Tuesday, December 27, 2005

What was that again??

I am very particular about song lyrics. Hindi ones especially. (I don't care too much about English song lyrics, 'cos half of them are indecipherable to me anyway.)

I get incredibly pissed off if someone sings the wrong words or changes the order of the words of a song.

But I gotta admit I am guilty of it too. There is actually a list of songs for which I did not get the lyrics right the first time. When you hear a song for the first time, and the volume is either too high or too low, you may hear the wrong thing. And the lyrics may sound really really weird, when actually, they're not.

So here is a list of such songs that I heard all wrong the first time I heard them.

Actual lyrics: We're going to Ibiza.
What I heard: We're going to eat pizza.
My reaction: Gosh, the Vengaboys are crazy! Who writes a song about going to eat pizza?! Fine go eat your pizza! Jao na! I'm going to eat pani puri. Hmmph!

Actual lyrics: Zindagi ke safar mein guzar jaate hain jo makaam
What I heard: Zindagi ke safar mein guzar jaate hain jo makaan
My reaction: Must be a poor tenant who has been kicked out by his landlord and is now wandering on the roads, singing about lost property

Actual lyrics: Aaja mahi, dhoonde yeh akhiyan (Tauba tauba from Kaal)
What I heard: Aaja mahi, phoote yeh akhiyan
My reaction: Whoa! She's going blind so she's calling out to him? He must be an optician or something.

Actual words: (Spoken by Abhishek Bachchan in 'Panchhi nadiya' from Refugee) Oopar wale ne apne sadke mein hum sab ke liye (dharti banayi hai)
What I heard: Oopar wale ne apne sadke mein hum sab ki le li
My reaction: So true. Sometimes the ooparwala really screws us over man! But how can they have such crude language in such a beautiful song?

Actual lyrics: Shania Twain's That don't impress me much - I can't believe you kiss your car good night.
What I heard: ****HEAVILY CENSORED****
My reaction: I could not believe my ears!! I was HORRIFIED that Shania Twain dared to say such a thing!
ps: Even if you guess it, please keep it to yourself. Don't pollute my blog. Please!

Actual lyrics: Snow on the Sahara by Anggun - Be the moon that shines on your path
What I heard: Be the moon that shines on your butt
My reaction: Sheesh!

Actual lyrics: Shania Twain's 'You've got a way with me'
What I heard: You got away with me
My reaction: He got away with something and she's singing about in such happy tones??!!

Actual lyrics: Ello main haari piya
What I heard: Yellow main haari piya
My reaction: What game are they playing man? Sounds colourful.

Actual lyrics: Kab se kare hain tera intzaar
What I heard: Kab se khade hain, tera intzaar
My reaction: Arre yaar, baith ja na! Railway station par toh benches hoti hain!

Actual lyrics: Tinkon ke nasheman tak
What I heard: Tinkon ke nashe mann tak
My reaction: Smoking pot? Grass?

Actual lyrics: Maine yeh hijaab tera dhoonda (from the song 'Maina poochha chand se')
What my friend heard: Maine yehi job tera dhoonda
His reaction: Monster.com.sg!

Actual lyrics: Tu jahan jahan chalega, mera saya saath hoga
What I heard: Tu jahan jahan chalega, mera saya saath hoga
My reaction: Geez! Farewell gift bhi diya toh saya? Ek rumaal de deti bewakoof!

Actual lyrics: Ek sau solah chaand ki raatein, ek tumhaare kaandhe ka til
What I heard: Ek sau solah chaand ki raatein, ek tumhaare kaandhe qaatil
My reaction: Whoala! Killer shoulders, huh?

Actual words: Sanjiv Kumar says during the 'Tere bina zindagi se song' from Aandhi, "Arre! Tumhari shawl kahan hai?" Suchitra Sen says, "Ohh! Bhool gayi!"
What I heard: Sanjiv Kumar - "Arre! Tumhare shauhar kahan hai?" Suchitra Sen - "Ohh! Bhool gayi!"
My reaction: Wow! She forgot her husband behind and did not even notice it till he asked? That's one forgetful lady!

