Sunday, March 05, 2006

Zabardast tag!

"I zabardasti ("by use of force") made Thanu tag me." writes my good friend ROS.

Haha, I laugh. Zabardasti ka tag it seems!

And then I read her post. She finishes the tag and ends it with:

Tagging: Sayesha [I know she aint gonna do it. But, if I dont tag her she gets disappointed also :P]

Sheesh. Great. Not so haha funny anymore. Now I am also in the zabardasti ka tag group. I guess this post of mine triggered her to say that.

And then I see Virdi's comment on her post. "Sayesha you tag me... i also want to do this thing... pls pls pls... "

Ya allah!

Looks like everyone wants to be zabardasti ka tagged.

So okay, here's my post and I hereby zabardasti tag Virdi. :)

4 Jobs that I have had (before my current one):

4 English movies I can recommend to anyone:
  • Harold and Kumar go to White Castle
  • Before Sunrise
  • Anna and the King
  • Big Fish

4 Hindi movies I can recommend to anyone:

  • Sheesh. Too many.

4 Places I've lived in, that linger in my memory:

  • Bihar/Jharkhand - I spent about 12 years of my childhood here. Most of my clearest childhood memories are from here.
  • Kodai Kanal - It was the first hill station I had ever visited. I was really young but I do remember that the clouds were so low, I could touch them. And for the first time, I realised that my theory was wrong.
  • Cuttack - My birthplace. We used to go back every year during the summer holidays, and get royally spoilt by grandpa and grandma.
  • Puri - Every year, all our cousins would gather at Cuttack and we'd drive to the Puri beach. I will never be able to forget the drives, the company, the experience, the beach, and the art.

4 TV shows I will remember: (I've only included shows that I watched on TV and excluded the ones that I used alternative sources (ahem!) to watch, e.g. Scrubs, FRIENDS, That 70s show, and my all-time favourite Sex and the City.)
  • Dekh Bhai Dekh - The funniest TV show of my childhood. I used to be such a big fan of Shekar Suman!
  • Circus - Remember Shah Rukh's pre-stardom days when he was just another innocent-looking TV actor? Who knew what was in store for him then?
  • Jeena Isi Ka Naam Hai - I think the concept of the show is just brilliant.
  • Movers and Shakers - Shekhar Suman strikes again!

4 Vacations I will always remember:
  • Cambodia - The best vacation of my life till date. More here.
  • London - Woke up one day and decided I wanted to see snow in real. Packed my bags and left for London by myself. And it snowed. :)
  • Perhentian/Redang - The most beautiful beaches I've ever seen. (Tioman comes close though.) More here.
  • Hong Kong - Too many reasons.

4 Places I'd rather be right now:
  • Home - Eating Mummy ke haath ka khana, and watching MTV India :'(
  • U.S. - With my sister, jeeju and Aish, and my friends (some of whom I have never seen in real life)
  • Koh Samui - It was but a dream...
  • Hong Kong - Only one reason this time.

4 Foods I love:
  • Pani puri
  • Pani puri
  • Pani puri
  • Pani puri

Hmm... I'm done.

So who wants to be zabardasti tagged next? :D


Sahil said...


I'm first :)

Surprise of surprises, even though I've hardly been on the computer of late, I happen to just catch sayesha at a time when she's just posted.

I just stuffed myself silly with pani puri last night. AMAZING stuff!

oh and "Harold and Kumar go to White Castle"???? Really?

will have to check it out then.

Macho Girl said...

I would much rather be anywhere else except my room right now!!! Darn these exams. I am pretty much imprisoned in here till exams are done :(

But I wud also rather be at home eating food cooked by mom and watching "indian" star world :)

bharti said...

i m second :)
not dat i compete with all the enthusiastic readers of ur blog...i m happy being a silent reader ;)

it was a gr8 tag..
and i love panipuri too...
i think i wud zabardasti tag myself ;)

Negative Creep said...

