Thursday, April 13, 2006

Hit me baby one more time!

Apparently, the HR department in my company is working on a new 'wage structure' to control the high employee turnover.

But if I know anything about my HR department, my new 'age structure' will be in use long before their new wage structure has even been conceptualised.

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, I said new 'age structure'.

If I were the HR manager at the..err... divine level, I'd propose a new age structure for humans. The core of my proposed age structure involves two important concepts.

1. We should die at 50.
2. We should be able to live certain years of our lives for more than one year.

Okay, now I shall elaborate.

1. We should die at 50.

The reason why I feel that we should die at 50 is because I believe that's all our generation can handle. Our parents have made our lives so easy that we're incapable - both physically and mentally - to cope with the hardships of life, especially as we get older. Pampered and spoilt, all our generation does is sit and crib about things without the will to change anything ourselves. If we compare ourselves to what our parents went through to earn a living, to make a life, what we're doing is like a joke. Every little thing that happens to us seems like a huge hardship to us. In fact, we're changing the very basic definition of 'struggle' and 'hardships'.

Our parents' generation knew how tough life was - and perhaps that's why they found such happiness in small things in spite of difficulties. But look at us - we demand so much more to feel even a little happy. We always feel that we don't have enough money, love, support, happiness, intelligent company, etc. etc. You name it, we don't have it! Not to mention we want shortcuts to everything. We're not appreciative of what we have because we have been spoiled and pampered so bad. Looking at the present situation, I believe that if we're cribbing about life when we're hale and hearty, there is no way we can take it when we're old, frail and helpless.

So here's another shortcut then - everyone dies at 50. Simple. 50 is a nice age to die at. You're neither too old, nor too young. Hopefully you would have achieved what you wanted to in those 50 years and would be ready to die a happy death, while you're still hale and hearty. Also, since you know exactly how many years you have, you would be able to plan your life better.

2. We should be able to live certain years of our lives for more than one year.

We like certain years of our lives much more than others. So the new age structure will give us the flexibility of applying for an extension of a certain age. Let's say, you loved the year you were 18. A month before your birthday, you can apply for an extension and choose to stay 18 for another year. Extension will be granted based on your performance in the year re-applied for. This extension will be applicable to only three ages in one lifetime, so make your choices wisely. I foresee that most people will choose ages such as 16, 18, 21 and 25. But it's really upto you. Because you will be the one choosing what to do in that extra year. And oh, it does not mean that if you sat for your boards in the first year of being 18, you gotta sit for it again in your second year of being 18. You can choose to do anything you like, but your age as per records (and people's memories) will be 18 in the following year too.

Extensions will be granted upto three years, but one year at a time. This relates to point 1 mentioned above, as your total age will still be 50. So if you decide to live the age of 18 for three years, and the rest as per normal, your age on the records will be 47 when you die. But you would have lived the same as everyone else - 50 years. That will also make sure that death does not become too predictable. Since you would not know how old a person really is, you would not be able to tell who's gonna die when. You can only tell for yourself.

Sounds good, huh? To me, it does.

And if I were to take advantage of the new structure, I'd choose to stay 25 for 3 more years. And it's not just because I am already past the 16 and 18 and 21 marks.

It's because I believe that 25 is the perfect age.

It is the age where you are still kinda clueless about where your life is headed, but you have a vague idea. It is the age where you're still learning things at the workplace, but you're also being taken seriously. It is the age where you can pull off any kind of clothes, from a 16-year-old's to a 35-year-old's. It is the age where you start thinking of marriage but you can still afford to be unsure. It is the age where you're mature, but yet you can pull off a kiddish side. It is the age where what you make of yourself as a person will stay with you for life.

It is the age where you are most you.

And that's why I, Sayesha, on the stroke of midnight, 13th April 2006, refuse to turn 26.


Anonymous said...

Hi Sayesha, Wish you a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY. Have a great life ahead. Turning to that age is a choice of yours but the life just moves on. Once again my Happy wishes.

Anusha said...