Will add on if I remember any more.

Do you have any? :)

ps: Read the comments section. Hilariously delightful!


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

mistaken lyrics can be fun too at times, but wont post them here... no obscenity, I am a forced morally policed Indian!

rimjhim said...

won bronzw...abhee padhne do postbox ko

rimjhim said...

well...when I was a kid..and i heard this song.."jindagee ka safar hai ye kaisa safar, koi smjha nahee ..koi jaanaa nahee"

I understud the context like this..
that a prof is taking class..but none of the kid is able to understand this "jindagee ka safar" topic..so nobody would be allowed to go.(koi jaanaa nahee...nobody will go)


Anonymous said...

Bryan Adams, summer of 69.

Actual:I got my first real six-string.

Someone understood: I got my first real sex-change!!!

Anonymous said...

Aafreen - Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan.

Actual:Husne-janaa ki tareef mumkin naheen

What I could make out:Uske Nanaa ki tareef mumkin naheen.


starbreez said...

You know, there's actually a word for misheard lyrics ... "mondegreens"! More on that here: http://www.rulefortytwo.com/mondegreens.htm

Priya said...

a frnd of mine said this for a tam song..
actual - may maasam 1998 il major aanene ( i became a major in the yr 1998- this osng was an item number by reema sen)

my frnd's version - reema sen 1998'il major aanene!


Anonymous said...

I was listening to Denis Leary's famous.... and I thought he said "I am an a$$h***". Well I checked out the lyrics... I had heard it right!! :O

Rays Of Sun said...

//ki le li//
Sahi hai:))

Kaala Kavva said...

hilarious sayesha...
Gosh, the Vengaboys are crazy! Who writes a song about going to eat pizza?! Fine go eat your pizza! Jao na! I'm going to eat pani puri. Hmmph!

mast hai re tu

Shobana said...

:) i thought the same abt the shania twain lyrics.... then wondered whether its possiblr for a guy to do tht!! lol!!

Rays Of Sun said...

For me it was "Hothon se choolo tum" and I thought it was
"Hootho se "jhoolo" tum":)))
Waise, maine kaafi gaane ke murder kiya hai, cant recollect NOW:(

shub said...

my fave...my friend thinking it was aap jaisa koi mere zindagi mein aaye to BAAP ban jaaye....


Eclectic Blogger said...

I have zimbly no clue as to wut the *heavily censored* thing that ur ears heard were!?

Planck said...

Lolz!! Le Li sab gaano kee!!

Chints said...

i have few to share...

when i might be just 5-6 years old and my chachu used to play records. this one was his all time favorite...

Actual lyrics: Dil ke armaan aasuo me beh gaye
What I heard: Dil ke armaan aa samose reh gaye
My reaction: i used to wonder why doesn't somebody eat if samosas are left? and what the hell is this samosa's relationship with dil. Was really confused for long time.

2nd one is quite recent one. believe me, this is what i heard first time i heard this song.

Actual lyrics: aati kya khandala
What I heard: haathi ka anda la
My reaction: i was like 'haathi ka anda la?', what has happened to lyrics in indian movies?

Pujya said...

i have a few songs...and very good ones..

one is "tum mile dil khile.....
na ho tu udaas tere pass pass main rahunga zindegi bhar"

song on my ear goes..." na ho tu udaas mere surdaas"

anoter is "aap jaisa koi meri zindegi main aaye to baat ban jaye"

my version was " aap jaisa koi meri zindegi main aaye to baap ban jaye"


Anonymous said...

//Oopar wale ne apne sadke mein hum sab ki le li

OMG Sayesha I can't believe you said that!!! :))

Dil aisa kisi ne mera toda,
barabadi ki taraf aisa moda;
ek bhale manush ko
van-maanush bana ke chhoda

Then there was a punctuation confusion in sholay song..

