Thursday, December 04, 2014

A trip to Baliwood... finally!

Om swasti astu, bewdas!

That was a Balinese greeting, by the way. And also my way to tell you guys that I had not fallen off the edge of the earth, but was chilling in a very beautiful part of it, enjoying the company of my parents who finally visited me after much cajoling, pleading, threatening and emotional blackmailing. Finally the Bali dream came true. And though I have been inundated with deadlines since we came back, I'm pleased to report that I have completed the travelogue on Bali (unlike that of the previous holiday - Amsterdam/Paris, which I will complete at some point!).

Hop over to Hopscotch to read about why Bali was a dream (in more ways than one).


Subhash Chandra said...

What plants/trees did your dad bring back from bali?

Anonymous said...

What happened with the cutting? You're not supposed to get it into countries right?

Sayesha said...

He got tort ginger, and some other plants that I could not identify. :) No trees! Thankfully. :D

It's probably the US and Aus etc. that are so strict about bringing in plants. He had no problems bringing the plants back to Singapore and then taking them to India.

Arun said...

Is it true that Salmon Can hangs around Baliwood? :)

Anonymous said...

It's actually prohibited in both countries. They must not have found it or cared.

Sayesha said...

Oh gawwwwdddddd! :P

Well, in that case, in a parallel universe, my dad has undergone several airport arrests. :O