Wednesday, October 19, 2011

On speaking terms

After a week of trying to teach Xena to say the preferred "Mama" and "Papa", this is the result. She said "Amma" and "Baba" in the same, erm, "sentence".

What can you do, the gundi wants her own terms.

Behind-the-scenes / The-making-of video


shub said...

Hahaha! Love the 'making'! She goes from one big smile to gibberish!

And her smile is just like Viv's! :)
(I say this because I'm at a safe distance!)

Arun said...

:) :) :)

Bubblegum.... said...

Oh my god...... She is tooooo gooood...seems she is gonna be a chatterbox with choosy words...

Kanan said...

How adorable!! She sure can talk, not just by words, by her eyes too.
Love the million dollar smile in the making video. God bless her!

t said...

How sweet! Loved to hear her voice! She is very cute :) and how did you feel when she said "amma"? Your heart must've melted... :)

Lots of love to Xena :)

nidhi said...

the making video is soooo funny....
God bless

poornakatha said...

I *love* the second video! :) What a sweet smile

Sayesha said...

//I say this because I'm at a safe distance!

Shameless! Wait till I meet you! :D


Hahaha! That's what everyone is saying. Chatterbox in the making. :)

Thanks! :D

Hehehe. Yeah. :) But I am still waiting for a clear 'Mama'! :)

Thanks. :)

Thanks. :) Looks like everyone prefers the 'making' video. :D

Yamini said...

Awww....that is soooooo cute... she gave such a thoughtful expression (in behind the scenes wala video!!)

and amma was really really clear! :)
so glad to see the little gundi having her own ways!!

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