Jaan pe bhi khelenge, tere liye lelenge. Jaan pe bhi khelenge, tere liye lelenge. Sabse dushmani.

I thot what was this stand-alone half a sentence "sabse dushmani" doing there.

Main dardi rapp rapp(rab rab) kardi!

why wud a woman do rupp rupp if she is scared? :))


ankur said...

cmon...how could you miss the eternal...

"aap jaisa koi meri zindagi mein aaye...to baat ban jaye..." translated..."aap jaisa koi meri zindagi mein aaye...to baap ban jaye.."

my personal fav...a rather old song...

"lo aagayi unki yaad...woh nahi aaye.." translated..."lo aagayi ultiyaa..woh nahi aaye..."



Bhole said...


Sayesha said...

Hey, long time no see! Where were you man?? And 'first!' is all you had to say? :P

Welcome back to Sayeshaz. Second visit, eh? :)
ps: I am sure you can post some of the not so obscene ones! :)

Hahahah! I used to think that he's talking about the sufferings of life... zindagi ka suffer... :D


//Uske nanaa ki tareef mumkin naheen

HAHAHAHAHA! This is the best one! Gosh I'm choking with laughter here! :D

Whoa!! The things people come up with :)

Hahaha! Can you imagine Reema Sen singing your friend's version? HAHAHA! :D

Oh man! I've heard that song too! Could not believe my ears! :O


#Ze Chapaat,
Arre woh pizza khaane ja rahe hain, toh hum kyun peechhe rahein?? :D

WOW! I actually found someone who heard it like that too!! Awesome! :D

//then wondered whether its possiblr for a guy to do tht!!

HAHA! Me too!! :D

//hothon se jhoolo tum

Eeesh! Hothon ki toh waat lag gayi hogi re! :D

Yeah, a lot of people hear it as 'baap' :D

It's zimble! Listen to the song and you'll get it immediately. For now, it's a secret between Jade and me! :D

Hehehehe :P

//aa samose reh gaye
//haathi ka anda


//Mere surdaas


The comments on this post are killing me! :D

//van-maanush bana ke chhoda


//this stand-alone half a sentence "sabse dushmani"

Whoa! One angry man, eh? Hahahaha! :D

//lo aagayi ultiyaa..woh nahi aaye..

HAHAHAHAHA! Poor guy's in for news when he gets back! :D


Abhi said...

beta charlie , Ek yaad ata hai right now.

Actual- jumma chumma de de.
Heard - chumma chumma de de.
Reaction - bloody yahan pe koi ek nahi deta , yeh do do kissi maang raha hain.

Vikram said...

//Actual lyrics: Shania Twain's That don't impress me much - I can't believe you kiss your car good night.

Although I don't exactly know what you 'heard' but I made a mistake in hearing too and when I mentioned it to my friends, they kicked my ass royally. :(

Angelsera said...

I was recently corrected also

There is a song "aashique banaya.." (I duno fm which movie) I used to think it was "aa shikban aaya" and that "shikban" was prob some sorta weather forecast or sth..

in my defence...lyrics these days hardly make sense

Chitra said...

He he he .... reminds me of Kunal Ganjawala (one who sang Bheege Hont tere - Murder) . He went a step furhter and sang the (wrong) lyrics of one song to a completely different tune. And the best part - he admitted this on air :) !!

Sayesha said...

Oh man! I used to think it was 'chumma chumma' too! And I thoroughly disliked Amitabh in that song! :S

Bata na bata na, what did you hear it as?? Achha email par bata de! Jade and I may just let you into our exclusive club! ;)

Wow, now that's super original! :D
ps: The movie is Aashiq Banaya Aapne, and the video is super steamy! :O

You remind me of this classmate of mine who went and sang the spoof version (which the guys used to sing for fun and to tease us girls) of 'Mere desh ki dharti sona ugley' in a patriotic song competition!!

He sang:

Mere desh ki ladki sona nigley, nigley heere moti, mere desh ki ladki!



