Saturday, December 02, 2017

Mum's the word

Xena - Mama, what are you making for dinner?

I almost jumped. Had my food-loathing child just asked me that? Viv is travelling so it's just us ladies in da house. And because I was so thrown off at her food query, I decided to tease her and have some fun.

Me (very casually and sweetly) - I don't know about you, baby. I'm having leftovers. I have enough for one.

Xena (a little horrified) - What...?! What am I going to do for my dinner then..?

Me (solemnly) - Pata nahin. Mere paas leftovers hain. Tumhaare paas kya hai?

Xena (giving me strange looks) - ??!!

Meanwhile, I'm almost falling off my chair laughing, after suddenly realising how apt the expected answer would be even in this scenario.



Bubblegum inherhappyplace said...

And the timing. Shashi Kapoor passed away yesterday.I am not sure about his acting but I loved his looks- dont ask why. May be because, I see Ranbir in him!

Arun said...


How do we know said...

Well.. and what did she say?

Arun said...

Time for a recipe! :)

Charan Deep Singh said...

You are very comfortable and lucid when writing about your experiences with Xena, I am always unsure about writing about my kid. Still tried to write a post as he turns 1..

...and he is 1