Friday, January 11, 2013


Hey bewdas,

I wanted to drop a quick note to wish all of you a very happy new year! My new year resolution is extremely general -- to strive to be a little better than I was last year. In every sense. What's yours? Let me know in the comments' section, and I promise to hunt you down at the end of the year to see how you did. ;)

Thanks for hanging out at the bar!
Lots of love,
PS: Sorry for the super short post. But... quoting the Terminator, "I'll be back." :P


Bubblegum.... said...

Weight reduction and worry reduction :D Combo resolution! :D

Arun said...

Mine is to (re)learn how to do just one thing at a time.

Arun said...

Suppose people's new year resolution is not to comment on blogs??????

idom said...

some email forward


Q: I have five thousand bucks with me. But can only spend 3000. Why?

A: Kyunki Do Hazaar Tera hai (2013). Happy 2013. :)

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idom said...

And reply to that

I believe I can still spend 5000, kyunki jo tera hai, woh mera hai!

Sayesha said...

All the best! :D

No more multi-tasking?

//Suppose people's new year resolution is not to comment on blogs??????

Haha! It does look like that, doesn't it? :D

LOL! The do hazaar tera hai bit cracked me up. :D

Sudeep said...

Reading this one I remembered that last year (or the one before that?)you had similar one. Not sure how many did you hunt down or managed to stick to their resolution though. Mujhe toh mera wala yaad bhi nahi hai.

Sudeep said...

Oh btw happy new year to you guys! :)