous said...

Aadaab Sayesha Aunty :)
Besht of lucks for eggjams :)

Dev said...

It's the opposite with me.. my mom takes too much tension over my results (or for that matter, over everything else)... So I dont tell her at all. :D


AJ ! Serendipity !!! said...

moms know what to say at the right moment in the right manner.

Somya said...

oldest trick in the book...if you don't do well in your exams..tell your parents everybody else has done even worse than in exams...he he he...this always used to work with me and yes Mom's are the best...all the best for your Exams.

shub said...

do exams ho gaye! do exams ho gaye! sirf ek aur baaki hai! sirf ek aur baaki hai! :D :D ( i am singing! )


Whether you say to your parents that your exams were "fine" or "not up to the mark" it wont make any difference to your answerscript/your grades as you will get the results according to the way you had spent those hours of exam.

So next time whenever your parents ask "how was the exam?", tell them that "they went fine" so that they wont fall into unnecessary tension for their daughter staying miles away.

Another thing you could do is on top of your exam paper write the url of your blog. ;-) Im sure the examiner would return back to your blog before correcting your answer sheet and get impressed by your writing and that would reflect on your grades.

BEST OF LUCK for the rest of the Exams.

Milind Sharma said...

Sayesha Aunty,
Best of luck for your next exam.
Try requesting your teacher to give more five minutes and she will give you.
I do this trick many times.I Just make sad face and tell that my pencil was broken and time was wasted in sharpening it.She always gives me 5 minutes more to complete my paper.

Please post on your next exam.

ritzkini said...

RG babe !! RG babe !!
relative grading !
*the most hated type on campus*

Suds said...

Great post. I know those open book exams are bad. We have open book take home exams. Man that screws up the whole week.


Shekhar said...

Oye Sayesha, chill maar dadi.. :D

Best of luck for tomorrow's exam...CHAK DE PHATTE !!

Sayesha said...

Thanks! :)
Well, my parents live in Lucknow, but I have never been there :). I hope I can some day :)

#A Jane,
Yeh Aunty Aunty kya laga rakha hai? :/

Smart strategy! :P

Yup, they do! Life-savers, man! :)

Hahahahaha! :D

Mera bhi sirf ek aur baki hai! :D
ps: If you have to tell people that you are singing, well well well.. hehehe :P

Hmmm... good tips! :) And thanks! :)

Arre bacha party abhi tak yahin hai? :) You can't write your Master's exams with a pencil, otherwise I'd have surely taken your advice :)

Huh? Kya bola re tu? :O

Take home exams??? :O :O
Do they have a 'grade yourself' exam? :D

Oye! Tera profile pic chalees saal pehle ka hai toh kya hua, I'm still not your dadi! :/
ps: Thanks! :D

shub said...

oh yes I need to....else people seem to think I'm in pain...hmm I wonder why! ;o)

Nirwa Mehta said...

My dad believes, "success in exam is not the only success in life" I think he has a valid point there..

Good luck!:)


Abhishek said...
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Abhishek said...
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Abhishek said...

think life has better thing for u to see...
dont worry...
all the best for the upcoming xms.

L said...

Hmmm we call it the concept of RGgiri(Relative grading)... where u make sure that others dont do well so that finally u make it top..!!

Good one..!!

Sahil said...

So Ian was major disappointed in you? I had a dream (or should I say nightmare) last night that I had an Ian character in me! Bhagao usko!

Kroopa Shah (Kr00pz) said...

I had to write a freaking long exam on Monday and I was so pissed. I don't know anyone who finished that paper!!!

Jay said...

He he!

RP said...

I think this is the first time I am visiting yer blog. Saw yer name in more than 3 blogs I visit regularly, so thut of dropping in.
Nice post.

Why the hell do they call it an 'open book exam' when they don't give you any time to open the freakin' book??? >:-(
Open Book was a terror. I remember walking out of the exam hall almost immediately after the paper was handed to us. :-D May be it is some vindictive satisfaction for the lecturers.

Did not have time to read other posts. Will read it some other time, if time permits.

Gaurav said...

the best part of a bad exam is that when all are screwed up..and of a good one...will require me to give few more...nice one...

virdi said...

thats called relative grading (RG)... and i hope u do well in putting RG atleast...

why dont u send a dog which eats everyone else's papers??? good idea na??


Preethi said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Sayesha said...

Hehehehe! :P

Haha... cool. When I was in school, My Dad believed in "Success in exam is not the only success in life. As long as you come first in class every year." Hehehe :P

Thanks! :)

RGgiri... wow, sounds like a big shot politician's name... V V Giri, R G Giri... hai na? :P

Hmmm... someone's back on my blog I see... :)

Yeah, that's the best part. When you KNOW that noone managed to finish it! :P


Welcome to Sayeshaz! :) Thanks for commenting :)

Hehehehe :P

Thanks yaar! :)
ps: Paper-eating dog?? Sheesh! Tu phir se peekar aaya hai kya? :D

Thanks for your kind words :) Cheers! :)