Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Hopelessly addicted

So I have been tagged by the Soul of Alec Smart to describe five of my addictions.

I am very much into shoes. If I had my way (and shitloads of money of course), I'd have two pairs for every outfit. That would make it close to 300 pairs. In fact, I believe that some day Viv would design me a system which is as follows: Imagine a huge room full of neatly-stacked shoe shelves. The shelves contain shoes of every colour and kind. But you do not have to go in to pick a pair. You just flash a part of your outfit at a tiny sensor on the door, and the LCD screen on the door will show you all the shoes in the room that will go with that outfit. You make your selection (touchscreen, of course), a flap lifts, and a robotic arm polishes the shoes and presents them to you. The system is smart -- it doesn't just map the colour of the outfit to the shoes, it can do a contrast-mapping as well. You can select filters (flats, heels, high heels, straps) or you can just let the system show you everything it has. If for some reason no match is found, the system will then do a search on online shoe shops and present you with the available selection. A touch of the screen will instantly place the order and the shoes will be delivered the same day (your shoe size is, of course, prerecorded in the system). Yes, this is how the system will work. Chalo Viv, designing shuru kar do. Mere khayaal se kuchh saal lag jayenge.

Bollywood has been an obsession since I was a kid. Strange, considering no one in my family is into it. My sundays would begin with Rangoli and end with the afternoon movie on Doordarshan. (Dad wouldn't allow cable TV till my board exams were over.) I'd study during the ad breaks. Incidentally, my sister would only turn up to watch the ads, after which she'd go back to studying. Of course, she was my partner in crime when we would watch Chitrahaar on mute, and our parents would think that we were doing our homework. When I landed in Singapore at the age of 18, I brought with me a large suitcase, my parents' blessings, and a love for Bollywood in my heart, which only grew stronger over the years. It's not like I don't recognise the flaws of Bollywood - the excessive song & dance, the melodrama, the length of movies, the lack of subtlety - but then that's true love, isn't it? To love something in spite of its flaws? I belong to a particular breed of people who believe that only they are born with the right to point out the flaws in Bollywood. If someone else dares to diss it, uska toh... kharcha pani!

I may be a fitness freak, but when it comes to cheesecake, I never say no. Friends and colleagues are fully aware of how much of a weakness I have for cheesecake and how easily I can be bribed with it. And oh, the best cheesecake I've had? American Club, of course. Simply unbelievable.

Pani puri
When I was 10 years old, my cousin Sid challenged me to eat 30 pani puris. I did. Without batting an eyelid. I was legend. Pani puri also featured prominently in my wedding dinner menu. Of course, I didn't get to eat any, but that's another heart-breaking story. I like the sadak-chhap pani puri, the kind they serve in a folded leaf that's held together by its own stem. The very spicy kind that you eat by the road, accompanied by hazaar aansoo. The kind where you say, "Bhaiya, achhe se mirchi maarke dena!" Thoda ro, thoda khao type. Best pani puri I have had so far? Calcutta, followed by Cuttack. Mumbai ki pani puri was nothing compared to that. And don't even get me started on the nonsense they serve in Singapore, maligning the good name of pani puri.

Viv used to call me a net-addict. Yes, it was true a few years ago, but not anymore. I think I'm much better now. It used to be worse. I was addicted, to the net, specifically to blogging. I'd be uneasy if I was away from the computer for more than a couple of hours, and every chance I'd get, I'd check my blog, and the comments, and then other people's blogs, and their replies to my comments, and other people's replies to my comments, and what not. But then those were the days when I had a full-time job and part-time studies and I still managed to write 30 posts in a month. I don't know how the hell I did that, and why I don't can't do that anymore. Sigh, that's another heart-breaking story. These days, I don't get on the net so much, even though I am on the computer at work all day. What's there on the net anyway? News is depressing, Gmail is empty, Facebook has become B.O.R.I.N.G. Blogging and reading blogs is something I still enjoy though. Thankfully. Who knows, maybe after retirement, I'll get back to writing 30 posts a month? If that happens, I do hope some of you bewdas are still around blogsphere too. We can grow old together, tag each other, look back at our lives and smile, while our grandkids laugh at us and the old-fashioned concept of "blogging".


