Friday, March 20, 2015

Catch-up #8

Hello, bewdas!

It has been an absolutely mad week, and now that the weekend is almost here, promising to be quite mad as well, I thought I'd quickly sneak in a catch-up post.

Li'l Xena turned 4 years old this week! It sounds odd, but the best way to describe her is that she's a complete person now, full of ideas, jokes (really bad ones, just like her daddy), stories, opinions and never-ending questions. I will, at some point, write that post I've been writing after each of her birthdays, to share the parenting gyaan that has helped us manage her (and stay sane) as she went from three-nage to fearless four.

My mom-in-law flew in this week, and you know what that means! Afternoon chai-ya-ya-yai-yaaaaa! (Try to sing it in the tune from Gupt's title song; at least that's how it plays in my head.) As some of you would know, I'm not a chai addict, but I love making it for other people and I love chai when I have company. So every afternoon, mil-dil sit down together for a cuppa and talk about life.

Work has been super this year, and I'm quite happy with my first-quarter projects. I published two kiddy books with my dream publisher and I'm in the midst of a third one with them. The deadlines tend to be quite insane, and when I feel stressed, I look to ducks for inspiration. Calm on the surface, furiously paddling underneath. It helps.

As you know, we tend to do the craziest things when we really shouldn't be. For example, I should be working on that next chapter instead of blogging now, but here I am. Like how I was crazy enough to sign up for the A-Z blogging challenge in April last year. At a day's notice. A post a day. With Viv away on his annual pilgrimage business trip to Vegas. With me managing the house and Xena and my work by myself. Cuckoo! But I did it -- I wrote 26 posts in a month, and I must be stark raving mad because I've decided to do it again this year. I've also convinced Clueless to do it, and if you click on her blog, you will see that her last post was the last post of the challenge. She has agreed, and now I'm working on my next target Shub. These are the two people who used to live in the far west end of Singapore and I pestered and pestered them until they moved to the east! (At least I like to think it was me.)

So let's see how it goes. If you have ideas on topics that I can blog about during the challenge, please share them with me. I will be very grateful because my mind is blank at the moment.

See you in April! (Every day!)
Sayesha the bartender bhai


shemuses said...


Subhash Chandra said...

How about a common theme across the challange? It's more challenging and at the same time makes it easy to choose next topic.

Something like parenting tips, or work tips. How about some things you do regularly (early, monthly, daily..) Not everyone has same habits. And you have a way narrating yours. Or may be Xena's.

Or pick a random list of titles with a theme. And role with them.
I can readily imagine you picking 26 Bollywood titles with 26 letters and use them as a writing prompt.

Subhash Chandra said...


Prathima said...

Gupt tune for chai? Sounds sinister. Hope you don't put anything wrong(from the bar, that is) into it ;-)

Looking forward to your daily posts. Some fun bollywood ones maybe? and some of your travel experiences would be great too.

Arun said...

I vote for an exposition on your favorite lyrics and why they are your favorites for one or more blogposts.

zilch22 said...

yayyyyy! one month of posts yay! :)

Clueless said...
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cluelesstill said...

Hahaha, I see you've roped me into this by making it public! I just checked my blog (after a LONG time) and realised the traffic was up, and the only reason could be that you linked me, which made me VERY suspicious. I see my suspicion was warranted. ;)

I'm going to hang about a bit here to see if people give you ideas that I can steal. MUAHAHAHAHAH. (Play that Gupt tune NOW!)

Yamini said...

Belated Happy Birthday to Xena!! :)
You blog on any topic.. I know I will have fun reading them! :)

Looking fwd to april! :)

Bubblegum.... said...

Fitness!! You look ravishing than ever!! :) :)

Arun said...

"Charlotte's Web" by E.B. White might help with the childhood trauma of death of a pet.