Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Dancing to her tune

Xena - Mama, I will teach you how to dance, okay?

Me - Really? Okay!

Xena - But you have to follow the rules.

Me - What rules?

Xena - I'll write them. Wait.

[Hunts for a scrap piece of paper and starts writing; gives up midway; tells me she will come up with the last three later]

Hmm... I'm just not sure how I'll learn to dance from her if I follow rule #1. 


pr said...

Lol. So so so funny! Did you burst out laughing? Did she smile upon seeing you laugh? O my. So cute and creative! This made my day yesterday. Thank you for sharing. Hugs.

Arun said...

LOL! How are the dance lessons going?

BTW, 9/12 > 1/2. :)

roth phallyka said...

Thank you for sharing. Hugs.


preetiprasad said...

Your instructor means business! She wants you to shut up and dance.. Hahaha