Harold and Kumar Go To White Castle is \m/

That movie was too goddamn funny. can't wait for the sequel...

"Is this your bush?? Do you have a special bond with this bush?? F***ing tree-hugger"

Rays Of Sun said...

Dekh I would not have known so many things about you if not for this tag:D
Tu shani hai bahut..elastic jaise cheez khichtee hai...:P
4 movies bola to split karke..english/hindi likha...Muhahahahha
Ive been to Kodai too...wahan one bandar snatched my banana..:(
I liked Circus too...
US..yeahhh!! Jaldi aa...
Bahut accha likha baccha! Net time firse tag karegee:))

Rays Of Sun said...

Real seems...Hum kya "unreal"life ke dost hain kya???
Helooo..Jaagooo....we are not in dreams..hum sab alive hain..happy n kicking:D

Kaala Kavva said...

kitni bhukhi hai
pani puri pani puri!


P.S. yeh word verif. BAHUT irritating hai! damn1

Anonymous said...

Ze - tune mere muh ka comment cheen liya. Wapis kar!!

Sayesha tune accha kiya jo first flight mein jahaj ki khidki nahin kholi. Tere ko thand lag jaati to?


Sayesha said...

Ah, the man returns to my blog. Kahan they itne din?

//I just stuffed myself silly with pani puri last night.

And you're telling me this? How heartless are you man? :/

And yes, you should totally watch the movie. If you like Russel Peters kinda stuff, you will LOVE this movie! :D

#Macho Girl,
All the best for the exams! :)
ps: I wanna watch Indian Star World too! :(

Hahahahaha! Do it soon, we wanna read your zabardasti tag too! :D

#Negative Creep,
There's a sequel????? Tere muh mein ghee shakkar! No wait, that's fattening. Tere muh mein celery lettuce! :D

Hahaha! Arre yaar, I can't name 4 movies without separating Eng/Hindi! Otherwise saare ke saare Hindi ho honge, and waise bhi 4 is a very small number to represent the number of Hindi movies I like! 4 English movies list karna bahut aasaan hai, 4 Hindi movies bahut mushkil! :P

//Real seems...Hum kya "unreal"life ke dost hain kya???

Ullu, meet in real life as opposed to blog/yahoo/MSN/email! Sheesh! :/

//hum sab alive hain..happy n kicking

Kicking toh teri ass ki hogi, Sash ko US pahunchne toh de! :D

Tu reh India se baahar, phir dekhna kaise tadapta hai pani puri ke liye! Hmmmph! :/
ps: I want pani puri!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :(
pps: I hate WF too!!! :(

Oye mere blog par chheena-jhapti?? :O
ps: How's the new job? :)

Anusha said...

Nooo! I always manage to catch these mid-afternoon posts as soon as they come, but I'm late this time cuz I was sitting in the kitchen studying sincerely. Hmph :(

Hehe, the only thing I remember when someone mentions 'Harold and Kumar...' is "Battleshits!!!" That scene made me laugh till my sides ached; even the memory of it now is enough to send me into peals of laughter!!! :D

And yeah, even I'd loooove be home right now, eating Mum's food. Paaaav Bhaji!!! :'( And don't remind me of TV...I miss Star World and VH1!!! *sob*

And hee, I used to watch Dekh Bhai Dekh and Movers and Shakers aaaages ago. much time has passed since then. *goes into pensive mood*

R said...

Oops, I missed quite a lot over here!

I miss Dekh Bhai Dekh!

Anonymous said...

// How's the new job?

Abhi join nahin kari, 15th ko karunga.


Anonymous said...

Why did this towel head take the bad light offer when India had a good chance with Lakshman and Kaif still on to support him and 108 required in 70 balls. Not an easy target but worth a shot. This comming from him who smashed a 50 in 18 balls when he was just 16. Endulkar indeed!


Anonymous said...

eeep! wrong blog! It was for virdee.


Anonymous said...

Should check out the other movies...watched the sunrise n sunset one, it was good.