First, ha! :D

First of all, here's wishing you a happy birthday and an awesome year ahead!! Have a wonderful day! :)

About the 'age extension', being 18 now, you think I'm eligible for one next year? Then again, what would I do, being 18 all over again for another year? Maybe I should save up for my 25th b'day like you. (I now have an image in my head of you singing '25 till I die!' :P) Hmm...gotta think about it.

And once again, Happy Birthday! :D

Anusha said...

Crap. Anon beat me to it. Oh well. :|

R said...

Sash! Happy Bday re!!
[Once more!! :P]

I'm here before The Girl, ahem.


virdi said...

happy birthday sayesha....



R said...

If we compare ourselves to what our parents went through to earn a living, to make a life, what we're doing is like a joke. Every little thing that happens to us seems like a huge hardship to us.

Quite like the things my folks say. :D

Nice. Extension sounds cool. I want to be in high school for an another year! :D

You're a BIG GIRL now. :D

*Wishes Sayesha an adventurous and an exciting year ahead*

Archana said...

LOL :-D! Happy Birthday to you, Sayesha! Welcome to this side of the world - I went kicking and screaming into my 26th year very recently only! Trust me, its no different out here and life is still great :-D!

But 50 years is too less for me. I need a lot more time to whine, crib and be a general nuisance to everyone around me :-P!

The Girl Who Sold The World said...

Whatever be my position here be, let it be known that I wished you Appy Budday on your previous post first (beating Sahil by a minute or two) and in this post, beating Ipanema girl...MUAHAHAHA! Ab post padh loon. :D

The Girl Who Sold The World said...

HAHAHA! Awesome post! :D I think 50 is the perfect age to die...or wait, I guess 65 would be better. I wanna die in a plane crash...some boom-boom type plane crash which would grab headlines...maut ho toh aisi! Hah! :D
We should be able to live certain years of our lives for more than one year.
YESSS!!! It's a fabulous idea! I want my 14, 15 and 17 back...I mean, 17 is almost over...but I want them back. Boards bhi chalenge. :D Nevermind. ;)

It's because I believe that 25 is the perfect age
Pata nahin...abhi aayi nahin. 8 saal pade hain. :P

And that's why I, Sayesha, on the stroke of midnight, 13th April 2006, refuse to turn 26.
HAHAHAHAHA! Sayesha's on the other side of the line now...26 means...getting old! *Points and laughs* :D:P

Kidding. :D


Thanu said...

Happy b'day...
I feel 50 is too young to die...for me it is 65.

Dreamcatcher said...

happy B'day in advance though :) irrespective of whether you grow older, hope the day is wonderful.

vibhav said...

I refuse to wish you. :)

Abhi said...

Happy birthday sayesha . And 50 nahi yaar , my dad is already 52 , wo to overtime category mein aa jayenge.:p

ps - check ur e-mail.maybe the bulk folder.

Young Master said...

Welcome to the sweet late 20s!

dharmu said...

happy birthday sayesha !!!

enjoyed reading your blog.
but could you make a provision where we could skip a year when we dont like it.
I dont like my current age, so wondering how it would be to forward 2 years ????

Deeps said...

50th birthday is when I want to go bungee jumping again (I've made my hubby promise) :-D. So I certainly won't want to die at 50, but would prefer it to be within 60 ;-). Like you I believe I'll only be a burden to the next genration. Moreover, we have to make them miss us rather than make them curse us for being an unwanted trouble ;-) :-D.

Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday dear Sayesha
Happy Birthday to you

Keep you spirits up, just like you have always :).

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Sayesha.

Personally, I'd choose to repeat 17, 25 & 46. ;-)

Purush said...

Happy B'day!! Nice b'day entry, must say...though can't really tie the logic between our parents' hardship-filled life and forcing us to live shorter?!
And as for not wanting to turn 26...Believe me every year, from here on, you'd be wanting not to turn one more year older...Ergo, enjoy 26 b'cos at 27 it sure as heck is going to look like 26 was the "good 'ole days"!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a good idea. That way we can all retire at 40... :P

Happy Birthday!

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

happy un-birthday then! :-)
i tend to disagree with the post, tho. for eggjhample- we'd be doing our future grand-kids a huge injustice! don't you want to be a doting grand-parent?? ;)

chalo, my arguments will get longer than your post, if i get started. i'll save it for a conversation over a glass of freshly-squeezed orange juice if we ever have the chance to meet. :-)

have a rocking year ahead, ma'am.

