Saturday, April 15, 2006

Express lunch delivery

Sayesha's checklist before going to the gym:



Mobile phone?

Gym card?

Bottle of water?

Gym towel?


Yep, that's right. I said 'bread'.

On my way to the gym, I pass by a dirty pond with gazillions of fish and turtles in it. And these guys know my aahat. Each time I pass by, they come running towards me. (I'm not kidding, it is not a swimming action - it is a running action! You gotta see it to believe it.)

The first time I saw them, I wondered if anyone ever fed them. They looked really hungry. After gym, I went to the little mini-mart below the gym and bought myself bread for the next day's breakfast. And I decided to donate the top and bottom slices (which I don't like anyway) to the hungry fish and turtles.

Now it's become a weekly routine. I carry the bread with me on the way to the gym, feed the fish and the turtles, and then go for my workout.

It's quite fun to watch them push and shove each other to get to the bread. Once I took videos of them eating. (I'm sure they hated it as much I hate it when annoying shaadi wala cameraman videos people eating, as if there is nothing better to video in the shaadi.)

Most of the time, it's the agile fish that get most of the bread, while the turtles are left hungry and helpless. Once in a while, one of the turtles will come very close and in a eeriely humanlike manner, lift its head up and look at me with its mouth open, and I will carefully drop the piece of bread in its mouth.

Sometimes little curious kids will come to watch me feed them. But they're too scared to feed the jumpy animals themselves. So they watch till they get bored and then go back to playing. I never get bored.

Sometimes I pretend that they are my pets. Cos they give me special treatment. Like I said before, whenever I pass by, even if I am far away from them, they start running towards me. But they completely ignore other people. Ha!

Maybe they have a sixth sense for food.

Or maybe they just like me.

But there's one thing about me I'm sure they don't like.

I only buy brown bread. :|


R said...



R said...

Ok, I got to run right now...BUT I GOT THE GOLD IN GOOD TIME!

Power cuts are irritating me! Got to log out. But the GOLD'S MINE THIS TIME!


*Rohit's proud of his timing at Sayesha's*

Sab log haar gaye! :P

Sayesha is a very good girl. She feeds fish and turtles. :D

Himanshu said...

Nice ..Really like people who cares for others..

God Bless ya.


Anonymous said...

Man, that is one hungry army of pets you got there! :O The bread looks white, btw, not brown. Barely does the piece of bread hit the water and they are all pouncing on it! Hungrier than a pack of wolves, they are!

Anonymous said...

wow! each time i come to your space, i always find something interesting,rather refreshing.

sumtimes i wonder if u r living the ideal life one can dream of :).

toh, nice post actually. and videos were rocking!

chaliye, bbye.

The Girl Who Sold The World said...

BEFORE THE IPANEMA GIRL! Yipeeeeee!!! :D Okay, Rohit can have this gold...after all, he's getting it after AGES! :P
Ab post padhne ka time!

R said...

turtles and fish??!!!!!!
waise u do a noble deedwa by khilaoing them....
gudd gudd re!!!
bherry bherry guddd!!
I had a pet tortoise once!!!
my doggie ate him!!


The Girl Who Sold The World said...'re the bestest person!!! :D I say that to all who are kind to animals. ;) And I looooved the videos. Goodie, goodie...keep feeding the poor things. :)

@Rohit: Hah, dude...don't be so happy. Don't forget the deal we had last night when I promised to let you have this gold. Don't you dare deny it. :P *The Girl looks at Rohit menacingly*

R said...

The Girl..! You won't ever stop, will you! Deal sheal in your dreams.


And I agree. All those who are kind to animals, rock.

I'm with The Girl here..! :D

Try something other than bread too!

Anonymous said...

feeding fish!!?..yaar you are sooooo cuute running around doing cuuute things like this all the time...I think I'm just going to adopt you :D


Nirwa Mehta said...

Now, no offence meant here, but this post reminded me of a great movie called Haatimtai starring Jeetendra and Sangeeta Bijlani..

In that movie, Goga Kapoor is shown feeding hungry fish in a lake and so he goes to heaven, instead of hell - he is a daaku :D - I know the movie by heart - Have seen it number of times!! :D

But on a serious note, its a good deed you're doing! :)


Anonymous said...

ha ha u r a funny auntie feeding fish and turtles.. did u say kids run away when they see u? ;)

happy belated budday!!


Maneka Gandhi would love to read this post and Sayesha you would soon get the "Best animal lover" award from her. ;-)

Seriously speaking, its a good job you are doing and those fishes/turtles will be saving you one day from danger.

Anonymous said...