Prithi Shetty said...

Thats growth ! Gazal, Jaggu, shero shayari se jump karke growing old & grandkids :)

Your blog has a pre & post marriage texture. Like in real life. But dont reduce your # of posts.

Btw does Ghazal fit in the list ? Do you want to add more ? We would like to read.


Unknown said...

Please Ask Viv to design one for me as well... I want every beautiful pair of sandals available in market in my cupboard... Wish I get them.. :(

Bhai do try Pani Puri in North India... You will love it.... I miss it so much...But i m glad i have found a pani puri wala in mumbai which serves kind of similar to Jaipur...
Which reminds me... I will go and have it today itself after office.....:)))

Nidhi said...

Let me claim Bronze and this time Silver too since it hasn't been claimed as yet :D



Hihi now i can read d post ;)

Nidhi said...

Bhai !! The day Viv gifts you your dream show closet, ask him to look at us all too :D I think almost every girl on this planet would want a closet like that :)

Seems I have started following your steps... I have started blogging few months back only and am madly in love with it :D My knowns call me a net addict :D

And hey !! I had stopped blogging for some reasons and after that long exile from blog world... the first blog I read was urs :) and it was after following up ur blog for almost 2 months and ofcourse motivation from few close frenz that I came back to blogging :) So, unknowingly hi sahi :) aap ne mujhe is blog duniya mein fir se laa diya :)

Thanks Bhai :)

Nidhi said...

Shoe Closet *

Shalini Gowrisankar said...

It was fun raeding about your addictions, I'm crazy abt pani puri s as well.

Urv said...

Kisne bola Gmail empty rehta hai.. Apna mail check karyo.. :P

Aur haan Bollywood shucks :P And so does Jimmy Tigergill :P :P

I wonder if I will wake up alive tomorrow after making the above 2 statements.. :D

Stupidosaur said...

Aha. We need people like you on the blogsphere who keep exponential explosion of irrelevant inconsequential informaton in check.

What woould the world come to if every tagged person tagged 5-6 other!

Facebook boring? Come back to orkut. Its now supposed to have privacy features like facebook.
My friendship request will be waiting. (As you know I am not yet on Facebook :) :( )

Anyways I don't use my orkut account either :P

By the way its fine if Viv ->designs<- the system for you. But if he actually makes it for you, will you be left with the money to buy shoes to keep in it?

(Oh wait I better run, for all I know, you guys maybe super rich)

The Soul of Alec Smart said...

hey sayesha, this is indeed a very nice list. sardar khush hua. the shoe system seems like an artificial intelligence masterpiece :) and i do share your love for bollywood. high-five for that!

mythalez said...

pani puri yayy !!

and yeah the ones I used to have in Orissa are much better than in Pune/Delhi/Hyd/Blore etc etc!

Sayesha said...

Hahaha! Age is catching up, eh? :P
PS: Yeah, I do love ghazals, but not so much to the point of obsession. :)

//Bhai do try Pani Puri in North India

Haha! Isse zyada generic statement nahin maar sakti thi? :D North India bole toh which state, which city? :P

Hahaha! Poor Viv just read it last night and started laughing. I think he won't design it. Hmmph! :/

Great to know that you're back to the blogging world with a bang! :D

Same pinch! :P

Hahaha! Abbe tu char maheene mein ek email likhta hai and kehta hai mail check karyo?? :P

//Aur haan Bollywood shucks :P And so does Jimmy Tigergill :P :P

Bas... supari pata hai kya hota hai? :|

And just why are you still on blogsphere reading the exponential explosion of irrelevant inconsequential informtion shared by us boring bloggers?

