Thursday, March 23, 2006

It's your call

A boring Statistic class can make Sayesha's mind work in weird ways.

So I am in class and my bag starts making eerie sounds.

My neighbour was doing her presentation, and the prof had plonked himself on her seat, just beside mine.

Whirrrr.... whirrrrr... vibrated my phone inside my bag. I ignored it.

The prof was looking at my CPU in puzzlement. So I pretended to look at the CPU in puzzlement too.

Luckily, the whirring stopped soon.

As soon as the prof got up, I took the phone out to see which moronic friend had been calling me smack in the middle of my class.

Missed call from the HR department.

Oh okay.

WHAT???!!!! Wait a minute. Missed call from the HR department??? At 9 in the night???? Why why why????

Why on earth would they call me at 9 pm in the middle of my class?

There was a voice mail but obviously being in class, I could not check it immediately. I had to wait till the end of the class. So I started thinking of all kinds of possibilities (yes yes, it was a really really boring statistics class) that the missed call could have represented.

"Sayesha, we suddenly realised how hard you have been working, and we have decided to double your pay with immediate effect. And we could not sleep till we had told you."

Errr... maybe not.

or how about "Sayesha, we have decided to retract the promotion we gave you in October. We suddenly felt that you don't quite deserve it. And again, we could not sleep till we had told you."

What could it be?? Curiosity was killing me!

And my mind started churning out other possibilities. Suddenly I wondered - what if I'd just been fired? Over voicemail.

"Sayesha, you need not come to work tomorrow. Or anytime after that."

Whoa! :O

I know someone who was retrenched over email. In today's world of mergers and acquisitions, anything can happen. The best can be out of a job for no reason. So this was possible, even though I see no reason why they would wanna fire me.
But then you never know. Queer things happen in the workplace.

And I started thinking of what I would do if it was indeed a 'You're fired!' message.

First thought, "Darn! I just turned down white ship's offer!"

And the thought that immediately followed was "Maybe it's an elaborate ploy by HR. They wanna get rid of me so they can drink up all my Thums Up which is still at my desk!"


[Added by popular demand - the 'not so happening' end to the story]

Basically, HR had scheduled me to interview some candidates for my team the next morning, but had forgotten to ask me if I was free in those slots.

Okay, I think someone needs to thwack me on the head with a rolled-up newspaper and drive the following into my head.

"Sayesha, everything in the world is not about your Thums Up!"


R said...

@chotu singh---hehehehehehhehehhe
*smug luk*

R said...

and fr all those arnd, i read the post before i commented!
*superior luk*

same here, you know...i too get the weirdest ideas when i miss a call, or some one calls on the landline and i am nt available..

but dunt wory, aapka thums up safe rahega, mera asheerwaad hai!
*angelic smile*

Sriniketh S said...

Me first !!! Again !!!!

Did anyone from HR have a thums up.....maybe they liked it a lot and wanted to thank you for it by giving u a promotion

Sriniketh S said...

I cant believe it !!!!
i missed gold....

I too read the post b4 commenting

tough luck :-(

R said...

if someone makes a frwony ( :( )
then i canno bear it...
u can take the gold..leh loh, leh loh, but frowny na banao:(

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

sayesha's doling out dem posts! now i can't catch up and i can't claim my golds.
@mw: if u really did read the post before commenting "GOLD" why didnt you comment about the post first?? haan? haan?
dont lie about it now.. take your superior look back...;)

sayesha, hope the thums up are safe and salaamat. (oh, and your job too ;) )

Siddhu said...

Okay, I'm unbelievably curious! What was it? Did they steal your thums up?

Siddhu said...

And that Thums up story - I just read it! That's like real cool!!!

R said...

@the girl---cuz i as i read and reached the end i saw...0 comments(!!!!!!!!!!!)
now ,...
being the super fast brain that i am....
i thot ...
that if i use up time riting abt the gold will go!!!!

and as u can see, my next comment is aftr 2 mins,now although i am indeed a fast reader*blush blush* but 2mins is too less to read tha post naa....

I hence and therefore defend my gold and my intergrity.
*very very serious luk* no more drama.
over and out!

Anonymous said...

CPU? And btw, what was the call about?

virdi said...

abe what did the HR guys tell?? Voice mesage kya tha?? Are you going to office tomorrow?? Did you get more Thums Up??? Kuch toh bata meri amma...

Virdi bites off all his finger nails... He is now biting his neighbours finger nails... Bite Bite Bite...


ritzkini said...

drama-queen !
What was the call about !???!!!

Jeevan Baretto said...

Yeh kya tha.. It was like an abrupt movie ending..?!
May be some one wanted to give you just a mis call .. u know abhi mis call ka zamana he.. some one must be thinking about u .. thats all..!! :-)

Shobana said...

i was readin n the post just ended??? wht happened girl? why did they call? u can always buy thumbs up!