Anonymous said...

our school song was like
".... firm each foot, errect each head..."

but i used to think
"... firmly hoot, red t-shirt ... "

the tune of the song was such, that it was hard to decipher..... untill one day I read it out from the printed version in the school diary..

have been a regular visitor to sayeshaz, but more of a silent spectator!

Shruthi said...

I cannot BELIEVE someone else heard it as "They are going to eat pizza"!! I sang it that way for ages and then I realized when a friend hooted at me!

And of course.. Aap jaisa koi mere zindagi mein aaye .. toh baap banjaye.... I was a kid and I seriously thought it was something to do with marriage :)

Then one of my friends heard "Boulevard of Broken dreams" by Green day - and -
Actual: I walk alone, I walk alone, I walk alone.
Heard: I wore cologne, I wore cologne, I wore cologne.
Reaction: Duh.. what a thing to sing about!

Actually there are lots more - but one that comes to my mind immediately is when my grand-dad heard:
Actual: Tera Mera Pyaar Amar
Heard: Hey Ram Hey Ram Pyaar Amar

And Chints' comment is by far the funniest :))

Raj said...

Just tooo funny!!!

I'm guilty of this too but i unfortunately can't think of any song right now :(

I too sang "baap ban jaaye" in "aap jaisa koi" but i was just a kid then.

But I remember correcting others :)

My school friend-

Actual: "Chaiyya Chaiyya"....."jiski jubaan urdu ki tarah"
He sang: "jiski jubaan ullu ki tarah"

My niece-

Actual: "Sandese Aate hain" from border
She sang: "Sunday se aate hain"

Let me see if i can remember more.

And btw, vengaboys were dumb enough to wirte a song abt eating a pizza so thats not ur fault.

Anonymous said...

Hahaaaa.....fun reading ur post, and all the comments with examples :-)). Mujhe abhi toh kuch yaad nahi aa raha. But will keep thinking :-).

Archana said...

Chints' "hathi ka anda la" had me almost falling off my chair with laughter :-D!

I think I have got the lyrics wrong *many* times. One was Britney Spears' Sometimes.

Actual: That you can't take your pretty eyes away from me.

I heard: That you can't take your pretty a** away from me.

My reaction: Duh!?!

And guess what, I still have to correct myself whenever I listen to that song. However, I blame Britney's pronounciation for that ;-)!

Anonymous said...

One of the songs from recent times.
Movie - Rang de Basanti
Actual - (Paathshaala song)Loose Control! One more time, loose control. I am a Rebel.
I heard - U scoundrel! One more time,u scoundrel. I am a lover.
My reaction - hmm...dude saying this to his gf's dad who must have hired some goon to beat him up.

Chints said...

Thanks Shruthi, glad you found that funny and mentioned it too!

Sash to bas daant dikha kar chup ho gayi. could have offered me a samosa atleast for sharing this :P

ps. daant bole to teeth, not snub u fool

Shruthi said...

You are welcome, Chints!

Just remembered one more!

Song - Remixed Dekh le from Munnabhai..

Actual: Take me take me take me take me..... take me high
I hear it as: Haddi haddi haddi haddi haddi haa

I know you will laugh at me :)).. but next time u listen to it, pretend that you don't know the lyrics... and then listen to it - I swear thats what you hear it as! I tried the song on two people who hadn't heard it before -
One heard it as Chaddi chaddi... and the other as Addi Addi - so I am now the only one :)

The Girl Who Sold The World said...

ROTFL!!! The first one was the best...we're going to eat pizza! :D
Me? I've had this experience too...the most recent one was last week in the school bus. We were listening to Saathiya's music. When this song, "Banjar hai sab BANJAR hai..." came, I heard it as, "Puncture hai sab puncture hai..."! Had to listen to the line thrice to make out the word...otherwise, I was wondering what's punctured...cycle's tyres, maybe? Then, there's another song (can't recall which) but it went on, "Meri AARZOO" and I heard, "Mere CHAAR ZOO". Heehee.
And when I had heard the song, "Lake of Fire" by Meat Puppets and Nirvana, for the first time, this line got me laughing: "I know a lady who came from Dulooth"...I heard: "I know a lady who came from the LOO". ;););)

Anonymous said...

