Thursday, November 25, 2010

Advant-age Aish

So my niece Aish calls after like a gazillion years. Obviously she's learnt something evil at school because her first question itself is politically quite incorrect.

Me - Hi Aishu, how are you??

Aish - Hi Mausi, how old are you?

Hainn?! Ahem. Ok fine. So I tell her my age.

Aish - And Mausa, how old are you?

Viv tells her his age.

We are still not fully over the depression when she drops the bomb.

Aish (and you can hear the pride in her voice) - I am FOUR YEARS OLD.


Aish - ??


I have something to say to the toddlers of the world -- there are some very insecure grown-ups around you, would you please just STOP SHOWING OFF???


Kavity said...

And yeah, what is with these toddlers, reminding us oh so often their age, saying "You know what! I am a big girl now. I am 4 years old". And, I am like, God, I don't remember when I was that!

Arun said...


The little toddlers around me want to be older, and the adults want to be younger. Enjoy what you have while you have it!

Arun said...

Oh, and by the way, the correct thing to do is not to tell them your age, but ask them to guess.

Since the guess might come back - you're fifteen (an inconceivably old age for a toddler) the actual number is of no consequence.

So say - How old is your Mummy? I'm younger (or older, as the case may be) than that.

Arun said...

Sorry for the hattrick, but it is Thanksgiving morning here in the US; and I want to give thanks for your blog :)

shub said...

Or two years old, as the case maybe.

They're growing up too fast. *sniff*

Tejal said...

omg that was really hilarious
and the last line (//Aish-??)might have been -
Aish - *really smug* :P

btw, for what its worth,
I'm twenty-one years old! :P

nightflier said...

Hilarious! :D

Raam Pyari said...


I now know some people for over 20 years :(


mythalez said...

such an apt title as always! :)

Dil se said...

Geez!! She is really learning stuff at school, specially how to trouble mausi-mausa:-)
My son(Also 4) does the same thing almost everyday with me, though, if it is any consolation for you :-)

Dil se said...
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Meenakshy said...

and its just the beginning.. I am still teasing my sister for not being adult which she reminded me that I wont be able to do after a few months.. :)
keep going Aish :)

Sudeep said...


Geomon said...

God she's four already!how long have i been here.i feel like rip van winkle. :P
the wierd thing is as kids, we usually tried to prove we were older than we were. so 9 and one tenth was upped to 10. now it is the other way round.

Sayesha said...

Hehehe! :D

Yeah, if it was that easy! :P
PS: Like the idea of making them guess though... I'd have got away with 15 methinks. :P
PS: Happy belated thanksgiving!

*sniff* Seriously! Soon she'll start talking like... us! :S

Gee, thanks! :/


#Raam Pyari,

Thanks! :)

#Dil se,
Hahaha! School is evil huh? :P



Hahaha true! :D

Neha said...


Sayesha said...