Himanshu said...

hey..just with ur blogs..first time..
but it was all about somewat like a movie without a ending..
I feel u must get ur appraisal..they must have called u to fill up ur appraisal form!! :)]


Anonymous said...


It is with regret we inform you that all the Thums Up has been done away with. I perfornally drank three bottles. I couldn't help imagining how jealous you would feel. :D

Anonymous said...

yay! 17th... I am 17th!!

okay... some one needs to thawck you real good!! Padhai par dhyan do madam!!

Sayesha said...

//and fr all those arnd, i read the post before i commented!
*superior luk*


//aapka thums up safe rahega, mera asheerwaad hai!

Hehehe... mere job ko bhi aise type ka ek aashirwaad de do na! :)

Hahaha! Nope, no one at work has tried Thums Up yet. :P

#Ipanema girl,
//dont lie about it now.. take your superior look back...;)

HAHAHA! Gosh, you guys are cracking me up this morn! :D

//sayesha, hope the thums up are safe and salaamat. (oh, and your job too ;) )

Thank you thank you. I just checked on both. They're fine! :)

Hehehe... I have updated the story to include the end :)

Shaabash! Kya dimaag hai :D

You dunno CPU??? :O :O
Central Processing Unit, the big dabba next to your monitor? Hehehe... kidding... yes, my classes are held in the computer lab because we work with SPSS software for Statistics.
ps: Updated the story to include the end :)

Haan re, voice mail tha... I have updated the post to complete the story.

//Virdi bites off all his finger nails... He is now biting his neighbours finger nails...

Eeeeksss!!! Okay, you're gonna stay away from my pretty hands when I meet you, okay?? :O

In the words of the famous Russell Peters, every Indian girl who watches too many Bollywood movies is a drama queen! :P

ps: Post updated to complete the story :)

Hahaha! Missed calls ka zamana hai, lekin missed calls from HR?? :O
And if HR is thinking about me at 9 pm, something is either very right or very wrong! :P

Post updated. Yes yes, I can always buy Thums Up, but nothing can ever taste like free Thums Up! :P

Hey, welcome to Sayeshaz! :) Movie's ended now, you can scroll up and read! :)

#HR Department,
Nice try, Vikram! ;)
ps: Wait, is this Tinku?
pps: Hang on, Virdi??
ppps: ROS, tu hai na?
Sheesh... ok no more guesses! :P

Hahaha! Aao thakur! Kahan they padhai pradhaan? :)

Rays Of Sun said...

Mera comment kahan hai????????
I swear maine likha tha...

tcr_79 said...

Haha :) well written...

Sriniketh S said...

I take my frowny back :) Keep the gold!!!! (thanks for the gesture)

all's well that ends well :) :)

Anonymous said...

so u get to drink all the thums-ups :)

Raj said...

You should have gone to the bathroom and seen (or heard) what the message was. Kyon faltoo mein itna tension??

And the Thums up is still left?

You disappoint me!!

BP said...

Hahaha! P.S. Save a bottle for me! I wanna see what the big hoo-haa is all abt! ;P

AJ ! Serendipity !!! said...

one cant predict the behaviour of the HR
cool post

Neha Sinha said...

@ moonwalker
this time *neha burst into tears* :P

@ THE sayesha

i left tab thumps tha?..i came bak tab bhi thumps hai...i'll be coming bak..kab tak thumps up rahega? ;)

..m having thumps up just now :D

virdi said...

haat yar... khooda pahaad nikla kabootar... so boring... waste of enegry and time and dimag... and also my neighbours nails...


virdi said...

abe hero ki amma i mean sayesha.... I am not HR department... I am Virdi and just Virdi... Like Madona... Just Madona... ;-)


Anonymous said...

Padhai what!!??

You seriously don't know me if you say that...

Kusum Rohra said...

Wohi to wohi to ... reading thid the first thing that came to my mind was oh God now why does she have to mention her thumbs up again *grrr* kitan jallayegi yaar :(

Siddhu said...

Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!! :P

Sayesha said...

Sapne mein likha kya? :O

Thanks! :)
ps: Long time no see! :)


Not really... am being charitable too! :)

Of course it's still left. Zindagi ki achhi cheezon ka maza dheere dheere lena chahiye! :)

Done. I just hope you like it. It's a very 'acquired-taste' kinda thingie. :P

Thanks! :)

Are you drunk on Thums Up, bacha? :)

You're like Madona? HAHAHAHAHA! :D

Arre you look very padhai-likhai types yaar! :)

Hehehehe.. Thums Up - Taste the thunderrrr! :D


tcr_79 said...

Have been off blogging and reading blogs...

I guess I should still keep reading even I have not got much to write

Sayesha said...

Good to see you back yaar, drop by now and then to say Hi! :)

Anonymous said...

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