Koh Samui....hope you get to visit it soon. Kahan hai woh. And nice vision there.....your hearing the jokes, the leg-pulling etc...when u strain your ears....lovely thought n expression :).

And you took off to london on your own one day? You are an inspiration Sash :).

Remember...some of the TV serials with great fondness. How nice it'd be go back to those times in India. Sigh..

Hey Sash...pani puri S'pore mein milta hoga na??? Or ones u can buy from the stores?

Vikram said...

I want pani puri now... :(

Big Fish - awesome movie :). Like it a lot.

Cuttack huh? Pretty cool... never been to eastern India... knew a girl from Mizoram! she always complained about Bangalore saying there is nothing happening here. Wonder what actually "happens" in Mizoram.

Rays Of Sun said...

Sab places Dallas jaise nahi hain..:(
Taj Imports has one of the awesomest pani puri ever!!!!
Tujhe kahan se junta milte hain re?Esp girls:D
Wonder what you would say,when you finally get to miss Dhabaks!!!

Pradyot said...

Yay!! I am in the first 20!! (For the first time)
Yaar yeh 'zabardasti ka tag' aur mera 'tag mafia' mil kar kaam kare to iss blogging (under)world par hum raj kar sakte hai... what say? Kisi neutral turf pe milte hai??

Suds said...

Hey Sayesha, I am going to take this zabardasti ka tag to next level. Here on I consider myself tagged. So I will write on this tag next.. hehehehhee. Thanks Sayesha for virtually tagging me. hehehhehe Enjoy and do read it if u get time..:)

Deepti Ravi said...

pani puri... wow.. anyday!!!i envy u ur vacations!! sounds awesome!! and i loved dekh bhai dekh!! It was such a fantastic serial.. sonnnuuuuuuuuuu...!!! Loved zhabhan zambhalkae ( how do you pronounce that????!!!! :) ) too!!

Sayesha said...

Hahaha! My fav scene was "Thank you come again!" Hahahaha! Let's get together after exams and have a screening! :D

DBD kicked ass! :D

Arre wah! Toh tu vella baitha hai? Ek idea hai mere paas! Khud ka blog shuru kar le! :D
ps: How did you possibly manage to post a comment meant for Virdi's blog here?? Talli hokar blogs padh raha tha kya?? :D

Koh Samui Thailand mein basa jannat ka tukda hai! Some day I plan to go on a mega holiday to that place with all my blog friends. Aati kya Koh Samui? :D

//And you took off to london on your own one day?

Hehehe... kabhi kabhi mann karta hai achaanak hi kuchh karne ka! :P

//pani puri S'pore mein milta hoga na???

Yahan ka pani puri???? YIKES! Milta hai na, paanch dollar mein chaar pani puris, woh bhi absolutely tasteless. :s

Arre I want pani puri too! When I get there na, intzaam karke rakhna! Airport par meri aarti utarna pani puri wali thali se! :D

Cooios dhabak! Hmmmph! Hahahaha! :D

Hahahaha! Bhaiyon ke bhai ko proposal pasand aaya! :D

Sheesh! You're beginning to sound like Virdi now! :)

Shux man... they should sell DVDs of Dekh Bhai Dekh! :(

Deepa said...

Playin' in the snow... :)wud be my nxt POA

Pani puri :)

The Girl Who Sold The World said...

