Monday, March 31, 2014

Challenge accepted! (Err... kind of)

So my sister-in-law sent me a message from India, "Are you doing the A to Z blogging challenge?"

So I asked her what any extremely blog-savvy person who has been blogging for over a decade would ask, "What on earth is the A to Z blogging challenge??"

And it was then that she went off radar, leaving my question hanging. I found out later that she had dropped her phone and killed it her phone had fallen and died. I waited for a while but nothing happened. There was complete silence from her end. I waited for a very very long time and when five whole minutes had passed, I couldn't take it any more. I turned to Google devta. It turns out that if you take up the A to Z blogging challenge, you need to write 26 blog posts in the month of April, with topics based on the letters of the alphabet in sequence. So, on the 1st of April, you write a post about something that begins with the letter A, on the 2nd you write about something that begins with B and so on.

I think I have gone completely bonkers because I have decided to do it. In spite of the fact that: 1) I only found out about it a day before, which means I've had no time to think of topics and perhaps even cheat prepare a repository beforehand; 2) I'm a mother, which means my computer time is super unpredictable; 3) Viv is going to the US for two weeks so I'll be taking care of Xena all by myself FOR TWO WEEKS and I'm not sure I'll remain sane enough to blog; and the most terrifying of the lot, 4) holy cow 26 posts in a month.

So who's up for it? You can actually register for the challenge formally, which means a bunch of people will come check on you. *gulp*

Or you can do it like how I'm doing it (with the bailout option) - chal try maarte hain yaar. :)


Tejal said...

oh my god i am inspired. :/

i've been in hibernation for way too long :P

i'm gonna get me some registrations done :D

Arun said...

Xena can help you. On troublesome letters, a 30-second video of what Xena thinks of the letter will do the trick :)

Anonymous said...

YAAAAAAAY! I'm so glad you're doing it, against all odds! Sorry about making you resort to Google Devta... phones choose to die (*AHEM*) at the most inappropriate times!

I think Arun's idea is solid. If you can't beat them, join them! :D

ferret said...

chalo try maarte hain :)

Baatein unkahi si said...

Welcome to the club. I too joined with the same spirit "chalo try maarte hain"

Obscure Optimist said...

superr...looking forward to it! :)