Macho Girl said...

Happy birthday once again! :):):)

50 might be a bit young... i always thought 60 was the perfect age to die. most of the ppl are still quite healthy and independent till then (and a few cases, even beyond!). besides, I wanna work till I am 50, earn as much money as possible (and of course save as much as possible), then go and tour europe! Wouldn't complain if I got a world tour with my savings, but I doubt that will ever happen ;)

p.s. gymming is pretty irregular now a days. I got a hectic schedule for myself till april 29th. Darn exams! The schedule keeps staring at me from my notice board reminding me of them. I might gym today evening... and whenever I get a bit ahead of schedule or tired of studying

oxymoron said...

hey sayesha... happy bday!
u r more than a quarter century old!
hahaa... when measured like that, u sound like an antique item ;)

enjoy ur day and have a blast!!!

Vikram said...

Happy Birthday yaar. :)

Have a great day. And year up ahead. :)

Sayesha said...

Thanks! :)

Thanks, girl! And thanks for the super fantabulous birthday gift! :D

//I now have an image in my head of you singing '25 till I die!' :P

Sheesh! I could see that coming! :D

Thanks yaar! Chaar baar wish kar diya tuney! :)

Oho sexy voice, itni badi muskaaaaaaaan?? :) Thank you thank you! :)

Hahaha! The count is at five! :)

Thanks for the welcome yaar! The 'other side' better be as rocking as this side, ok? :P

#World Girl,
Arre yaar tu kisi se bhi competition kar, Sahil se mat kar... woh is mehfil ka purana diljala hai... apni jagah reserve karka rakha hai usne last year se :)

//I want my 14, 15 and 17 back...I mean, 17 is almost over...but I want them back.

Uh-oh! You can't have them back... or wait wait... chai-pani ka intzaam karegi toh perhaps Sash can pull some strings... *coyly looks at her nails*

//Pata nahin...abhi aayi nahin. 8 saal pade hain. :P

Wow. I feel so young now. :/

Baap re! 65 is too much yaar! Mere liye 50 achha hai! :P

I'm not older and the day is wonderful. Yeay! Thanks! :)

#The Anonymous,
I refuse to allow you to refuse to wish me. :/

#Hitler ki aatma,
//my dad is already 52 , wo to overtime category mein aa jayenge

Arre my age structure is only for our generation... hamare parents ki generation can take the stress of being 50+... we can't :)

//check ur e-mail.maybe the bulk folder.

Hahaha! You check your email. The junk mail/spam folder! :D

Nope, am stayin' on this side... see ya in a year or two! ;)

Skip a year? Wow, interesting idea... I will submit the amendment and see if it gets approved... chai-pani ka kharcha alag, ok? :D

Thanks yaar! :)
ps: Bungee jumping at 50?? :O :O :O

#Just Mohit,
Thanks! :)
Baaki sab toh theek hai, lekin 46??? :O

Hahaha! You need to read the post again... what I am saying is that our generation is not cut out for real hardships in life, so when we're old and frail, we won't be able to live happily, might as well die young and happy! :)

Hahaha! Yeah, that too! :D

#Ipanema Girl,
Thanks! :)

//don't you want to be a doting grand-parent??

Hehehe... Depends on what our future grand-kids would prefer their grandparents to be - doting or dead? ;)

#Macho Girl,
Thanks! :)
Two in one eh? Post comment and reply to my email ek saath? You lazy bum! :)

#Oxy ke bache,
Thanks! :)
ps: Oye I'm not antique, I'm vintage! ;)

Thanks yaar! Sorry yaar kal kuchh baat nahin ho paayi bheed bhaad mein! :P

dearbharat said...


Can one ask for living 15th year in the 25th year. If possible please lemme know I want to take that bloody board exam again.

Many many happy returns of the day.


shub said...

hehe...couldn't've put the last part better...when I was about to turn 24 I felt 24 was gonna be exciting and stuff, and sure as hell it has been...and i'm gonna be 25 soon...that I'm looking forward to also! But next year...26....noooooooooooooooooo!!
Happy Birthday girl!

