Sunday, January 16, 2011

Have a Bolly good time III

Okie dok, so here's the third of the Bollywood A to Z quizzes. The theme for this one is sibling rivalry, which actually makes the quiz relatively easy to crack. See if you can identify A to Z?

A and B are siblings who have starred in a couple of movies together, though A is obviously more successful than B. B is married to C who has also appeared in many movies, though never as a lead. C's sibling D has played in the lead, but has failed to make the impact that C has. D's best friend E has also made a successful career in Bollywood and is the pioneer of a recent and much-aped body-related trend. E's sibling also did well in the industry, even winning a national award for the movie F. F was directed by G, who worked for his sibling H in his early days in Bollywood. G has won multiple awards and there is even a lake named unofficially after him. G's kids I and J are also part of the industry, albeit in different fields. I has made a mark while J is still struggling (and has probably given up by now). J's debut movie was K, which was also the debut movie of L. L's career did not really take off but sibling M is a successful star, and has even made some waves abroad. L also tried out television but did not meet any success. The same television show also featured N in another season. N's Bollywood career never really took off, but the name N features amongst Bollywood's top MMS scandals. N's sibling O made a sensational debut in the movie P directed by Q. Q's sibling R also happens to work in Bollywood, though in a different line. P featured a popular dance number choreographed by the very successful S, whose sibling T is associated with comedy movies. The first movie S choreographed in was U, featuring V in the lead. V's sibling also featured in a few movies alongside his brother, and even tried his hand at a leading role, but without success. V acted in a ground-breaking movie directed by W whose sibling X is also a filmmaker. X's last movie Y with W in the lead, featured Z in a cameo. To close the loop, Z is so not friends with A anymore.


Sandwalker said...

Nice. Was considerably easier than the previous sets. Here you go.

A - Salman Khan
B - Arbaaz Khan
C - Malaika Arora
D - Amrita Arora
E - Kareena Kapoor
F - Dil to Pagal hai
G - Yash Chopra
H - B.R.Chopra
I - Aditya Chopra
J - Uday Chopra
K - Mohabbatein
L - Shamita shetty
M - Shilpa Shetty
N - Ashmit Patel
O - Amisha Patel
P - Kaho Na Pyaar Hai
Q - Rakesh Roshan
R - Rajesh Roshan
S - Farah Khan
T - Sajid Khan
U - Jo Jeeta Wohi Sikandar
V - Aamir Khan
W - Farhan Akhtar
X - Zoya Akhtar
Y - Luck By Chance
Z - Half of bollywood had cameos in Y but I think Shahrukh Khan fits the answer.

And oh yeah. Gold!!! :)

Meenakshy said...
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prathi said...

Oh I cracked it!!!!and SILVER!!

Maya said...

Cracked it! But I think you got W twice, once as Aamir's sibling and once as Farhan Akhtar

A: Salman Khan
B: Arbaz khan
C: Malaika arora
D: Amrita arora
E: Kareena Kapoor
F: Dil to Pagal hai
G: Yash Chopra
H: B.R.Chopra
I: Aditya Chopra
J: Uday Chopra
K: Mohabbatein
L: Shamitha Shetty
M: Shilpa Shetty
N: Ashmit Patel
O: Amisha Patel
P: Kaho na pyar hai
Q: Rakesh Roshan
R: Rajesh Roshan
S: Farah Khan
T: Sajid Khan
U: Jo Jeetha Wohi Sikandar
V: Aamir Khan
W1: Faizal Khan
W2: Farhan Akhtar
X: Zoya Akhtar
Y: Luck By Chance
Z: Shahrukh Khan/ Vivek Oberoi

Maya said...
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VIDYA said...

Oooh I cracked it!
:D Golly!

Sanchit said...

* thud * thud * i practically wasn't able to even start it..

Porkodi (பொற்கொடி) said...

sandwalker needs to be banned or made a judge who cant participate! we kids who dont know answers are feeling bad ya!! ;)

Sayesha said...

Ah, I can't give you the first prize cos there was a mistake -- there were two Ws which I have corrected now. :)

You cracked it? That's all? And where's your answer? Did you realise there was a mistake? ;)

Ooooh galti se mishtake ho gaya! :O You're right! I have removed the extra W now, thanks. :) Nice bit with Z too, though I think recently Sallu said somewhere that he's forgiven Vivek. :)

All you liar bewdas and bewdis! There was a mistake, so did you crack it?? Jhoothi! :P

Finally! An honest guy! :P

Hehehe! Sandwalker didn't win this one, Maya did. :D

Anonymous said...

wow this is similiar to inorganic chemistry questions, im addicted to them during school days, lovely, keep up the gud job, a solution to beat boredom at office :)

humblog said...

cracked it but in reverse.

A and Z not friends and MMS scandals were my clues. I did not know Amrita and Kareena were best friends.