Hi Sayesha!
Pehchaan kaun? :> monkey bhi nahin, langoor bhi nahin, parrot bhi nahin, chidiya bhi nahin...I'm....*drums roll* THE GIRL! Hahaha...okay, back for just some minutes at blogspot...aise hi, timepass ke liye. ;)

Okay, ahem...pehle toh yeh batao...what the heck is a "model scout"? Someone who models for Scouts and Guides? :P
Next..."Harold And Kumar Go To White Castle" Samajh aa gayi na? :P
And guess whaaaaaaaaaaat?! Dekh Bhai Dekh's old episodes are still shown on Sony!!! YIPEEEEEEE!!! I catch them whenever I can...muahahahaha. You poor folks...ab yeh mat kehna, "tere muh mein keede, tere muh mein dhool"...:D
Hey is there some temple in Cambodia which is partially covered with gold? I think I saw some pic like that in an illustrated atlas.
AND the grand finale of my bakwaas...I HAD PAANI PURI JUST AN HOUR AGO!!! Lalalalala...didn't have breakfast. Seedhe pani puri khaayi...MUAHAHAHA. ;)

And I'm already tagged with this.

Oh, and a biiiiiig HELLO to everyone, except Creep, Chapaat and Rohit.

Ab main apni shakal 11 din baad dikhaoongi. Ta-ta!

P.S.: Tell Sahil to give my gold back in a sharif manner or I'll have to use my own means to get it back...*sinister smile*

What a loooooong comment! :O

Anonymous said...

hi..first timer here..
just couldn't believe that u like the movie Harold and kumar..i hated it so much that i stopped eating burgers after seeing the movie :-)

Surya Ragunaathan said...

Movers and Shakers rocked and so did Jeena isi ka naam hai, my favs too. Btw, have u ever watched this show cald kehne mein kya harz hai hosted by Sajid Khan. He was too funny! Also, MTV Bakra(u miss Broacha, dont u?)...hmm, the list just goes on.....
nice post, sayesha
(ps: pani puri....slurp!slurp! :)

Anonymous said...

// Khud ka blog shuru kar le! :D

Log marenge bahut!

//How did you possibly manage to post a comment meant for Virdi's blog here??

Tere blog ka comment window khula tha, main virdee ke blog pe gaya aur comment maar diya tere window pe. Tujhe bataya na dimag se thoda paidal hoon. :p


Jay said...

"Big Fish"

Thats an awesome movie!

The Individualist said...

I know what someone who craves for your attention has to do. Stand by your side with two pani puris in hand. :p

kiraN said...

Mmmm.... pani puri, i like it.. :)

Pujya said...

i hate panipuri..eeks.

Sayesha said...

Oh yeah! I remember my first snowball fight. AWESOME! Every time I look at the video, I can feel the snow down my neck... brrrr :P

#The Girl,
Oye! Padhaai-wadhaai-kadhaai chhodke tu yahan kya kar rahi hai? Ian ko pata chal gaya toh waat laga dega teri! :O

A model scout is a person who scouts models amidst everyday crowds.

DBD on Sony??? Sheesh! I must get Sony! :O

//ab yeh mat kehna, "tere muh mein keede, tere muh mein dhool"

Arre why would I say that? Paagal hai kya?? :O

Temple partially covered with gold? Arre woh toh Punjab mein hai na? :P

//HAD PAANI PURI JUST AN HOUR AGO!!! Lalalalala...didn't have breakfast. Seedhe pani puri khaayi...MUAHAHAHA.

Tere muh mein keede, tere muh mein dhool!!! :/

Sahil se khud baat kar le, uski meri katti hai aaj kal. :/

//Log marenge bahut!

Arre isiliye toh suggest kiya! :P

Yeah, loved it! :)

#The Individualist,
Hahaha! I think the person will still not get any attention from me, because all my attention will be with the pani puris! :P ~ ~

Welcome to Sayeshaz! :) Pani puri ki jai ho! :D

You don't like pani puri???????????? You need immediate medical assistance! :/

Anonymous said...

Blog friends party at Koh Samui! Sounds wonderful :-). Invitation taken Sash! :-)

Ohoh....tasteless haan? Been a while since I had that here even though it's available. I am just thinking about my mouth stuffed with that while people are looking on...nahii....hahaaa. Hey, too bad it can't be mailed? Nahi toh main zaroor kar deti for you :).

Kusum Rohra said...

Pani puri .... Yum N Yum and hey count me in for any zabardasti ka tag haaan pls :)