Anonymous said...

"Baaki sab toh theek hai, lekin 46???"
Well, if we took your formula, everyone would actually die at 47 (50 minus 3 repeated years).
So, 46 seems like the right age to repeat! :O

Anonymous said...

heyyy happpyy birthday....itz ma birthday toooo!!:D was a silent reader alll these days....
turned 21 - wooohoo!!:o)
i reckon ppl born on 13th april ROCK!
:D Lizzzz...

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Sayesha

<:) <:) <:)
make the heaven of hell and hell of heaven

the count of brats calling you aunty will increase :p

Anonymous said...

Happy B'day girl!! 26 is an awesome age! Trust me, I'm turning 27 in 2 months!! :o)

Sumit panwar said...

Happy Birthday,<:) SaYeShA <:), So u should celebrate ur birthday daily until u turn 26.

Kusum Rohra said...

Happy Burrrrrrrrrrrthday sayesha, will come back to read the post laterzzzzzz.

BTW i think you should check out my blog in sometime, special shayari going out to u.


Big Man said...

truly brilliant!!

am completely on board (and agree on the extension at 25 too... its definitely a fun age)

Happy B'day - and dont worry, you're still 25 on my book :)

Gaurav said...

good, thoughtful, and hmmmmmmmm..
interesting something that i would really want to do....
nice one

Young Master said...

Nope, am stayin' on this side... see ya in a year or two! ;)

What do you mean "see ya in a year or two"?!?!

Like it or not, we are the same age at this point. You are as old as me! How scary is that!

R said...


in simple neglish, Happy birthday!!

rock on!:D

Anonymous said...

Hey Sayesha,
Happy Birthday! May all your dreams come true!
Read somewhere you were a big fan of 'Sepet', the sequel 'Gubra' just got realeased last week here in Malaysia. You might want to catch it:)

Nirwa Mehta said...

Happy Birthday - I want to be 1 year old again.. and live my life all over again! :P

Nice post! :)

Hope you have a gala time!


Anonymous said...


Happy Birthday Funnny Girl....Welcome to the later half of the 20's....Dont worry Girl..25 is the new 15 ;) LOL

Fishy said...

Happy Birthday Sayesha...
I agree 25 is awesome, twas my last year of've successfully moved in to your LATE TWENTIES...hehehe bet you hadnt thought of it like that....:D..
have a great day and an even better year ahead.

Chints said...

happy birthday sash!

Macho Girl said...

Lazy??? me??? Of course not! i was just didnt wanna waste ur inbox space with both a mail and a comment!!! I am helping you out here! :P

Shobana said...

hey girl! many many happy returns of the day!
nice funda. but i feel the age limit should be 60-65 n not 50.. 50 seems too early to me:)
may u stay 25 all ur life n not just for 3 yrs! how? just stay the way u are and change for the better:)

Princessse said...

Haappyyyyyyy Birthday blogworld ki(aur kitnon ke world ki)Rannii :)...Aap koh har woh khushi mille joh aapko hameshaa khush rakhe!

p.s. love the age ka funda.

Anonymous said...

//We should die at 50.
IDIOT! 50 ki age mein marenge to hamare bacche high school mein hi anaath ho jayenge! khaas kar 'late shaadi' karne walon ke!

Happy b`day! Tu 100 saal jiyegi, Ja aish kar! :)


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday!!! :D

"WE" should die at 50?! .... kya zabardasti hai??! ... NO!! ...YOU go ahead and die at 50 and I'll find a sweet young thing to replace you ... :P


Kusum Rohra said...

Die at 50???? *hindi filmi heroine ki tarah NAHIIIIIIIIII* yeh nahi ho sakta, waise, live certain ages again is FUNDOO,

Thumbs up for that, and yeah once again HAPPY HAPPY BURRTHDAY.

rachana said...

Hi sayesha
Happy birth day!!

Bittu's Mamma said...

Happy Birthday Sayesha...

Dh@v@! said...

happy b'day...
i like ur concept of an extension...
try something like that for salary....

A month before your birthday, you can apply for an extension and choose to stay 18 for another year. Extension will be granted based on your performance in the year re-applied for.
ahhaahah :):):)

Anonymous said...

