Saturday, December 22, 2018

Watch out

So the strap of my smart watch broke and I'm really suffering because no matter what, I always track my 10K steps a day and religiously make up for any missed steps over subsequent days. It's an Actxa watch and I can't find a replacement strap anywhere. Viv thinks I should get an Apple watch but I don't want the fancy-schmancy features -- a step counter + heartbeat monitor will do just fine.

Today Xena decided to contribute to the discussion too.

Xena - Mama, I think you really need a new smart watch.

Me - I know...

Xena - I can buy you one for Christmas!

Me - You can?

Xena - Yes!

Me - How?

Xena - With my tooth fairy money!

Me - Ooh! How much do you have?

Xena - 8 dollars!

Me - Oh, so you will buy me a smart watch for 8 dollars?

Xena - Or less.

Me - Or less?!

Xena - Yeah.

Me - Errr... I don't think 8 dollars are enough to buy a smart watch.

Xena - Hmm... Maybe you can use some money from your piggy bank?
(I have a piggy bank into which I pop stray coins as and when I find them. No one, including me, knows how much money is in there.)

Me - Ooh. How much money do you think is in there?

Xena - 40 dollars.

Me - 40 dollars? Are you sure?

Xena - No. 41, I think.

Me - Oh.

Xena - Or I can make a strap for you!

Me - How?

Xena - With paper!

Me - Oh!

Xena - But you can't let it get wet, ok? Otherwise it will break.

Me - Uh...

Xena - Or we can just take your old watch and tape it to your wrist! I think that will be the best!!

Me - Okay!


Arun said...

Season’s greetings, Merry Christmas!
And a Happy 2019!

Arun said...

In the passage of time, there never is any twist,
Whether or not a watch is on your wrist.
Time keeps flowing uniformly fast:
Future becoming present, and receding into past.

Arun said...

If you want Harry Potter in a somewhat different universe,

I thought it is quite good.

Sayesha said...

Happy new year and thanks for stopping by my blog even when it goes dormant. :)
Did a quick skim of the HP page and it looks intriguing! Will check it out in detail.

Charan Deep Singh said...

As my son turned two a post about his antics. Read ...and he is 2