Actual:: Aye ho mere zindagi mein tum bahar ban ke
Heard:: Aye ho mere zindagi mein tum pahad ban ke

And ofcourse baap banjaye (I still believe it is baap banjaye).

Sayesha said...

//... firmly hoot, red t-shirt ..

Haha! So did ya hoot firmly in your red uniform? :)

Hey you pizza-eating pardner! :D

//I wore cologne, I wore cologne, I wore cologne.

Hahaha! Must be one hell of a stinker! :D

//Hey Ram Hey Ram Pyaar Amar

HAHAHAHA! To actually say 'Hey Ram' and 'Amar' in the same sentence! HAHAHAHA! :D

//jiski jubaan ullu ki tarah

This is amazing! Ullu ki zubaan it seems! :D

My Mom told me that my mamaji used to sing "Chal aa re dhakka maar, bandhu hai motor car!" instead of 'bandh hai motor car' (song from the movie 'Haathi mere saathi'). His thoery was that Dev Anand considered the car his friend (bandhu)! Hahaha! :D

Come back later if you can remember anything! :)

//That you can't take your pretty a** away from me

Must be one fat ass, huh? :D

Now I HAVE to go home and listen to that song! :D

Ab tab Sash hans hans ke paagal ho rahi thi. Dukhi kar diya na apne comment se? :(

Damn now I must find this song too! :D

//I know a lady who came from the LOO


Neha Sinha said...


arey same PINCH :P
Even for the last one "saaya"...i thought same :D


Sayesha said...

Sorry missed your comment cos I think we posted at the same time. Welcome to Sayeshaz! :)

//Aye ho mere zindagi mein tum pahad ban ke

Bechara Aamir Khan itna nata dubla patla... usko pahad bol diya... :P

I can totally imagine what you're going thru right now. I've had a hanger-in-mouth situation since this morning! :D

Chints said...

dukhi kar diya?

oh my goodness!, will think of some other song to bring back your smile!

ps. what made u dukhi by the way? daant (teeth), samosa, snub, fool or haathi ka anda?

Macho Girl said...

I also really mess up the lyrics. But hey! its not my fault if they pronounce it weird! Here are a couple of examples

Zombie by cranberries
Actual lyrics: In your head.. Zombie zombie zombie ie ie...
My version: Idioté... stop me stop me stop me me me!
My reaction: Huh? wats idioté? A french version of idiot? or the feminine version?

Goodbye by spice girls
Actual lyrics: And don't forget you can rely, don't forget, on me you can rely...
My version: And don't forget your camera, don't forget i'll need your camera
My reaction: what the hell??!! I thought this song was a serious and sentimental song! who is dumb enough to worry about a camera in such a situation! Man... wat has this world come to!

PuNeEt said...

completely Hilarious...
that was tooooooo coooollllll

tussi great ho ji


Kousik said...


I heard one of my friend humming "aakhon me ghusa diya maaf ho". When I tried to correct him, he was surprized why I am against a perfectly logical apology sequence where someone accidentally hurts somone else's eyes.

शैल said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
शैल said...

Hey there is a site for Hindi songs http://www.man-bol.com/. You will find many such songs there.

Anonymous said...

Very profound post I must say.

So, let me welcome myself to Sayeshaz!
(Oops! I hope you don't mind the rudeness.)

But, the post is real amusing, and with the comments, it's becoming all the more amusing.

Sayesha said...

// will think of some other song to bring back your smile!

Nothing less than Shaan's 'gumsum ho kyun' will do. Sung in tune, please.

//what made u dukhi by the way? daant (teeth), samosa, snub, fool or haathi ka anda?

