Thursday, March 09, 2017

Tooth and mail

My child looked different when I went to pick her up from school yesterday. She was also doing some kind of crazy, tribal dance, in the audience of an amused teacher, another parent and a couple of kids.

"I PULLED IT OUT!" She exclaimed the moment she saw me.

So, after more than a month of shaking, Xena's first baby tooth finally fell. Or like she says, "It didn't fall, Mama! I PULLED it out! In the middle of the Chinese lesson. Lao shi (teacher) said 'congratulations!' and helped to pack it for me in a paper towel. My friends hugged me."

Last night, she put the wrapped tooth and this letter under her pillow.

Thankfully, the "tooth fairy" had set aside a super shiny coin for the occasion. Phew!


Stone said...
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Stone said...

My son't two tooth fell around Christmas time; and that really kept Santa and tooth fairy..(cough cough...) busy.

How do we know said...

this is too sweet!!