Uday chopra will not give up - Dhoom 3 will save him or NOT.

rt said...

i dint remember Karishma's national award winning movie - i thout it was zubeida or Fiza :(

Sudeep said...

I started to read the puzzle and by the time I was at D, I felt that this was very very easy coz padhte padhte hi answers aa rahe the (mostly correct bhi honge). Lekin baadme thoda bahut google usage aaya toh dropped it :D
Lekin bits and pieces mein aa gaye tha padhke M, N ke aaspaas wale. Good job once again, and thanks for posting a relatively simple one.

prathi said...

hi hi...I cracked the puzzle ,compared my answers with that of sandwalkers and was happy to see they matched. Just assumed that "Sandwalker is always rite"

nishu said...


Bivas said...

D-Amrita Arora
F-Dil To Pagal Hai
G-Yash Chopra
H-BR Chopra
I-Aditya CHopra
J-Uday Chopra
M-Shilpa Shetty
Q-Rakesh Roshan
R-Rajesh Roshan
S-Farah Khan
T-Sajid Khan
V-Aamir Khan
W-Farhan Akhtar
X--Zoya Akhtar
Y-Luck By Chance
Think I got 'em all...

Menagerie said...

First one I got !!

A Salman Khan
B Arbaaz Khan
C Mailaka Arora
D Amrita Arora
E Kareena Kapoor
G Yash Chopra
H B R Chopra
I Aditya Chopra
J Uday Chopra
K Mohabbatien
L Shamita Shetty
M Shilpa Shetty
N Ashmit Patel
O Amisha Patel
P Kaho Na Pyaar Hai
Q Rakesh Roshan
R Rajesh Roshan
S Farah Khan
T Sajid Khan
V Aamir
W Farhan Akhtar
X Zoya Akhtar
Y Luck by Chance
Z Shahrukh Khan

This is so much fun :)

Anonymous said...

a- salman khan
b - arbaaz khan
c - malaika arora
d - amrita arora
e - kareena kapoor
f - dil to pagal hai
g - yash chopra
h - b r chopra
i - aditya chopra
j - uday chopra
k - mohabbatein
l - shamita shetty
m - shilpa shetty
n - ashmit patel
o - amisha patel
p - kaho na pyar hai
q - rakesh roshan
r - rajesh roshan
s - farah khan
t - sajid khan
u - jo jeeta wahi sikandar
v - aamir khan
w - farhan akhtar
x - zoya akhtar
y - luck by chance
z - shahrukh khan/hritik roshan

Art said...

I got this too. By the time i could post it. All the answers r ready :)

the girls from the land of dreams said...

Another bollywood cocktail in the bar.. this is a cool one....

Taurus Girl said...

No point giving the answers.. but cud get most of it in first reading... body related trend, lake, MMS, comedy movies were dead give aways.. few successive readings cracked the whole quiz.. :)
I love these quizzes... Keep them coming...

Ketaki... said...

Hey, I made a quiz too and I don't have that many readers leave alone Bollywood enthusiasts. I wanted to give it to someone who would be interested in solving it. Its fairly easy, if you like it, you can post it.. :)

A and B starred in movie C which was B's debut movie. The movie did pretty well and A claims it is one of his favorite movies. B's second movie was D with E. E's relative F has also done fairly in the industry. F made a debut with talented G in not so good movie H. G is rumoured be dating I for quite a long time now. I starred in criticially acclaimed movie J which also starred K who won a national award for the role. K's relative L is a yesteryear actress who is still active. In one of her regional movies she played mother to M who is made a certain dressing style pretty famous. M has a special connection to N who is famous for a particular genre of movies. O is another protege of N who acted in movie P which mentioned Q in its title. Q has given major blockbusters one of them being R which also had S. S is a relative of T. T has starred along with her husband in a hit multistarrer U which also featured V. TO close the loop V had a cameo in the movie with A and B.

Sravanthi said...

I actually got this one!!! SO kicked!

oxymoron said...

I am getting better at it, after not having a clue about the first 2 quizzes, I cracked this half-way, and lost the plot after mohabbatein...
Looking forward to the 4th edition of the quiz!

Arun said...

You are hereby conferred Bollywood University's Z.A. degree (or should it be A-to-Z degree?). To get a Ph.Z, your puzzle should include directors, producers, music directors, playback singers,etc., and should use at least all 56 basic glyphs of the Devanagari alphabet. Using the conjunct consonants (e.g., see will earn you Ph.Z. summa cum laude.

Achu said...

Koi naya post nahi?? Hum toh aapke archives padhke kaam chala rahe hain.. :(
I just love your writing... :)
Bollywood quizzes toh humare bas ke bahar hain... Hum toh E aur F pe pahunchne tak hi confuse ho jaate hain... :(