Tuesday, July 18, 2017

The big bad word

Xena - Mama, do you know, some children in my class say some bad words...

Me - Oh yeah? Like what?

Xena - Like... the S word.

Me (alarm bells ringing inside my head but keeping a perfectly calm exterior) - What's the S word?

Xena - It's a bad word. We should not say it.

Me - Yes, but what's the word? What does the S stand for?

Xena (leaning closer and whispering) - Stupid.

Me - Hmmm yes, that's not a nice word. We should not use it.

Xena - There is another bad word they use...

Me - What's that?

Xena - It's very bad.

Me - What is it?

Xena - The F word.

Me (alarm bells going a bit bonkers, but still maintaining the calm exterior) - Oh. What does the F stand for?

Xena - I can't say it.

Me - But what's the word? You can tell me the word. That's not the same as using it.

Xena (whispers inaudibly) - F...

Me (horrified, thinking that I'd heard what I'd expected, but still wanting to confirm) - Sorry, what's that? I didn't hear it properly.

Xena (whispers very loudly) - FART.


The Wanderer said...


How do we know said...

:) Enjoy the phase... I remember mine at this age...

newmomontheblock said...

So funny. My son who is about Xena's age, constantly says the fart word and jokes around. I try not to laugh too much or to constantly remind him not to use the word which will obviously have the opposite effect. What's funnier was he learnt the Tamil equivalent of the Fart word which rhymes with mosquito or kosu. we would go to restaurants during our last India trip and when he saw see mosquitoes, he would say the K word. We had to struggle to control our laughter.

Arun said...

Moms gotta have strong hearts not prone to heart attacks!

Charan Deep Singh said...

While she talked about a Fart, i rustled up a post on Pee

When you have to pee

Arun said...

One of the Odisha greats will be in Singapore - I'm a fan of his work - sand artist Sudarsan Pattnaik. He tweeted:

I will represent India in Singapore Int'l SandArt Championship2017 from 28th to 31st Aug. I will create SandArt on #SaveOceanSaveEarth

Lucky you all!

Ruminating Optimist said...

Back after a long time, and the fun continues :)