Tuesday, October 14, 2008



  • Must live in Singapore

  • Must love Bollywood (preferably be obsessed with it to the point of extreme irrationality)

  • Must be tolerant of people who have radio faces, but not radio voices

  • Must not be judgmental

  • Must not be a cynic

  • Must not roll eyes at everything

  • Must be able to stay awake in challenging situations

  • Must make time to appreciate the random things in life

  • Must be able to see the hidden humour in things

  • Must be able to appreciate irony

  • Must be determined to finish what they start

  • Must not always look for money's worth

  • Must be able to find money's worth in unlikely things

So seriously, who's up for sitting through Karzzzz with me? :D

Okay, fine! Hmmph! :/


Prithi Shetty said...

Me most definitely !! GOLD !

santasizing...Fantasizing said...

I sooooooooooo wish I was in Singapore this time...
I too am looking for some one to watch this movie with me..
bhai..any plans of Bangalore kya?

santasizing...Fantasizing said...

me yelling silver n bronze too..:D

Prats said...

I yell bronze!!!!

I am willing but alas I don't live in Singapore...

I will have to log my own wanted post for Pune people....

Iya said...

i would but i am not in Singapore... :(
and what do i yell??

Amey said...

What's the point in going to a movie with a group if you are not going to make fun of it? Especially if the movie has no caps and shadowed Z's...

Alice said...

I know just the person you want, but unfortunately (for you, for him, and for himace), he lives in bombay. :P

Nitin said...

hahahah.. gud one

Nidhi said...

Bhai !!

Aap seriously PATIENCE ki misaal ban gaye ho mere liye...

maxdavinci said...

Except fro the singapore bit, I qualify for almost everything else. But i'll watch the film with you in spirit!

Releases this week here in Detroit, so lets just share the imaginary popkorn. I hope you like it with butter!

Jai mata di Lets rawk!

Tarun said...

Mein iss paap ka Karzzz nahi utha sakta.

Aapka Karzz aaapko Mubarak.

Urv said...

Hah! Jis bewde ne bina daaru piye No Smoking dekhi ho uske liye yeh to kuch bhi nahi :) Ticket katwa dena Bhai. Apun zaroor aayega :D

Urv said...

aur Hidden Humour kaheka Bhai. Direct Bulls eye humour hai un dono ka.. kya bolte ho? :)

Revs said...

Errrr. i can quite understand your love-bordering-on-madness kinda pyaar for bollywood par Karz??? you gotta be kidding me?!?!? :D

Are u like trying to enter the guiness book of world records for "ability to sit through crappiest of movies without flinching" record or something?? :P

masti karo bhai!! :) (akele hi jaake dekh lo. mujhe lagta nahi koi aapke saath aane wala hai!! :D)

Koi Pahailee said...


tell me how it was :)

Koi Pahailee said...


tell me how it was :)

Arvind Iyer said...

Qualify on all counts (except for the cynic bit :D)

I too can't find human beings willing to put up with the movie.

May the force be with us.
May the tickets @ Jade be with us.

Archana said...

If you find another person, please to put up their picture here. I refuse to believe there are *two* people on this earth who voluntarily will sit through this movie!

Stupidosaur said...

Iya? What a name the blogger has has!

Arz Kiya Hai....
Karzzz Iya Hai...

Anyways Iya, You can yell EEEYEAAAAHHHH!

Stupidosaur said...

I mean whenever you visit singapore, Sayesha ke saath Karzz dekhna aap pe udhar (karz) raha.

Stupidosaur said...

Hmm I forgot I am suppose dto talk to Sayesha here..

Sorry me no qualify.

Singapore X
Bollywood love X
No radio buttons on face
I am quite cynical about me being cynic. So am I or not?
I roll no eyes. Just deyes (oops dice) end they sometimes show snake eyes.
So on and so forth.

PizzaDude said...

After sitting through 2.5 hours of crap called 'Salaam-E-Ishq', I can sit through 'Karzzzz' without batting an eyelid!

I have never watched a movie with Himesh in it. Am curious.

Unknown said...

me bhi me bhi wants to come...popcorn etc ka kharcha u'll hafta give, chalega?

Unknown said...
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Charan Deep Singh said...

Me me... I watched aap ka suroor first day.... i believe himes bhai has exceeded himself in KARZZZZ...... Full2 Monty is BACK.... hahaha

Charan Deep Singh said...

btw m new to ur blog.. may be a month or so.. wats this gold, soler, bronze terminology going on.. i suppose i m on track....

Anup said...

WOW! You are a true bollywood fan!

Sayesha said...

