Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Broken record

So one day, I found myself added to my school's WhatsApp group. I didn't know such a group existed. And they didn't know that I existed on WhatsApp. Anyway, other than the very annoying 'good morning' memes, 'interesting' forwards ('drink coriander juice every day and you will NEVER get cancer') and Santa-Banta jokes, it hasn't been too bad. A lot of reminiscing. A lot of leg-pulling. A lot of laughter.

You see, my Dad moved a lot when we were kids, so I ended up going to some 7 schools in 12 years. I conditioned myself not to get too close to my classmates, because it was too heartbreaking to have to move two years later. But this was the group that I was the longest with - four years. That too, when we were in the 15-18 age range. So obviously, this is the group that knows me the best, the group that I remember the most, and connect the most to. So I got a warm welcome, and within half a day, someone shot this question at me.

"So Sayesha, do you still like toota-phoota ("broken") songs?"

"Toota-phoota songs??"

"You know, the dukhi aatma ("sad soul") kind of songs?"

"What?! When did I like dukhi aatma kind of songs??"

Before I could even protest properly, they were all nodding in WhatsApp unison. Seriously? That's how they remembered me? That's how they ALL remembered me?

And then I tried to remember. It's true that I used to sing a lot of songs back then. On demand. In competitions. Anywhere and everywhere. I tried to jog my memory and think of the songs they had heard me sing - 'Tere bina zindagi se koi', 'Tere dar par sanam...', 'Rulaake gaya sapna mera', 'Dil kehta hai chal unse mil', 'Saare sapne kahin kho gaye', etc. etc. And I had to admit that most of the songs I sang were sad, or at least kinda romantic, but sad. But it was not because I was a dukhi aatma. It was because these songs had the most amazing, heart-touching lyrics.

So I decided to stand up for myself.

"Heyyyyyy! I liked songs with meaningful lyrics, okay??? I did not sing random toota-phoota songs like 'Tum toh thehre pardesi' and all that!" I protested.

I could sense their amused smiles in WhatsApp unison.


And then it struck me. Sometimes, it's your school friends who really know you the best, who can sum you up in a way that no one else, not even you yourself, can. And sometimes, it's okay to just accept it graciously.

So yes. I like toota-phoota songs. What can you do?

Now if you'll excuse me, I have to go and put my latest toota-phoota discovery called 'Tu hai ki nahin' from Roy on loop. 34798236948327043280 times.


Keirthana said...

So very true! How well the school gang knows us. Even we wouldn't realise that much about ourselves. said...

Totally agree !! I guess I fall in the same category of song listeners and therefore branded old-school :)

Arun said...

Summing up .... On a broken calculator :)

Anonymous said...

Ha so you are one of them, with "dard bhare geet" cassettes and singing kuchh to log kahenge in antakshari when so many happier songs to choose from. Ha ha.

Sayesha said...

True... and some of it is stuff we wouldn't even wanna admit! :D

High-five! :D

LOL! You *had* to do that, didn't you?

I didn't have dard bhare geet wale cassettes, but I do remember a cassette my mom had called 'Sad songs by Lata' (she's a big fan)! :D But yeah, I was very likely to sing 'Kuch toh log kahenge' or 'Kabhi kabhi mere dil mein' or 'Kuch na kaho' instead of 'Koyal si teri boli kukukuku' in antakshari! :D

Anonymous said...

Man..this is so know what, through one such school friends wassap group, i went to a gettogether last year. I went with zero expectations, thinking that what will we talk about after so many years. But you wont believe, it turned out to be super awsome. I realized, that we all shared the same sense of humour, and remembered about each other so well. I guess, schol friends are the ones who have seen your basic personality, one that is still untouched by the pretensions of adulthood...and that is way that group is always fun!

Kanan said...

Do people still scream GOLD around here? ;)

I too love toota-phoota songs and there was a phase in life when I would not listen to anything but those songs. My lyriks blog is proof of this. I was hoping you'd make a longer list of your fav songs. No?

Glad to be catching up on my blogs readings after a long time. Hope all's well and baby and you guys are doing great!