This is not related to Turtles or Brown Bread!

First thing... HAPPY B'DAY! Sorry, I am late.. but my cartoon strip's release was on the same day... so was caught up in that. (does this sound like a good excuse?)

Another thing...I know what you and your future geek husband are going to have for dinner... NACHOes! :))


Sayesha said...

Thank you master ji! :P

Thanks! :)

#A Jane,
Yeah, they're perpetually starving, the poor things. :(
ps: That is brown bread, believe me. :D

Thanks! :)

//sumtimes i wonder if u r living the ideal life one can dream of :).

Wonder what you mean... you wanna spend your life feeding fish and turtles and going to the gym? :P

#Raam Pyari,
Your pet ate your other pet???? :O Didn't the shell choke him??? :O

Sheesh, that's why one shouldn't have pets! :/

#World Girl,
Thanks! :)
I do hope someone carries on the tradition after I move out of this place...

Thanks! :)

//Try something other than bread too!

Ummm... I don't really think they'd appreciate murg makhani... what do you say? :P

Hahaha! Now you wanna adopt me? Hahaha! You're the one who needs to make up his mind! :D

//no offence meant here

Huh? Why would I be offended here? Because you're equating me to Goga Kapoor? Hahahaha! :D

//starring Jeetendra and Sangeeta Bijlani..

OMG! And you watched it a number of times?? Why why why? Why would you want to such a thing to yourself? :D

//its a good deed you're doing! :)

Thanks! :)

Eeeeeesh! :s

//happy belated budday!

Yeh achha hai, pehle insult karo, phir happy budday bolo! Hmmmph! :/
ps: Thanks! :P

//those fishes/turtles will be saving you one day

Can they write my exam next week? :P

Thanks! :)

Your cartoon strip?? YOUR cartoon strip?? You drew one??? :O Details please! :D

Spot on about the nachos thing! :D

dharmu said...

@sayesha -thanx a lot from the fishes and turtles....
we love the bread...

@rohit-better watch out buddy, me trying my best to get that placed, the time difference hits me hard, but ill have it soon...

R said...



The Girl & I are going to team up against you! MUHAHAHAA. :D

The Girl Who Sold The World said...


Yeah, try, try, try, as much as you can. You can't beat the team of Rohit and The Girl...MUAHAHAHA. :D :D :D

Dev said...

Okie then Sayesha.... Dharmu recommended this blog to me, and it's great! :D
So... I'm not very picky... but why brown bread?

@Rohit & World Girl... I'm on Dharmu's side. Muhahahahaa :D:D:D:D

Harit Sharma said...

I read your website.It is not bad.
Why do women go to gym. Gym is for big people and boys.
I have never seen turtles. Please click one more good photo of a turtle.Which will give more clear picture.
Turtles are tortoise right?

Sayesha said...

Hahaha! They sent a spokesperson, I see! :P
ps: As usual, I refuse to get involved in the metallic fight. :D

Arre? Dushman se dosti? Party-badlu kahin ka! :D

#The Girl,
Apne faayde ke liye usoolon ko maar dala? Dhikkaar hai tujhpar! :D

Welcome to Sayeshaz! :)
Brown bread is healthier, that's why :P

Welcome :)
I read your comment. It is not bad either. I was gonna give you a nice whacking, when I checked your blog, and realised that you're a chhota bacha! :D

So here goes - answers to your qns:

1. Women go to the gym to stay fit.
2. I'll try and click a clearer picture next time.
3. Turtles are not the same as tortoises. Turtles live in water. Tortoises can live both in water and on land. :) For more info, please go to


Anonymous said...


If you have not seen classics such as Haatimtai, Jaani Dushman - ek anokhi kahani, Naagin, Mr. Prime Minister (yes, that Dev Anand flick), you have not seen the best of creative genius of Indian cinema! :)

You must watch Haatimtai ASAP!! My sister once saw Goga Kapoor at Mumbai airport.. and I didn't talk to her for 3 days because she didn't run after him like a mad fan and take his autograph for me.. :D

Nice write ups! :)


Anonymous said...

alamak !! - you have episodes of goodness gracious on your comp ????

Milind Sharma said...

Yes my borther does not know anything.I had told him to search in dictionary for the meaning of Turtle and tortoise and then we will know what is the difference.


All the best to you for your Exams next week.

Scoot said...

tadpoles and fishies,running towards u
so cute

Sayesha said...

Hahahah! I am SO not watching Haatimtai! :D

Yes, I do! Drop by, and we'll watch. Bring nachos. :P

Thanks, dear. :)

Thanks! :)

Hehehe :P