None of the above.
Right answer: Daant (scolding) :(

#Macho Girl,

Oooh I love this term! Ye olde idioté! Sounds awesome! :D

Haha! I think this is one of those posts where the comments are so cool that the original post becomes insignificant! :D

HAHAHAHAHAHA! I'm getting a tummy ache here! What the hell is "aakhon me ghusa diya maaf ho"???? HAHAHAHAH! :D

Welcome to Sayeshaz! :) I checked the site out, some funny stuff! And yes, I did the kaandhe qaatil thing too! :P Have updated my post to include it! :)

#The Anonymous,
OMG are you THE 'The Anonymous'? The cool guy from Chapaat's blog?? OMG you are! Hi, I'm Sayesha, big fan! Such an honour to see you here! :)

//So, let me welcome myself to Sayeshaz!

Whoops almost forgot! Welcome to Sayeshaz! :)

//(Oops! I hope you don't mind the rudeness.)

Naah, I get that now and then on this blog. Kinda used to it now :)

Neel Arurkar said...

Ah! Many of them. But dont remember them at the moment. But then there is this one that I sing deliberately with long lyrics. I sing Haa yehi sapna hai mera, tune ab jaana hai as Haa yehi sapna hai mera, Pune ab jaana hai. That's a prayer for me to get transferred from Bangalore to Pune ;-)

Sayesha said...

Haha! That is super cool! And it fits SO well!! :) Hope you get that transfer soon! :)

Anonymous said...

Arre Sayesha ji, aap to sharminda kar rahi hain. It was a pleasure to read your post. And as you shall see, I am not cool enough.

I apologize, rudeness is rudeness, even if you don't mind it. But thanks for welcoming me.

Oh yes, I omit the customary smilies, except at the end of comments, so unfortunately you'll have to make out yourself which statements were serious and which were not :-)

Sayesha said...

#The Anonymous,
//And as you shall see, I am not cool enough.

Well, I'm still impressed. Let's see how fast you can mess the impression up! ;)

// unfortunately you'll have to make out yourself which statements were serious and which were not :-)

I'll live with it! :)

P said...

Can someone tell me whether its 'Rimjhim giray saawan' (referring to the rain drops), or is it 'Rimjhim ghiray saawan' (as in 'ghanan ghanan ghan ghir aaye badaraa'). I thought its the first one...

Ankit said...

Hilarious post and even more hilarious comments. I am reading this at work and I nearly couldn't control my laughter at one point and had to close the browser and do some work to get myself back under control. This happened three times! My contribution is this:

My aunt used to sing a song from Hum Saath Saath Hain this way:

Mhare Jiwda Mein Nache Mor

It's actually: Mhare Hiwda Mein Nache Mor

If you are a gujju you will know why its funny. We still tease her about after 5+ years.

Sayesha said...

Welcome to Sayeshaz! :) Saawan is used to refer to the rainy season or rain, so I think it is 'giray' as opposed to 'ghiray' used for badra (clouds).

Welcome to Sayeshaz! :) Hey, till my friend Kroopa gets here, we won't know the joke! Bata na yaar! :)

Anonymous said...

If I ever need a reason to learn Hindi, sayesha.blogspot.com is it... :)

Manasi said...

Hey that is an amazing post and wonderful comments too. I have something of mine to add.
In the film laagan the song "Ae bhaiya chute laagan....". I heard it as "Sudhir's class sudhircha class...." (if you are a marathi speaking person sing it to yourself in the same tune, or try listening to it. I bet you would hear the same.
As for that baap thing, seems like it is an universal favourite and all us 'innocent' beings seem to hear it as baap!
Will put in more as I remember.

Dhananjay Shettigar said...

First time visiting your blog. This post reminded me of my younger days. I mean, I am still young :)
Here is one song I had misheard:
Ek Akela Is Shahar Mein
Raat Mein Aur Dopahar Mein
Sabudana Dhoondta Hai

I asked my elder brother, why is he searching for Sabudana, and like all Big B's he still pulls my leg. Anywhichways...I blog at:

Anonymous said...

i had a heartful of laugh when i heard the song 'wada raha sanam' from 'khiladi' in which there is a line:
'kami na ho wafaon mein' which can be heard like 'kameena ho wafaon mein!!'