Hi, Many happy returns of the day. I have met many people who are in their 20s but they are still so immature and uncool. Similarly i've met many who are in their 30s, 40's, 50's even 60's but they are so cool to hang out with. Age is just a state of mind!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday sayesha.

went thru your blog first time liked it. Keep up good work.

chow for now

vibhav said...

Happy Birthday then Sayesha ji. Do not be sad, we all age, it happens, well, such is life. Another thing, I am still a teenager. Believe me, it is fun. Yes, real real real fun. It is seriously good. :D :D

Raju Bathija said...

A very happy birthday to you. I came to know about your birthday from Kusum Rohra's blog.

Anonymous said...

Well, I wish I had something different to say, but am afraid I'll have to scream and sing like the rest- Wish you a very happy birth day Sayesha. And tumhari taraf se I'll have a dairy milk. Love.

Unknown said...

Happy Birthday

Shriedhar said...






Its a great day for all of us as you Sayesha is the best blogger according to me.




KJ said...

dropping a line via Kusum's blog....

happy birthday to u dear. god bless u...

we share the same birthday (except the year...)

hope u have a fantastic day...



R said...

Five. Including the card? :P

To allowed nahi hai kya?! *Uufff*

tcr_79 said...

Happy Birthday...

Rahul Obla said...

Thatz an interesting thought!. And yeah ... welcome to the other side of 25!, it ain't that bad ;).

Anonymous said...

happy bday sash

Anonymous said...

Happy budday aunty!

Siddhu said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Sayesha didi

Er...make that aunty. ;)

Anonymous said...

happy budday to u, happy budday to u. happy budday dear sayesha, many many boyfreinds to u. happy budday to u.
clap.... clap.... clap !!

Anonymous said...

I have been reading your blog for a while and I find it extremely amusing. I read it everyday, I really dont understand how you get so much time to write long blogs, I envy that, haha.

I barely have enough time to read yours but I still do because it is so much more entertaining than Conan.

i dont even remember how I found your blog, I dont know you or any of your friends.

Anonymous said...

Joyeux Anniversaire, Sayesha!! (How do you say Happy Birthday in your language?)

I'm amused by your radical thought on age though I totally disagree with you. :-)

Hey, when you have the time, read my recent post. I was in deep thought about age too. I'm actually 6 days older then you are. :-)

Happy birthday, again. I hope you had a blast!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday My dear girl :)

Sayesha said...

Baap re... so many conditions? Offo.. boss se poochhna padega... :)
ps: Thanks! :)

Hehehe! You see how much sense my new age structure makes? ;)

#Just Mohit,
Lekin 46 mein you won't be able to do as many things... why not repeat a younger age? :)

Wow, birthday partner! Happy birthday to you! :)

//turned 21

Okay, give my wishes back. NOW!

//i reckon ppl born on 13th april ROCK!

I second that. Obviously. :D

Thanks yaar! Very unusual wishes! :P

Hehehe... we'll see :)

#Sumit Panwar,
I'm not turning 26 any time soon so not too worried yet :P

Hehehe... yeah I read it last night! Thanks yaar! And thanks for the surprise call too! :D

#Big Man,
Thanks! :) Preserve the book, ok? :)

Thanks! :)

//Like it or not, we are the same age at this point. You are as old as me! How scary is that!

*Runs away with Big Man's book*

Thanks for the 'bold' wishes! ;)

Oooh, it's out! But I have to wait for the DVD... :(

Arre you wanna be 1? But we're so clueless (and helpless) at 1! It's like being 90! :O

#Jaggu Uncle,
Thanks thanks! :)

Thanks for the wishes! :)
Hope to see your blog in action soon! :)

Arre aap yahan? Thanks! :) Where are my floraindia flowers huh huh huh?? :/

#Macho Girl,
Nice try! I'm 25 okay! I can see thru the lies of a teenager! Heheh! :D

Hahaha! Cool wish yaar! Thanks! :)

Thanks! :)

Offo! Pehle gaayab ho jaate ho, and every time you come back just when I have posted about age or death or something like that, and then you start scolding me! Mere birthday par daantoge?? :(

ps: Thanks for the wishes! Pehle wish karte hain uske BAAD daantte hain, okay?? Sheesh! Some people have no sense of sequence! :D

