Friday, May 13, 2016

A labour of love

Usually, I finish all my office work by the time Xena wakes up from her nap, so that there is nothing coming between us and our late-afternoon funky/goofy time. But this day was a little different. A big deadline was hanging over my head and when she woke up, I was still hard at work.

"Give me 20 minutes, baby?" I asked.

"Ok Mama, I will sit here and write something."

"Sounds great."

I turned back to work, while she fetched a sheet of paper and a pen and started writing.

"Mama, how do I spell 'don't know'?" She asked.

"D-O-N-T-K-N-O-W". I quickly said. The apostrophe would have to be mentioned and explained another day.

She didn't disturb me anymore after that. She was bent over her sheet, busy writing away.

"Okay! I'm done!" I said after 20 minutes.

She looked up from the book that she was now reading and came to me, holding the sheet of paper.

I took one look at it and... I could literally feel my heart melting away.


Anupama said... sweet :) :)

sreesudha n said...

So touchy and sweet..

Arun said...

She's sweet!

It has grown since the times it was infinity plus one hundred :)