The Guy Next Door said...

One of the most hilarious post I have ever come across!!! You shud make this a paid-blog.

RiskBuster said...

One of my American friends took
"Main Aisa Kyun Hoon ? " (Lakshya) for "May I suck you ?" And ROTFL

Sayesha said...

#Kel Tamashek,
Welcome to Sayeshaz! :) Finally I see a comment from you :) Yeah, if you wanna learn more than the one phrase you know "mere sar mein dard hai", approach me without fear! :D

Ooops, went right above my head! :P
Me no marathi.
Me dunno marathi :)

OMG my mom used to say 'sabudana' too!! HAHAHA! :D

//kameena ho wafaon mein



Thanks! :)

//You shud make this a paid-blog.

Hehe... naah, all the fun we have here will be lost then! :)


Megamind said...

A friend of mine couldn't believe that the song in the movie, Fiza, goes like this:

Aa dhoop malon main tere haaton main,
Aa sajda karon main tere haaton main...

He argued that the lyrics don't make sense at all and I would have heard it all wrong!

Sayesha said...

I guess the concept of "dhoop maloon" is a bit difficult to grasp! :P

Love that song though! :)

bharti said...

hey...amazing post..i was in a bad modd...n after reading this post and comments,,its all gone...u r such a hilarious darling sayesha...

now my turn
we(my work group in college) were woking for a submission...n the song being played was :

katra katra milti hai, katra katra milne do
zindagi hai...behne do

my friend very innocently asked..'hey, y the hell does this female call life as two sisters????'
another one is about my boss...we were in a taxi..n decideing wt to listen to...
my boss said...hey put that song on naa....'just choinn choinn'...
we realized she was referring to 'just chill chill'.

LAK said...

Stop, stop, I'm laughing my head off! i think Kaushik is referring to "aankhon ki gustaakhiyaan maaf ho"!Someone pls enlighten me on this: The hritik somg from Fida--I still think it is "Aa thook maloon main, tere haathon pe" or is it aa dhoop maloon main?

LAK said...

Sorry, I meant Fiza, and I see someone has mentioned it already!

Nessa said...

Hiya, since u're open to more comments... here's wat a friend of mine heard for 'un, dos, tres' the first time he heard it ... 'move your base'.

Nice post..


Sayesha said...

//'hey, y the hell does this female call life as two sisters????'
//'just choinn choinn'...


Aankhon ki gustaakhiyaan maaf ho = aakhon mein ghusa diya maaf ho?? HAHAHAHAHA! Gosh this is HILARIOUS! :D

//Aa thook maloon main, tere haathon pe

Eeeeshhh!! It's 'dhoop' yaar! :D

Hahahahaha! Such a poetic way of saying "Move your ass outta here", isn't it? Hahaha! :D

raj said...

There was this song, which I still dont know the correct lyrics of,
"Na tune signal dekha..na maine signal dekha" .So far so good:
What comes next?
As far as I understand, it is
"Accident ho gaya, Taxi Dent ho gaya, Parmanand ho gaya, rabba rabba"
Accident ho gaya? Ok, that is a clear consequence of breaking signals.
Taxi dent ho gaya. Ok, so the guy singing must be a taxi driver in the movie and this directly derives from previous statement, Makes sense.
Nowm what is the next one?
"Parmanand ho gaya"?
I mean, why would be extremely happy(parmanand) if you had an accident and your taxi got dented?

Well, the only explanation is it was a mondegreen and the actual lyrics are something else. Does anyone know?

Sayesha said...

It's permanent ho gaya, implying 'permanent damage' I suppose.

raj said...

sayesha, aha!that explains it!
But that singer, son of a what-not maybe, I could bet a months's salary he sung "parmanand".

So, the hero was really a taxi driver and the taxi really got dented?

Sayesha said...

