Sunday, March 27, 2016

Joker in the pack

So we were at a birthday party last night.

There was a huge poster at the party with many characters on it.

"Oh look, Peppa Pig!" I said. It was the only character I recognised. I don't even know how. Actually, I know nothing about Peppa Pig, and neither does Xena. (I actually take pride in that.)

"Oh yeah, Peppa Pig..." She said vaguely.

"You know Peppa Pig?" I challenged.


"Oh yeah? And who is that?" I pointed to the character next to it.

"That is..." She took a moment to think. "Salt pig! Hahahahahaha!"

Took me a moment to get that.


PS: Viv, bow out, my friend. You've got some real competition here.

1 comment:

Arun said...

The current champun got taken down a pig, hahahaha!