#The Soul of Alec Smart,
High five! :D

Man, now I'm craving for Cuttack ka pani puri!! :'(

Iya said...

hey Sayesha, i assume u wrote the post in humor but somehow it makes me feel sad and nostalgic.. I dunno the reason but I guess its coz life has become so stressed out with work load...

Unknown said...

Arrey Bhai...North India mein try in Rajsthan or UP...
They serve awsome wali pani puri... :P

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

where in bombay did you eat pani puris?

നിലാവ് said...

These days i am addicted to your blog.. :) Sayesha you rock!!

"thaliyan aapkeliye" :)

dharmu said...

bhai... totally cant understand the dont-cant mode :(

er..you still the "bhai" na?? or changed?? been ages since i even net-tified.

shub said...

Please put a patent on that system idea. Seriously.

And hey, Jan 1st ka pani puri wasn't bad okay :D

Sayesha said...

Waaa... the last part made me sad too... old age scares me... :(

Cool! I'm headed to Rajasthan soon, will check out the pani puri there. :D

#Ipanema Gal,
Arre welcome back! Long time no see! :) I had pani puri at the chaupati. It was ok-ok.

#New commentator,
Welcome to my blog. Sorry I can't copy-paste your nick so I'm calling you new commentator. :)

*rubs eyes*
*rubs eyes more*
*eyes hurt*
Is it you?? Is it really you?? Abbe Harley Dada! Kahan they itne din?? :D

Muahahaha! :D

//And hey, Jan 1st ka pani puri wasn't bad okay :D

Hahaha! Yeah, it wasn't. But we still gotta perfect the thin kinda puris. Maybe some things are just not meant to be made at home! :P

Urv said...

Abe kahan ke 4 mahine!! pehle ginti sikh ke aaiyo tussi..

Supari apun ko bot pasand hai.. mast paan mein daal ke chaba jaata hain :P :P

Shanks_P said...

Nice addictions ...and best part its still going on strong it seems ...
Don't know if u have seen the movie 'Italina Job', where one person dreams about a room ful of shoes ....Now i know those r not fiction characters ;)

Nice wrtie up bhai....


Stupidosaur said...

//And just why are you still on blogsphere reading the exponential explosion of irrelevant inconsequential informtion shared by us boring bloggers?

Umm who said exponential explosion of irrelevant inconsequential information is a bad thing?

Its a good thing. But like Buddha or some other wise guy said too much of a good thing is a bad thing. So I was congratulating you, thanking you for keeping the good thing in check by not tagging anybody else after taking the tag.
You did the tag (increasing the good thing by some amounts) but did not tag anyone else (thus keeping the good thing in check). The ideal path of moderation, the middle path. Now Smiling Buddhaji will smile on you (whatever that means)

Anyways I am a boring blogger too.

Proof? This comment is the best proof of boring.

Anup said...

Hmmm, I like that idea! Grow old together as bloggers in the blogsphere. Sounds like a plan :D

shweta said...

wow pani puri/golguppa/ puchka has been one of my addictions too nd u bet nothing can beat da kolkata puchkas.


qqq said...

hi there,

have been reading daily. Had to reply to this one.

--- 'I do hope some of you bewdas are still around blogsphere too. We can grow old together, tag each other, look back at our lives and smile,'

Loved this sentence the best.. achha bonding ka feeling hua. you bet, i'll be around

Shan said...

Your mind works super-computer...you have put all the techno-fiction of hollywood in your design...wowwww its like watching a trailor of Shoe Wars...

Shan said...

:) you forgot this one...when the system could not find one matching on Earth, it has to start searching the other planets...

Guyzzzzz, Don't we have anything at all like this....we need to come with a design for our choices too (btw,do we have any choices..blingggggg!!!!)...

kartoos said...

you have made me a blog addict as well

aMus said...

nice addictions...and that shoe closet sounds tempting...my sis is a HUGE shoe fiend...

and chitrahaar ...that was good too