Gimme a month's salary man... I resolved your janam janam ka confusion! Muahaha! :D

//So, the hero was really a taxi driver and the taxi really got dented?

All that I dunno baba! Pata nahin kis zamaane ki movie hai :P

Butterscup said...

it was from movie coolie i think it had amitabh bacchan and yogeeta wali in it .... and none o them were taxi driver it was a stage song [:D]

Jaya said...

//"Accident ho gaya, Taxi Dent ho gaya, Parmanand ho gaya, rabba rabba"

I think it was accident ho gaya, agreement ho gaya, permanent ho gaya.

As many have already mentioned, hilarious post leading to even more hilarious comments. Even I had to move away from it while I was at work!! It was so difficult to contain the laughter.

mad hatter said...

hi .. absolute laugh-riot this was. The comment comes really really late, but well :-) ..
One favourite mis-interpretation is from the ghazal 'Baat Niklegi to Phir Door Talak Jaayegi'. It has the line - Ek nazar dekhenge guzre huye saalon ki taraf.
When im in a mad mood, i have a good laugh thinking of 'saalon' as a gaali, instead of the obvious meaning in this context ;)


Kanan said...

That is one crazy and funny blog post! maza aa gaya...

I was searching for Aandhi song dialog for the "tere bina" song and this one came up. Cool blog you've got - am going to link up your blog from mine! :)

My cousin and I used to sing "amit kumar ke bhanu masi" in the Bengali in that Khuddar song "angrezi mein kehte hai ke I love you, Gujarati ma bole tane prem karu chhu Bangali mein kehte hai aami tumaake bhaalo baashi". ;)

Nova said...

This was one HILARIOUS post!

Mazaa aa gaya padh ke :)

Anonymous said...

You think urs is funny, see what i heard! :P
Actual lyrics: Ek sau solah chaand ki raatein, ek tumhaare kaandhe ka til
What I heard: Ek sau solah chaand ki raatein, ek tumhaare kaandhe katoon
My reaction: WTF!! Who talks about onions in such a song, the lyricist has gone bonkers :D

nidhi said...

You remember this song from Fiza:
Aa dhoop maloon main tere haathon mein?

The first few time I always heard it as Aa THOOK maloon main tere haathon mein!!!!!!!!!

Obviously was completely disgusted till I found out the actual lyrics :D


Bhavya said...

"Oopar wale ne apne sadke mein hum sab ki le li"

With Shania's You've got a way... I also heard wat u heard :D

rajk said...

Hi Sayesha,
I just came here through Kanan's blog and after reading this post and the comments, am literally laughing till there are tears in my eyes!!
I'm blogrolling you!!

Anonymous said...

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milind said...


Accidently I came to this blog...

believe me... I really did not want to complete this in a one day...

I wanted to laugh much much...and deliberately I took 3 days to complete this...

and still laughing...

i also heard many songs.. but don't remember immidly..

but this one still I remember...

this is old song..( pankaj udhas )

Actual lyrics :ek taraf uska ghar ek taraf maikada

I heard : ek taraf uska ghar ek taraf mai gadha..

i didnot laugh.. coz i though hero's heart must be broken thts why he is calling himself as Gadha..

but after some years...when i got to know that its maikada... I really really laughed like anything...

btw sayesha...be on the rock always... so that you will rock....

best luck.

nishant said...

hi sayesha......i have been visiting your blog for quite sometime...ekdum bindass likhti ho ...majaa aa jata h padhne mein...

nishant said...

and yes i remember during summer of 2005, promos of aashiq banaya aapne were aired and i misheard them as "dooba dooba aaya ho, dooba dooba aaya ho"...for days i cudnt figure out the correct lyrics...lol

Unknown said...



A food lover should watch this.. !! enjoy!!

Anonymous said...

Ran into this from sidebar. Hilarious. Uncontrollably laughing at Uske nana ki tareef. That is gold!

Play Work said...

aku sangat suka ini lagu pavorite saya terima kasih not pianika lirik lagu