We'll watch it together then. Long-distance watching! :P

#Santa fanta,
No B'lore plans this year. :(

Hahaha! You'll probably have a better response rate than me. I read that autowallas love him! :)

Yell away my friend. Anything at all. :)

Of course you're allowed to make fun of it! But you gotta sit through the whole movie, no walkout and all! :D

Darn! :P


Yehahahaha! :D

Yeh hui na baat! Let there be free flow of popcorn. Like they say in Jaane bhi do yaaron, "Thoda khao thoda pheko!" :D

Hahahaha! Dekhna, bahut pachhtayega tu! :P :P :P

Hahaha! Theek hai, movie ka ticket toh katwa dega apun, tum zara flight ka ticket katwa lo! :P

:D :D :D

#Koi Pahailee,

#Arvind Iyer,
Ooh, finally someone in Singapore! Let's set up a 'Bloggers watch Karzzzz' party! :D

Hey I already have four, okay? Hmmph! Do not underestimate the power of the Karzzzz! :P


Holy cow! Even I fell asleep in Salaam-E-Ishq! :P

//I have never watched a movie with Himesh in it. Am curious.

Me tooooooooooooo! :D

Kyun nahin kyun nahin? Tere ko kharcha pani dega apun! :P Just show up! :D

#Charan Deep Singh,
Mumbai wale ho yaar... long-distance watching then! :D

//wats this gold, soler, bronze terminology going on..

Hahaha! Bole toh... bar mein ghusne ki race hai, jo bewda sabse pehle pahuncha, gold medal uska! :P

(Un)fortunately yes! :P

parikrama said...

Are there any free samosa's thrown in ?

p.s. : Which show (day / timing) are you planning to watch ?

p.s. 2 : Most of the times I sit with a straight face even when the whole theatre is falling off their seats. Would that be a problem ?

Somya said...

Mentioned below are few examples which prove that I fulfill all the criteria's mentioned except one:
1. I'ave seen salam e ishq twice(once coz I wanted to and second time coz I was forced to)
2. I'd shown all my friends Jhoom Barabar Jhoom last year on my birthday(n till date they curse me for the dat)
3. I watched "Drona" though nobodyelse wanted to so I had to blackmail my younger brother into watching this mmovie wid me and he has already disowned and already thrown me out of his weekly changing will(read ipod nano).

but the only problem is I don't live in Singapore.

rt said...

ha ha ha ROFL!
not me!

Sanchit said...

i wanna see.. i wanna see..
wait till november...

Unknown said...

Nooooo...how can you inflict such mindless cruelty on mankind. Its bad enough that someone made this movie, but no matter how great a bollywood fan you are you still will not be able to justify spending good money and time in watching a man who looks like a woebegone poodle (I hope no poodles/ poodle lovers read this blog)!!!

Urv said...

Kya Bhai abhi aap ke hote hue flight ticket ki ka zaroorat. Kuch idhar ka maal udhar waala chakkar chale ka apun ko out-of-countree nikalwa do na..

Anonymous said...


Well..I don't mind :)

and I do qualify.. :P

Stupidosaur said...

Your post inspired my. Just did not put up a Stupid* comment here once again. Instead made a Stupid* post at my blog.

*Registered Trademark

parikrama said...
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parikrama said...

How could you sleep on Friday night while Karzzzz was being played in Jade ? and you call yourself a bollywood freak ? [ shame shame ]

Since I didn't hear from you for one whole day, I just concluded that I have been Punk'd or in plain speak I thought you made a Popat out of me. So I invited myself over for "parikrama watches movie alone in theatre on Friday night" event..

In short, I have been there and done that ! much before the self proclaimed showbiz kitten ;-) [ shame shame ]

As for the movie goes,it was an out n out S&M event. People were there just to get sadistic pleasure of watching Himesh make an ass of himself on screen. The hooting, the cat calls and whistles when the opening credits rolled in.. I have witnessed such madness only when Baaba (starring Rajni) was premiered here. Apna paisa tabhich vasool ho gaya.

Sayesha said...

Yes, yes, there would have been samosas but you watched it without us! :/

Darn! Move to Singapore before Himesh's third movie releases! :P


Holiday in Singapore! :D

Note sure if you insulted Himesh or poodles! :P I think he looks more like a bulldog. :)

Yeahahaha! Theek hai sab ho jayega! :D

Left a comment on your blog with details. :)

Erm, okay. :)

Hawwwwwwwwwww! Gaddari??!! Arre ek din toh lagta hai aise lunatics ko dhoondne mein jo is movie ko dekhne ke liye taiyaar ho! Akele akele dekh liya?? Dhokhaaaaaaaaa! :'(