//YOU go ahead and die at 50 and I'll find a sweet young thing to replace you

*mock shock*
WHAT? Whatever happened to 'saath jeeyenge saath marenge??' :O

ps: Hehehe! Nice try, bachu! You're what - 14?? :D

Achha padh liya? Hehehe... thanks! :)

Thanks! :)

#Bittu's Mamma,
Welcome and thanks! :)

Arre! Kya bol raha hai?? :O If you do this for salary, you will get less money! :O Salary should increase every year! :)

Thanks! :)

#The Anon,
Okay baba! Chal maan liya! :)

Welcome to Sayeshaz! Thanks for commenting! :)

Hehehe.. thanks! Dairy Milk kha rahi hai??? :O I want KIT KATTTTT! :D

Thanks! :)

Thanks! :)

Thank you! :)

Welcome to Sayeshaz! Arre, another budday buddy! Happy budday to you too! :)

Nahin nahin, allowed hai allowed hai... jitna wish karna hai karo, bas age mention nahin karna! :P

Thanks! :)

Welcome and thanks for the wishes and reassurance :)

Thanks! :)

#Spammy, #Siddhu (ek teer se do shikaar!)
You wish!
ps: Hahahaha! I love my own pun! :D

Whoala what a wish! Many boyfriends? :D Sahi hai! :D

Thanks yaar! I myself dunno where I get the time from, but I guess if you really want to do something, time is probably not a good excuse :) Thanks again! :)

Thanks! In Hindi, they'd say, "Janamdin mubarak ho" :)

//I'm amused by your radical thought on age though I totally disagree with you. :-)

Hahaha! To each, his/her own :)

Just read your post. :)

Thanks again! :)

Sayesha said...

Arre while I was thanking everyone, you posted a comment? :P Thanks, dear! :)

Somya said...

Happy birthday Sayesha.......hey can I apply for an extension to stay 24 for one more year? :)

Sayesha said...

Thanks! :) Chal your wish is granted! ;)

Sumit Tada said...

Belated Happy B'day!!!!!!!
Wont crib about my slow connection,but ya i wanted to say happy budday yesterday,but cunt...


Sayesha, what about the card that you got on ur B-Day from chatur char. We wanna see it. So when r u going to post it here?

Sahil said...

Interesting age funda... i dont quite like the idea of dying at 50 myself - but I do like the idea of a person knowing when they will be no more. Puts things in perspective and u have a deadline to work with. Makes things easier.

Chints said...

//Arre aap yahan? Thanks! :) Where are my floraindia flowers huh huh huh?? :/

I knew you must be expecting flowers from my side but i don't like to do expected things. I like to surprise people when they are expecting the least from me. Don't think I didn't have your address thats why I didn't send the long due gerberas and kitkats, I have your office and home address both and phone numbers as well. And I was well in advance aware of your birthday.

ps: waise blogging after sooooooooooooo long.

Anonymous said...

>> ps: Hehehe! Nice try, bachu!
>> You're what - 14?? :D

What now suddenly I'm too young for you !?! :O :O .... make up your mind lady!


Anonymous said...

this is one post i truly enjoyed after a long time. a nice tribute to our parents generation. since the 2000s there has been absolutely no looking back. the generation gap has widened to such an extent, there is probably no similarity whatsoever to our elders' generation. the digital age has brought with the great divide. the age structure theory is maha cool. the best thing about it is that all the jyothishis will go outta business! and in india, that is one huge cause for celebration!!!! :-))))))

Happy Birthday (albeit a trifle belated) and may you have as many as you desire! :D

Sayesha said...

Thanks yaar! :)

It's there in the new post! :)

And it also brings the next janam closer. :)

Haan haan bol lo! Bolne mein kya jata hai! Lazy bum kahin ke! Bahana maarte ho? :D

You make up your mind man... your mental age fluctuates so much I get confused! :D

#A Jane,
Thanks! :) Never thought about the jyotishis bit! :P Now my blog will be bombarded by MAJs - Mean Anonymous Jyotishis! :O

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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