Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Fed up!


Bubblegum.... said...

ROFL. But pain in ROFL :p

Argentyne said...

Haha! Her expressions are priceless! I can imagine how fed up both of you must be!

Yamini M said...

Oh my God... What lovely expressions! And you made a comic strip out of it! :) Xena is lovely and photosynthesis is the key.. ;)

Loved this one! :)

Sri said...

Awesome post!!

Loved the way you made it so cute..even i went through the same but i would only end up irritated and frustrated..never thought of creative ideas like you!!

Dont worry...Xena will start liking some foods..

Till then, good luck!!:)

Alice said...

Dear lord. The post is amazing, but it amply shows how much you (and she) have gone through your food fights in the last 2 yrs. And photosynthesis is right, she seems to be thriving on it. Let her just be, no? ;)

Varsha said...

Well Sayesha, this made me laugh out of my wits! Sorry for that.
And what an ordeal!? How many things you have tried! And what about the real junk food, i.e. chocolates, creamy biscuits, wafers, chips etc.?
Juices? Doesn't she like them as well?
Have her tested for chlorophyll. :D. Let her get a lot of sunshine and water. Ms. Xena Sunshine.

Anonymous said...

LOL :D You thought you could outsmart her? Starving, jailing? :)

Well, I really hope the little one comes around and starts eating well..

Pen my thoughts said...

Your little sunshine loves the photos synthesis!oh boy! I was smiling all the way through but can totally understand the pain when kids don't! You are one patient mom,I tell you!I a sure both of you will get through this soon.All the best to you and to your little princess!

Dil se said...

I so love these picture series you make with her with all the dialogues fitting so nicely.
I can so understand your pain as I went through the same phase with my son who was also born pretty premature
what the doctors told me here is that premature kids sometimes resist foods since they have had the feeding tubes in their mouth for so long so it creates what they called "mouth trauma"
So i had to keep my son on pureed food for almost 2 years
I literally pureed everything, even chapati, dal, sabzi and curd into one goey mess :-)
But later as I transitioned him to solids, I put him in high chair next to us
and gave him hatever I was eating from my plate
roti, dosa, rice anything
but from my plate
and then ate my food without bothering him at all
Slowly over the time, (it didn't work the first few days, the food just got thrown on the floor)
he started watching me and his dad and ate few pieces and it was a BIG for me
so, just a thought, try to get her to sit with you and Viv when time to eat and may be that can help ?

Prathima said...

That was fun :-). You should name your blog "Sayesha rocks".

Sayesha said...

I have turned my sorrow into a blog post. :'(

I am fed up and she's not fed. :|

Thanks. :)

Thank you. :)

I'd let her be if she didn't go slipping down the charts and actually losing weight. :'(

Thanks for the reminder about junk food. I have added a photo on that too. Tried that and got rejected. Several times.

Hope so too! :)

Pen my thoughts,
Thank you. :)

Dil se,
Yep, we have tried that. Depending on her mood, she might eat a few grains of rice but that's it. And she doesn't even want purees. Even now. Right now my current strategy is peer pressure at school. Hope it starts showing some effects soon! :)

Thanks. :)

Horizon said...

Can't help smiling,
Can see how much effort you have to put with.
The things she puts in her mouth is like everything other than food.

Cute pics

preetiprasad said...

I am the silent reader of your super-interesting blog, I came here thru Sum's blog..I have been visiting your blog since last one year but silently :)
My 18 months old son eats regular food, but he too prefers to chew on pencils,key-chains, footwear(most preferred btw), toys etc. I have tried EVERYTHING to stop him from licking EVERYTHING except for food, but nothing really works!
your efforts and Xena's expressions both are really praiseworthy...keep trying..all the best!

Arun said...

Gulab jamun.

Chirag Dua said...

Hey Sayesha,

How are you? Long time .. Lovely pics and sweet captions, keep it going .. Hi to little miss sunshine .. God bless her and the parents too!


Rohit Nair said...

hahahahaha, this is just beyond brilliant :D

How do we know said...

wow!! u just wrote on behalf of ur rock star daughter.

Meenakshy said...

so so cute :)